how to cope with stress Everyone knows what stress is. Studies show that even six-year-olds suffer from this disease of the twenty-first century. And this is no wonder. After all, the rhythm of life in our time is such that it is very difficult to manage everything and not to make a mistake. Complex loads that we experience on a daily basis also underpin the fact that we begin to experience stress, which is becoming more and more difficult to cope with. Not only does a large amount of work in itself cause us fatigue, but it often also takes away a considerable part of our time, which we would like to devote to things that affect the quality of our life. Worse still, the huge number of routine cases that you can barely manage during the working day and during domestic chores leave us too little time to solve some urgent issues, which creates the feeling that the situation is coming out from under our control. And this feeling even more "fertilizes" the soil for the emergence of stress. Therefore, it is extremely important for each of us to understand how to cope with stress at work and at home and again become calm and balanced. No wonder they say that all diseases - from nerves. Calm and balanced people are sick less. And if the ailment has overtaken them, then the person heals quickly enough, because he is in an excellent mood. Let's talk about how to learn to perceive the world positively. And now we will determine the main symptoms of stress:

  • insomnia;
  • irritability;
  • loss of appetite;
  • distraction;
  • constant feeling of fatigue;
  • memory impairment;
  • loss of sense of humor;
  • "Psychosomatic" pain in the stomach, head, back.

How to cope with stress at work

Ways to get rid of stress

Very often people are treated for gastritis, migraine,osteochondrosis, not realizing that their illness is not due to malnutrition or heavy lifting, but because of stress. They relieve symptoms of psychosomatic pain, drink valerian from excessive irritability - and everything seems to be normalized. However, the cause of the problem remains, regularly reminding himself about the aggravation of sores and the depressed state. How, after all, get rid of stress? We describe several ways:

  • Learn to relax Stress is very commonarises not because of problems, but because of the strain of the body. To relieve this tension, it is useful to perform respiratory gymnastics. Take a deep breath and a short, sharp exhalation (the breath should be twice as long). Repeat the exercise ten times. Weariness and irritation should let you go. There is also a relaxing gymnastics for the entire muscle group: strain and relax the body until you feel complete relaxation of the body. You can just lie with your eyes closed. In short, do everything that will allow you to relax.
  • Another way to get rid of stress is the music of Nenecessarily calm. The main thing is that you like it. Do you like rock? So, it is he who will help you to come to your senses. You can sing along to your favorite singers, this will also cheer you up. And it does not matter that you have problems with hearing and voice. You're not on stage, but at home! Therefore, you can do whatever you want without fear of public criticism. It is also useful to listen to music in front of responsible events, public speeches and a date with your beloved man.
  • Very often stress occurs due toIncorrect load distribution Record your daily action plan on the sheet. Maybe you took on an unbearable burden and it's time to shift some of the responsibility to colleagues and relatives? If you are in the process of submitting a quarterly report, ask the household to help you with the au pair or choose for the home menu those dishes that can be cooked quickly and easily. Remember: if you do not survive the loads and get sick, the quarterly report will have to be completed by another person. And the family will have to eat on its own. So is not it better to take care of yourself a little?
  • For the next method of getting rid of stress youneed a notebook and pen. We will record observations about the past day Psychologists say that keeping a diary reduces the risk of depression and stress by 70%. And it's not that you calm down when you write (although there is some truth in this). Just before you get rid of stress, you need to solve the problems that lead to a nervous breakdown. A habit of recording everything that happens during the day allows a person to analyze their own and others' actions. Look at your own behavior from the outside. Do not forget to reread everything that you wrote earlier, and you will not notice how your character will become better.
  • It is known that men are more prone to stress,than women And all because girls are more frank with their best friends. What will help to get rid of stress better than a sincere conversation? Therefore, at the first signs of a bad mood, take a packet of sweet-scented tea and a box of chocolates and go to visit your friend. Often this rule is neglected by young mothers who have no one to leave the baby. But believe me: it's better to hire a nanny for a couple of hours and calm your nerves than to suffer from depression all next week and transfer your mood to your baby. Is there no way to leave the baby to the nanny? Arrange a friend to come to visit you. Scroll to communicate those cherished couple of hours when your child is asleep. You will see - the result will not keep you waiting.
  • Do not give up sweetsAssistant under stress at all times was the usual chocolate bar. Therefore, many girls are so fond of making sweet reserves in case of bad mood. Only there is one small condition: to be treated with sweet tile it is necessary either for a cup of sweet-scented tea, or in a good company. In short, you should get the most out of chocolate. And try not to abuse this method. Otherwise, after stress you will have to lose weight.
  • Also well calmed and pets. Many people, coming from work after a busy and nervous day, find an outlet in communication with your beloved cat or dog.
  • And what about a girl who does not have a homepets? Take a hot bath with salt and aromatic oils. Pamper yourself: put on your face a favorite mask, rub the body with a scrub - and you will see how in half an hour of home aromatherapy all the problems seem stupid and far-fetched. Not less (and sometimes more) effective are several hours spent in the SPA-salon. Pleasant music, quality massage and a cup of green tea will bring to life any woman. She herself will not notice how to get rid of stress and again become balanced and restrained.
  • Diametrically opposite to the previous method. Is he in occupational therapy? No mood? Start cleaning the apartment, throw away all the trash, wash the windows. In a word: do what your hands did not reach before. After three hours of such treatment, you are guaranteed to become calmer. And not because you will get tired (and without it will not do). Just a clean apartment every housewife raises the mood.
  • A good effect helps to see a comedy or a soulful melodrama. This way you are distracted from the existing problem and immersed in a new, invented by the writer for at least a couple of hours.
  • If none of the above methodsacts, arrange a day of silence For this you need to turn off the computer and mobile phone, close the apartment to the castle and all day long not to communicate with anyone. For 24 hours you will rest, come to your senses, think through all the options for solving the problem and implement them the next day. Even if you do not come up with a way out of this situation, voluntary isolation will still help you get rid of the main symptoms of stress.
  • It often happens that self-medication does not bringlong-awaited effect. Then it's time for you to go to the doctor. And do not delay the visit. The more neglected form of stress, the more difficult it is to treat even a professional. Usually people neglect the help of a doctor. But in vain. We somehow go to the therapist to treat a runny nose, to LOR - a cold ear, and make an appointment to get rid of stress - do not dare. The fact is that in the post-Soviet space is very strong stereotype that neuropathologists, psychologists and psychiatrists are treated only mentally ill people. And those are compulsory. Therefore, in most people, stress is prolonged, turning into chronic depression. And it was necessary to consult a doctor at the right time.
  • Finally, we want to wish all readersyou can rarely seek help from our advice. Let your life be calm and measured, and stress and depression will be rare visitors in your home! We advise you to read: