To attract money for feng shui, you should leave a trifle in a prominent place Ancient theories and the experience of many generations(Feng) and water (shui), the Chinese master Yang Yi. According to her, all the events taking place in our life depend on the dragon's breathing, its awakening, the search for the terrain, the house, rights.

Fundamentals of the theory of Feng Shui

At the end of the last century,The greatest development is the esoteric method, mainly designed for ordinary people and based on the division of the dwelling into such parts: the zone of wealth by feng shui, the money zone, the children's, love, career ... Having organized a certain order of arrangement of mascots and amulets in different parts of the house, and order, you can focus or redirect the life-giving energy of Qi, piercing everything on Earth, changing life and health for the better. Another method name is symbolic, based on images and related events. The main talismans attributed to the Chinese school of Feng Shui: Dragon, Threelegged toad, Chinese phoenix and unicorn, Budai, Dragon Turtle. One of the symbols of energy movement is the eight on its side, the endless flow of life from Yin to Yang, distributed over space and time, which are measured by means of a compass and a calendar. Harmony or its absence is determined in Feng Shui according to the attributes of elements, elements of nature: water, metal, fire, wood, earth at each particular point of the habitat. The concept of wealth in feng shui is widely interpreted. It includes not only an abundance of money, but also intellectual and spiritual, cultural development and human communication, and much more. Do you want financial freedom, prosperity and prosperity, are tired of constant problems with creditors, live from salary to advance? Occupy the south-eastern part of the house or room, where you spend a lot of time. To facilitate the task, create a room plan, determine the location of the parts of the world, make a copy to exclude the possibility of an error. You will be helped by sunlight, space and the lack of furniture and things. In the zone of godhood, you can put an aquarium with goldfish

Principles of interior design

Crystal crystals, pyramids possessproperty to collect and accumulate flows of energy that bring money. A living plant, fast-growing, with a rounded as a coin, or oblong as a banknote leaves, must necessarily take its proper place. For this purpose, the so-called money tree of the genus Tolstyanoks is perfectly suited. It is possible to use much stronger methods of feeding the energy of feng shui. An aquarium with beautiful, fun frolicking fish or the now available indoor fountain of an arbitrary shape, or at least an image of any water tending upwards, a windmill, will complement the zone of attracting wealth. The color spectrum of this corner should be in the spectrum from green to blue-blue tones, furniture should be made of natural wood, wicker, preferably unpainted. Feng Shui wealth zone should be in blue green tones

Things to consider and remember

The main thing in this business is not to overdo it, notto scare away luck. A huge, over-crowded fish tank in a small space, images of Niagara Falls, stormy ocean can do more harm than good, an abundance of images of swiftly rushing water may not bring prosperity to the house, but rather carry it away in its foamy streams. The presence of real money will be a superfluous help in the interior of the wealth zone. Place to your taste a certain number of banknotes in a conspicuous place, their belonging to countries and continents does not matter, if only they were in everyday use, place a trifle in corners and inaccessible places. Money likes a society of its kind. Regardless of the geographical location of the hallway, it also needs to be appropriately shaped: remove any rubbish and rubbish, do not leave shoes and outer clothing thrown as horrible, take care of proper lighting, release the entrance to the house for light energies. Categorically it is contraindicated to place mirrors in front of the entrance door, all the good that seeks to enter the house, at the same time, reflecting, leave it. Under the mat at the entrance is useful to put a handful of metal money, for example - Chinese coins, connected by a red thread of 3 pieces. Amulets and symbols can be placed near the door, or opposite it. And most importantly. We need to understand that the methods of feng shui are not a panacea for all ills, all efforts and expenses can become vain, if one does not change himself, do not tune in to the best, to action, to success and success, not to realize that they are already rich.