1 How can you be saved in a hot summer day from the exhausting heat? We offer the five most unusual ways to cool out on particularly hot days.

"Freeze the pulse"

Attach to places where it is well probedpulse, wrapped in tissue napkin pieces of ice. Compress is recommended not to be applied for longer than one minute, alternating it in this way: attach for 1 minute, then remove, then repeat again, and so on until you feel relief.

Breathe deeply

Sit as comfortably as possible and put your hands onknees. Then stick out the tongue and fold it so that its shape resembles a straw, surrounded on all sides by closed lips. Now slowly inhale and exhale through the nose, with the tongue and mouth taking the usual position.

Give preference to "light" hairstyle

Take care that in the summer days not only the body,but the scalp also breathed. Therefore, it is better to abandon the use of foams, varnishes and gels for hair. Let your hair look natural, at least in the heat-exhausting days.

Imagine the coolness

Imagine that you are swimming in a cool riveror swimming in the pool. This way will help you not only feel cool, but also relax and remain calm even in a stressful situation.

Add witticisms

Add red pepper to your diet. It consists of substances that stimulate the secretion of sweat, without raising body temperature. Thus, when the liquid evaporates from the body, you tend to feel cool.