dresses on the pear figure A flawless figure is a very rare phenomenon, buteven if your physique is not perfect, this is not a reason to complex. In the modern world there are many ways by which you can significantly improve your proportions. They include a balanced diet, massages, sports and the right clothes. By the way, the latter method is undoubtedly the simplest, but for some reason, women are often neglected by them. And in fact very in vain! Today we will try to figure out which dresses for the pear figure will suit best.

Features of the figure type "Pear"

The shape of the pear-shaped form is also sometimes calledtrapezoid, triangle, spoon and droplet. These women have shoulders already thighs, and the neck is often thin. The waist is markedly expressed, but the buttocks are lush and round. Thighs are much wider than the waist (the difference is about 25 cm). Bust, mostly small. This must be taken into account when choosing clothes for a pear-shaped figure. It happens that the owners of the pear-shaped complex have an upper part of the body slightly longer than the lower one. Very often their legs are of broad-boned type, their arms are narrow-boned, the waist is a little understated. A woman "droplet" can be of any texture (both normal and full, and even thin) and any growth, but very rarely high. You should also pay attention to this at the moment when you will choose the dress styles for the pear-shaped figure. dresses for a pear figure

Piece dresses for pear-shaped complexion

The main task is when you select thestyles of dresses for girls with pear-shaped texture - it's visually counterbalance the bottom and top of the silhouette, and more specifically, you need to make it so that the shoulders did not seem so narrow, to emphasize the legs, distracting attention from too wide hips. To do this, you need to look at the top of the figure in any way. Elongate and stretch the outline silhouette of the dresses with V-neck, in the shape of a boat or square, decorative shoulder straps and open shoulders. The desired balance will help achieve ruches, loose breast pockets, bows, fabric flowers. Owners of the pear figure type should avoid miniskirts and pencil skirts, but a year, divergent and flared, will be an excellent option. Avoid variations of dresses that will hide your waist, in this case it will be difficult to pick out the top part.

Evening dresses

  • The first rule that must be remembered for girls with pear-type complexion: the area of ​​the shoulders and décolleté should be as open as possible.
  • Deep V-neck and long skirts fromflowing fabrics perfectly stretch the silhouette. If all this is combined with a skirt that is tapered or smoothly diverging to the bottom, the harmony of the bottom and the top is achieved instantly.
  • Evening corset dresses are considered an excellent option for these girls.
  • Summarizing, we can say that the outfits of the styles "mermaid", "princess" and Greek - will best emphasize the slender waist and shoulder lines.
  • The dark bottom and the light top are another great way to visually balance a pear-shaped figure.
  • Pick up an outfit with a bright bodice that canbe decorated with various rhinestones, stones, a beautiful belt immediately under the breast. All these elements give extra volume and distract attention from the wide hips.

pear-shaped dresses

Cocktail Dresses

When choosing such dresses for a shape shape pearall the tips that were mentioned above are relevant. But now the length of the outfit changes a little - to the knees. The best cocktail dress will be a dress-case, the top of which is maximally open, and the silhouette is fitted. If somehow this option does not suit you, then choose an outfit with a skirt-sun or a trapeze. And again, at the top, you can afford a wide variety of decorative ornaments that attract the attention of others.

Summer dresses

In addition to the suitable styles described earlier, insummer dresses for a pear figure you need to pay attention to a combination of shades and patterns. Images should be chosen larger at the top and smaller in the bottom. Pear-shaped textures are suitable for playful skirts with different colors, for example, with oblique or vertical lines, which combine several shades. In conclusion, it is worth adding: in any case, do not choose too tight-fitting or baggy dresses. Give preference to flying light fabrics, but harder to forget about hard ones. The main thing, remember that to attract the attention of others is to the top of the figure, with the help of various decorating materials. In addition to them will help you properly applied makeup and a sincere smile. We advise you to read: