Grooming dogs Уход за домашними питомцами подразумевает полный a range of activities aimed at keeping the skin and hair of the animal healthy, and the ears and eyes clean. In addition, grooming is about keeping the claws in order, and in some dog breeds, the anal glands. The services of a groomer are especially relevant for dogs of decorative breeds, especially those with luxurious coat. Grooming, trimming, washing and styling is a common set of procedures for decorative breeds, which include Spitz, Yorkshire Terriers, and other members of the canine elite. It is generally accepted that grooming is the privilege of show dogs. Of course, preparation for the show makes going to the salon necessary, but it is much more important to provide the animal with constant care. It doesn't matter what the status of your pet is. The domestic dog needs to be cared for in the same way as the Breed Champion. What are the signs of a well-groomed coat? First of all, it must be clean. For some breeds of dogs, washing should be regular, for others - periodic, that is, as the coat gets dirty. For some, a special shampoo is enough, for the care of others, additional funds will be required in the form of balms and masks. Professional cosmetics for the care of animals make it much easier to care for them, making the coat silky, manageable in styling and, most importantly, healthy. Increasingly, owners of decorative long-haired dogs choose haircuts for their pet. The haircut can be exhibition, hygienic and model. Show grooming is standard for this dog breed. It will be completed a few weeks before the exhibition and is aimed at emphasizing the advantages of the exterior and, on the contrary, hiding its shortcomings. An exhibition haircut requires a lot of skill and is done exclusively by professionals. A hygienic haircut makes grooming the dog easier and gives the animal a neat appearance. Grooming properly during summer will help your pet to cope with the heat, as well as protect against some annoyances such as reducing the chance of a flea infestation. When performing a hygienic haircut, it should be remembered that the dog's coat is a kind of "heat cushion". It not only keeps your pet warm in winter, but also protects from the heat in summer. In this regard, too short a haircut may not only be not useful, but also dangerous for the health of the dog. A model haircut will make your pet a real "star"! Even if your pet is not the brightest representative of the breed, even if exhibitions, titles and medals are not for him, a model haircut will make him stylish and no less attractive than eminent relatives. Taking good care of your dog will make your living together even more joyful and enjoyable. A well-groomed dog is the pride of the owner!