Boat shoes This season on the shoe podiums reign shoesBoats 2016, which were incredibly popular in the 80 years of the last century. Since then, interest in them from time to time is lost, then ignited with renewed vigor, each time attracting the attention of women of fashion. Here and this year, returned to fashion shoes 2016 high-heeled shoes became the object of close attention of many fans of shoes. Lovely and comfortable ballet shoes, sandals with thin straps and open sandals in the Greek style are no longer valid today, at the height of fashion, boat shoes with a noble vintage print. Models on a high hairpin are specially created in order to emphasize femininity, lengthen and visually slender female legs. And although the fashion is now bright and unusual shades, solid classic colors are still popular. Classic boat shoes, both on the heel, and without it, will never go out of fashion. Not only are they very comfortable, they are still able to make the female leg much more attractive, elegant and refined. Preferring shoes with shoes on the hairpin, you give your image a special charm and elegance.

Boat shoes: a bit of history

Female shoes shoes loved very muchlong. And for today they have conquered their hearts completely and irrevocably. And all this thanks to the efforts of modern designers who do everything to make these feelings stronger from year to year. The prototype of women's shoes came about 500 years ago. Since then, they have undergone great changes. Significantly changed is not only the appearance of boats, but also the technology and materials used in their manufacture. Only the unquenchable interest in this footwear remained unchanged. The shoes of those far times on a flat sole were exclusively a masculine privilege. And their main goal was convenience, but not beauty. Over time, the appearance of such shoes gradually changed. And before the boats acquired heels and became the favorites of designers, they had to overcome a long and difficult path not in one century. And today the variety of models, practicality, versatility and elegance, which combine modern shoes of the boat, simply amaze imagination.

Women's shoes: fashion trends of the season

Choose boat shoes: photo review of the most popular models from the world podiums is an excellent opportunity to get acquainted with the fashion trends of the season. To date, such shoes are one of the most popular and popular models in the world. They are popular not only among office workers and business women, such shoes are in the everyday wardrobe of every modern woman. For example, pumps without heels are ideal for all occasions, while they are always relevant: in the daytime and in the evening. Today, boats can be found in all seasonal collections of Fashion Houses. In a huge range, they are also present in such famous footwear brands as Chanel, Nina Ricci, Versace, and others. boat shoes with a hairpin


Want to know what fashion models of shoesdid the designers prepare us for the new season? Hit the spring-summer season - women's shoes are female on an extra-high straight hairpin. It's no secret that the female legs in beautiful shoes with high heels look just great. Even more so - sexy! That's why stylish and confident women choose exactly such shoes. In addition to them, in the new collections of the spring-summer season of 2016, there are a lot of other, equally elegant and interesting models that can satisfy the taste of even the most demanding fashionista. So this year there are enough shoes for everyone, no woman will be left without a beautiful, comfortable and practical pair of fashionable shoes. There really is plenty to choose from: low-heeled shoes with a medium heel. There are many models that have a concealed or covered platform in combination with a high heel or even without it. Absence of various devices (rubber bands or fasteners) for fastening on the leg is the main distinguishing feature of such shoes. In addition to the closed shoes, the photos on our website will acquaint you with the popular in their season of their varieties, namely - models with open toes. There are even styles with an open toe and heel part at the same time, which in their appearance almost do not differ from classical boats. The only thing is that such women's shoes have a special device for fastening on the leg. In this season, many designers in the creation of new collections of shoes did not ignore the retro style. Therefore, his admirers will be pleased with models of women's shoes - boats with a shortened pointed toe on a platform or a steady heel.


As for the color range of classic shoesboats, this season it shimmers with all the colors of the rainbow and pleases its diversity. After all, the days when it was believed that shoes must be only neutral tones are long gone. Fortunately, modern designers are deprived of these prejudices, so the color palette used to make fashionable women's shoes is full of all colors of the rainbow, as they say, for every taste and color. For the summer season you can choose shoes of any colors, and the brighter, the better. But as for the coloring of elegant models of boat shoes on a hairpin, it is better to give preference to classic colors. In this case, they do not necessarily have to be strict black or brown, you can choose elegant shoes of traditional golden or silver color, and shades of platinum and gold will add to them a spectacular and festive. As an evening version, the shoes of the boat, made in pastel colors, look good. pumps photos


The main materials used by designersfor making women's shoes, they were always suede and matted, lacquered natural leather of animals and reptiles. No less popular and synthetic materials with imitation of the skin of crocodiles and animal skins.


Usually, classic shoes are minimal infinishing, but not now. This summer is very fashionable not only bows, but also other large details of the decor on shoes, as well as exquisite lace. Such decor, like bows on shoes, can perfectly emphasize the elegance of your ankle. Classical shoes of black color, decorated with bows of bright red or pink, look more elegant: festive and boring. With such shoes look very nice dresses to the knee and medium length. Beads, rhinestones and sequins are also relevant for boat shoes in 2016.

How to choose fashionable boat shoes?

Today it is difficult to meet a woman who would beindifferent to beautiful shoes. Many representatives of the fair sex at the sight of fashionable shoes, without even thinking about how it will sit on the foot, rush to immediately buy the model you like. However, the fact that the shoes are fashionable and cute does not at all mean that they are coming to you, that is, they will look good on your legs. And only a few fans of shoes know that each model of shoes can represent women's legs differently. One girl she improves the shape of the legs and adds height, the other, on the contrary, despite all the beauty of not only the legs, but the whole figure. To present their legs in a favorable light and attract the attention of others, the shoes of the boat are selected according to the rule: the fuller the leg, the wider the heel. pumps shoes 2016 What makes a woman's gait light and elegant? Of course, comfortable shoes - it's hard not to agree with this. Why do boat shoes, photos of which are full of colors on the covers of fashion magazines, have not lost their popularity since the very beginning of their birth and have long become a classic among shoes? Do you want to know what exactly makes them relevant for several decades in a row?

  • They are universal, elegant and feminine;
  • Nothing visually reduces the female leg, as do the boat shoes, namely, models with a deep cut;
  • In addition, they are simple and convenient, they can easily be removed and shod;
  • Moreover, the boats can decorate even the most unskillful legs, and slender to make even more elegant and attractive;
  • High-heeled shoes visually lengthen their legs and add growth to their possessor.

With what to wear fashionable women's shoes-boats?

Boat shoes are classic, and the classic is always infashion. And what other model of shoes can give women's legs so much grace and charm? Perhaps that's why the models of shoes with low heels and high heels do not leave the collection of the world's most famous designers and fashion designers for several tens of seasons in a row. Today every self-respecting female representative has in her wardrobe at least a pair of such shoes that can be useful for any solemn event: going out into the light, going to a corporate party, wedding, anniversary, etc. Yes, there can be little reason for women, when they just need to look irresistible. classic boat shoes So, with what stylists and fashion designers advisewear these fashion shoes this summer? The business version of the shoes of the boats, photos of which can be seen in the catalogs of the producers of fashionable shoes, are, as a rule, models that have a soft rounded sock and not a very high heel. That sways the color, then it can be absolutely anything. The main thing is that it should be in harmony with the color scheme of the handbag. In such shoes in combination with a strict suit is not a shame to appear at any business event. Boat shoes without heels (ballet shoes) look equally good both with classic trousers and ordinary jeans, and with leggings, breeches, shorts and miniskirts. In addition to the fact that such models are very convenient, they are still suitable for all occasions. Models of pumps without heels will be an excellent option for city and country walks, they can also go to work, on a visit or on shopping. Boat shoes on the hairpin are indispensable for special occasions. These shoes not only fit perfectly with evening dresses, but also give grace and grace to the gait, and at the same time emphasizes the seductive shapes of the female legs. High-heeled shoes are always feminine and elegant looking with almost any clothing, but in each individual case it is necessary to correctly choose the degree of openness of the model, the height of the heel and the texture of the material. The only thing with which it is ridiculous to look tall studs, so it is with sportswear. It is very important when choosing shoes for any occasion to remember that your gait, even on the tallest thin stiletto heels, should remain flawless, natural and easy. If you are uncertainly standing on your heels, it is best to practice in advance such shoes at home. And then your feet, shod in the stylish elegant shoes of the 2016 boat will not be left without attention to the opposite sex. In this you can not even doubt. The main thing is that you are comfortable and comfortable in them. We advise you to read: