tasty shish kebab Traditionally, shish kebab is prepared from pork orlamb, but now it is also prepared from fish, poultry and even vegetables. Shish kebab is considered the first dish that was cooked by a man. Our distant ancestors also prepared their own food on charcoal and fire. Centuries later, soldiers and hunters roasted meat on musket shovels. At the same time, the countries of the East, namely Iran, Lebanon, Iraq, the states of the Caucasus, etc. are considered to be the birthplace of "right" shish kebabs. In translation from the Crimean Tatar language "shish" is "spit". Hence "shish kebab" - "something cooked on a spit". In different countries (Armenia, Azerbaijan, Turkey, Georgia, America, Thailand, Brazil, etc.) there are different names of meat on the spit - kebab, satay, mtsvadi, barbecue, shuraska ... At the same time this dish remains very popular and loved worldwide. So, how to cook shish kebab? What should be the marinade? With what to serve the ready-made dish? We reveal all the secrets.

How to cook shish kebab correctly: basic rules

  • Cast iron is the best material for the barbecue;
  • Use only fresh meat or chicken to cook this popular dish.
  • Stringing meat on a skewer, remember that large pieces should be placed in the middle (so they are better and faster fried). Accordingly, place small pieces around the edges.
  • Place skewers with meat strung on them closely to each other and not farther than 15 cm from the coals. So the meat will get a good smoke from the coals, and the coals themselves will not catch fire.
  • When you plant the meat on the skewer, beCareful, because you can pierce their hand. To avoid this, tightly squeeze a piece of meat and, putting it on the skewer, do this along the meat fibers, and not across.
  • preparation of marinade for shish kebab

    Preparation for cooking shish kebab

    Choosing firewood for kebabs So many peopleneglect this issue, although firewood plays a huge role in giving a certain taste to meat. So, the ideal lime, birch, oak and any fruit trees (cherry, apple, pear, etc.). In no case should the coniferous trees be used for laying in the brazier. Firewood from coniferous species irreparably spoil the taste of meat. Choosing the right meat Regardless of the meat you prefer, be it pork, lamb, beef or chicken, the most important thing is the fat content of the product. It should not be represented by fat, but should be in the form of veins. The next mandatory quality of meat is softness. It's no secret that meat itself is muscle. The less muscle the animal worked, the more valuable the meat (the tenderloin is so highly valued, because it is meat from the back part of the carcass, this muscle has never been cut in the animal's entire life.) Never buy a cut before cut! It must be an integral, oblong form and have 30-40 cm in length.If you are going to cook shish kebab from mutton, pay attention to the age of the animal.It is ideal - up to 9 months.It should be known that the meat of the old ram has a disgusting smell.Therefore, the error is unlikely. Chicken in the barbecue use either a breast in the traditional way or a leg with the use of a barbecue grill.

    Choosing the right marinade

    Marinades for the leaven of meat there is a hugequantity. When choosing a marinade, do not forget that with its help you can correct the quality of meat (if it is dry, then you can use marinade with butter). The marinade itself is a mixture of vinegar (wine, beer, natural juices, etc.) with seasonings and salt. Sometimes vegetable oil is added to the marinade. Very often, the meat is soaked in kefir, carbonated mineral water, soy sauce. The future shish kebab soak for an hour, sometimes at night. After soaking, the meat becomes softer, juicier, more tender regardless of the way it is cooked (on the grill, on the grill, in the oven). Recipes for the best marinades are presented below:

    • Classic marinade: vinegar, sunflower oil, seasoning for shish kebab, mustard.
    • Fermented marinade: kefir (yogurt without additives), salt, seasonings (black pepper, cloves, garlic, cardamom, hops-suneli).
    • Marinade from soy sauce: soy sauce, garlic.
    • Acute marinade: kefir (yogurt without additives), cayenne (or any other) pepper, lemon juice.
    • Marinade from lemon juice: sunflower or olive oil, lemon zest, oregano, lemon juice, fresh mint. The acid of lemon juice (or vinegar) remarkably softens even very hard meat (beef).
    • Marinade in Russian: kvass (as the basis of marinade), onion, salt, seasoning for shish kebab. You can add honey.

    Rules for marinating kebabs

    • In no event can you marinate a shish kebab in aluminum cookware. This will give the dish an unpleasant metallic taste. Use ceramic, glass or plastic dishes.
    • Kvassitsya meat, especially left for a long time, should be in the fridge.
    • The time of the leaven depends on the amount of meat and the size of the pieces.
    • Make a few punctures in pieces of fermented product, so that it is better and faster saturated with leaven.
    • If you have purchased very hard meat, then addin a marinade cut into small pieces of kiwi, pineapple or papaya. These exotic fruits have a wonderful property to soften the protein. Remember that the ferment time should not exceed 2 hours.
    • For the correct leaven of fresh fish and seafood use acid (lemon or vinegar). The process of leaven itself should not last longer than 45 minutes.
    • Do not add a lot of "sour" products (wine, vinegar, kefir). Their excessive amount can make meat stiffer, and cooked shish kebab will also be sour.

    Here is an example of a classic correct marinade for shish kebab from pork. You will need:

    • 1 cup of vinegar;
    • 1 glass of water;
    • 4 things. onions;
    • 1 teaspoon of salt;
    • 1 bay leaf;
    • 0.5 teaspoons of sugar;
    • seasonings (black ground pepper, peppercorns) - to taste.

    For the preparation of the right shish kebab, it is not importantonly meat (its kind, quality), but also the marinade itself. There is a huge amount of recipes for leaven (from yogurt, wine, mayonnaise, etc.). Among this set, you are sure to find the recipe that will suit you all. Here is one of the simplest and most popular marinade recipes: we clean the onion, cut it into rings or semirings. Pre-prepared meat (i.e., cut into pieces) is mixed with onions and seasonings. Then in a separate dish in the water dissolve salt and sugar, add the vinegar. The resulting solution is filled with meat. We give him a sauce for at least 2 hours. marinating kebab with mayonnaise

    Classic pork shish kebab recipe

    You will need 1 serving:

    • 500 g of the pork neck;
    • 1 PC. onions;
    • 100 g (half cup) of mayonnaise;
    • seasonings (salt, black ground pepper) - to taste.

    We rinse the meat with cool water. We cut pork with medium sized pieces. Each chopped piece is evenly salted and peppered. We cut the onions into half rings (or rings). Fold the meat and onions in a bowl (pan). Add the mayonnaise and mix it well (it's better to do it by hand). We put fermented meat in the refrigerator for at least 8 hours (the longer, the softer). For the express starter, carbonated mineral water is perfect (we keep meat in the refrigerator for only 2 hours). Promarinovannoe meat we plant on 6 pieces on skewers. Fry the pork for about 25 minutes on the barbecue (the coals in the grill should be burning without a flame). Leaking fat from pieces of meat, immediately sprinkle with water (you can beer, diluted with vinegar). As soon as a ruddy crust was formed - the shish kebab is ready!

    Recipe for chicken shish kebab marinated in mayonnaise

    This shish kebab turns out to be very delicate, tasty andjuicy. In order to properly cook it, you can take any portion of the chicken (the thicket of everything uses the breast, hips, shins). Since the legs, thighs and wings are uncomfortable to attach to the skewer, it is better to use a grate. If you lay a bow with a chicken on a grate, the meat will not burn. You will need:

    • 2 kg of chicken (in this recipe we use shins);
    • 150 ml of high-calorie mayonnaise;
    • 7 pcs. onions;
    • seasonings (salt and black ground pepper).

    Rinse the chicken with cool water. Fold the calves in the dishes (pan, bowl). Add seasonings to taste (salt and pepper). Stir well to make the salt and pepper evenly distributed. Leave the meat for 30 minutes at room temperature. Add the mayonnaise to the pickled chicken. Shake hands. Peel the onion, cut it with rings and add to marinade. Once again, mix everything thoroughly. For fans of sharper you can add an onion to mayonnaise. On the grill, this shish kebab is cooked on average for 20 minutes (until the crust is formed). shish kebab with vegetables

    The recipes of lamb shish kebab

    You will need:

    • 1 kg of mutton;
    • 3-4 pcs. onions;
    • 4-5 tbsp. spoons of acetic or citric acid;
    • 1 tsp black ground pepper;
    • 1 teaspoon coriander (optional);
    • 1 tsp salts;
    • a small bunch of parsley.

    This option is considered classic forcooking shish kebab from mutton. For pickling, either the dorsal part of the ram or the flesh of the hindleg is best suited. Rinse and cut the meat into pieces (about 3x3x2 cm), fold it into the dishes (ceramic, enameled, etc., but not aluminum), in which you will scoop lamb. Add salt, black pepper (or red). Peel and cut the onion rings. Add it to the dishes with meat. Put parsley in a pan. If you are a lover of coriander (cilantro seeds), then add it to the marinade. Top with acid (acetic / lemon) and mix thoroughly. Put on the container with fermented meat press (any load). Put the pan in the refrigerator for 6 hours. If you have marinated so much lamb that does not fit in the refrigerator (for example, a bucket), then clean it in any cool place. The correct process of frying on the grill is exactly the same as when cooking pork. To the ready mutton shish kebab it is accepted to serve on a garnish onions, chopped with rings, and chopped green onions. Garnish before serving is best sprinkled with lemon juice. If in the conditions in which you cook, there is no barbecue, then for frying shish kebab you can use a regular frying pan with red-hot fat. The dish will turn out delicious and juicy, but, of course, it will be a fake shish kebab. Shish kebab from any kind of meat, and especially from mutton, is properly served to the table and eaten with heat, with heat.

    Shish kebab recipe

    Beef is very rarely used for cookingshish kebab, tk. it is usually quite stiff. Following this recipe, you can prepare juicy and delicate shish kebab from beef. Marinate such meat should be at least a day, but the result is worth it. You will need:

    • 3 kg of beef;
    • 1 kg of onions;
    • 300 g of wine (preferably white dry);
    • 150 g of acetic acid;
    • 1 lemon;
    • 1 packet of black pepper peas;
    • 1 packet of bay leaf;
    • salt - to taste;
    • red ground pepper.

    We wash and cut the beef meat into small pieces4-5 cm. Lay out layers on the bottom of the dish, in which you will pickle, first black pepper peas, then bay leaf. We clean and cut rings onions. He, too, put a layer in the dishes. Now evenly cut the chopped meat (in 1 layer). Add the taste of seasoning (salt and pepper). Alternate the onion layer and the beef layer until the meat is finished. Add salt and pepper. The top and last layer is a bay leaf and a shredded onion. Fill with acetic acid. We close the top with a lid and put it under the press. We sail for 24 hours. After this time, merge the marinade and pour lemon juice and white wine for 4 hours. The process of cooking on the grill is identical to the preparation of pork shish kebab. skewers of lamb

    How to cook shish kebab at home?

    We cook shish kebab in a frying pan. Ingredients:

    • 500 g of pork meat;
    • 1 teaspoon of paprika;
    • 1 lemon or tomato;
    • 1 bay leaf;
    • 4 tbsp. spoons of olive oil;
    • seasonings (cinnamon, red pepper, ground ginger, nutmeg) - on a pinch;
    • salt and black ground pepper - to taste;
    • sunflower oil.

    We wash the meat under cool running water,Cut the film, cut the pork into pieces. Transfer the cubes of meat into a pan. Marinade is prepared as follows: we put a pinch of each of the seasonings, add there the crushed laurel leaf and traditional seasonings (salt and pepper). Fill all this with olive oil and mix thoroughly. The prepared mixture will give a unique and unrivaled taste to our dish. The resulting marinade is poured into pieces of pork. We mix well with our hands, close the lid and leave for leaven meat for half an hour. We cut the lemon slices. Cubes of meat string on skewers (for each not more than 2 dice). Between pieces of pork on a skewer, you can put on a slice of lemon. We heat the frying pan on fire, pour a small amount of vegetable oil into it. We put pork on a frying pan and fry it from all sides (turning over the skewers) until a golden crust appears. Of course, this shish kebab does not have the appropriate taste qualities (for example, smell of smoke). But due to the unusual marinade the taste of this shish kebab will be unusual.

    Cooking shish kebab in the oven

    To do this, you will need:

    • 1 kg of pork;
    • 2 pcs. onions;
    • 100 g of mayonnaise;
    • seasonings (salt, black ground pepper, bell pepper, bay leaves) - to taste;
    • sunflower oil (for lubricating the grate);
    • sparkling mineral water or white dry wine.

    We cut the washed pork cubes. We prepare the marinade from these ingredients, but you can use any other favorite you. Kvassim meat for 2 hours, and then string it on skewers. To prepare a shish kebab in the oven you need a baking tray and a grill. A tray is needed to ensure that fat and juice from the meat drip onto it (there will be no burning in the apartment). Accordingly, we have a pan under the grate. We preheat the oven to 200 degrees, and grease the grate with sunflower oil. After that, we put on the grill pork shish kebab so that the meat on the skewers with each other does not touch. We remove the shish kebab in the oven for frying. Every 7 minutes we open the oven and turn the shish kebab on the other side. To make the cooked meat juicy, lightly sprinkle it with wine and sparkling mineral water. The total cooking time of the shish kebab in this way is on average 40 minutes. Serve the cooked dish with fresh vegetables.

    We cook the beef shish kebab in the multivark

    Necessary for cooking:

    • 1 kg of veal;
    • 2 pcs. kiwi;
    • 2 pcs. Bulgarian pepper;
    • 4 things. onions;
    • seasoning (salt, black pepper, ground coriander) - to taste.

    We have not in vain chosen beef for this recipe. Kiwi has a wonderful property to keep juice from the meat inside, so even veal will turn out soft, tender and juicy. In this case, the shish kebab itself turns out to be low-fat. Remove the peel from the kiwi and clear the onion (only 2 bulbs). Grind them in a blender until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Bulgarian pepper is cut into half rings. We clear the remaining 2 bulbs from the husks and cut them into rings. We wash beef and cut into cubes. We rub into the pieces of veal seasoning. To the meat, add the mixture cooked on the blender, chopped onions and bell peppers. All thoroughly mix and leave in the refrigerator for 2-3 hours. After the specified time, we put the veal together with the marinade into the multivark. We choose the "Baking" mode. After 45 minutes, ruddy and juicy kebabs are prepared according to the original recipe. Inexhaustible enthusiasm and pleasant appetite! Let your shish kebab be right, and guests - well-fed!