1 Features of the New Year's Eve are for everyonepeople, knowing these traditions, you can diversify your celebration. Meeting the New Year in different ways, you can be sure that no matter what your company, relatives or noisy friends, the holiday will never lose the sense of novelty. There are common traditions, without which the New Year is not the New Year. Required fireworks, lights, noisy festivities - earlier in the fire all the bad things burned, and the noise drove away the evil spirits, now it's just a way to make the celebration more colorful. Under the New Year, even Christians are allowed fortune-telling and other superstitions, because this holiday is not only associated with biblical traditions, it also contains pagan roots. Therefore, to fortify and make wishes for the coming year is one of the bright and cheerful traditions of the holiday. And of course, the more treats on the New Year's table, the better - because then a whole year in the house will be prosperity and abundance.

New Year traditions in Russia

In Russia, the traditions of the New Yearrelatively recently, and let them not the oldest in the world, but the Russians are quite happy with Santa Claus, who always comes to visit with his granddaughter Snegurochka, generously endowing everyone with gifts. Particularly happy with this tradition are the kids, who, with a sinking heart, wait not so much for gifts, as for the wonderful appearance of Santa Claus, who lights up magic garlands on a Christmas tree. Adults like to bury bottles with champagne in the snow to find it on the eve of the Old New Year. And the unchanging salad "olivier", without which the New Year table does not look festive, but the cold meat as a holiday dish, came from the traditions of Russia, as it is this dish in any quantity that allows to keep the winter frosts. And, of course, Yolka, which denotes not a tree, but folk festivals and children's morning performances in gardens and schools. And let every year the script for the expulsion of evil characters is repeated, after which the world reigns and the holiday begins, we Russians are never bored on the eve of the New Year.

Traditions of other nations

But you can move away from our traditions and meeta holiday "like them," the good is a wide choice, it remains to be seen, and how they spend New Year's festivities. The Indian New Year is unthinkable without Diwali's holiday, which again personifies the victory of good in a duel between good and evil. If you celebrate the New Year with friends, then do not forget about the Bulgarian tradition of New Year's kisses, when the festive table extinguishes the light for three minutes - at this time you can kiss someone you want and be sure of secrecy. Puerto Rican tradition is hardly suitable for Russia, but if you celebrate a holiday in the pool, then remember that the kids, pouring water around with squeals and noise, drive away evil spirits. In Italy, still believe in the legend, according to which the water in one of the rivers for a moment stops and becomes golden. If you choose copper pipes, then Australian traditions will do, where it is customary to use any objects that emit sound, from usual whistles and ending with bells in churches. The noise is designed to discourage evil spirits from home, tourists who celebrate the New Year in Australia, claim that not every human ear will withstand such a sound attack. But Australians do not want to slow down the volume of cacophony and train from year to year, adding more noise effects. In Japan there is a similar tradition, only with more orderly noise - only 108 strokes of a bell on New Year's Eve, and after the last blow the Japanese go to sleep, as in a dream there is a purification and renewal. Many traditions are associated with superstition, so in the UK, for the New Year, it is necessary to spend the old year, for which the back door opens and, following the wires, invite a new year by opening the front door. At the same time, everything must be done at the last minute of the year, as the clock strikes midnight. To do this synchronously is very difficult if the company is not well-coordinated. In general, in Europe there is a single custom, according to which the man - the donor of coins, bread and coal - must be the first guest, so that the next year will be full, rich and warm. And, if earlier it was a kind of fortune telling, now the guests try not to break the expectations of the owners. Another Japanese tradition promises that the more smiles and laughter will be on New Year's Eve, the happier the coming year will be. Among other things, the British and Irish have preserved the ancient culinary traditions. In Scotland, the New Year's table is served a round sand cake with tufts at the edges, it is decorated with candied almonds, marzipans or simply sweets that are laid out in the form of national symbols - the Scottish cross, arms crossed over the sea or heather branches. Drink that night a punch is taken, which includes champagne or grape wine, tea, sugar and lemon juice. It is not enough to keep the composition of the punch - it should be cooked only in silver dishes. We advise you to read: