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Probably, every woman throughout herlife at least once wondered how to behave with a man. There is no unequivocal answer to it, because each person is unique and he needs a certain approach. There are lots of Soviets on this subject, and many of them can be considered good. We survived those times when a man had to conquer the lady of his heart himself, perform romantic deeds. The woman, in turn, took this action for granted, and did not think at all how to behave properly, she did not need it. After all, if the gentleman sought an arrangement, then they played a wedding, and everyone was happy. And marriages in former times were for life. Well, those ladies who were deprived of male attention, just put up with their fate. And how should today's young ladies act? Obviously, a woman should first of all understand herself. After all, it depends on her temperament and the nature of the character that she will fit. Agree that the complaisant woman, who is prepared to give up her own opinion, will find it easier to get along with a man of obstinate temper, and a lady domineering and obstinate such a partner if she does not kill, then expel in the first week of living together. But it will be much easier for those of us who try to understand their man and find an approach to him. Therefore, we will try to figure out how to behave with a man in order to make as few mistakes as possible in communicating with your friends, fathers, husbands, loved ones ... how to behave with a man

Basic rules of behavior for women

Observe the distance From the very beginning and onDuring the further development of relations it is necessary to respect and not to cross the boundaries of the personal space of a man - this is probably the most important rule of all. Each woman with confidence will confirm that the beginning of relations is the most unforgettable period in the life of lovers. When a man and a woman do not know each other, they seem like an unread book for everyone. I want to learn a lot about a man who likes, all meetings for them are trembling and exciting. Before them is the goal to get closer to each other and eventually become one. Basically, many couples do not reach their goal and diverge at this stage. When you open up in front of the person who you like, you want understanding and support, and he will accordingly wait for the same. But some qualities of the partner may frighten or repel, here the whole point is how and when they showed up. Further - more: because of insecurity in themselves or in a relationship, a woman can try to tie a man to her. This manifests itself as an endless interest - "where and with whom was it?", "Why did not I answer the call immediately?", "Do not you care about me?" And other endless questions and claims. This can lead to even the owner of the strongest nerves. And if this continues all the time, then sooner or later a man will want to run away from such a friend. After all, on the mistrust of strong relationships can not be built! Do not try to keep your loved one on a short leash and constantly monitor; both get tired of it. You have to be able to trust, and even if you are so distrustful of you makes a painful experience of betrayal in the past, it does not mean that this man wants to make you a fool, having fun with other girls behind your back. But trust. which you will experience and show in relation to your loved one, will help build a deep and lasting relationship. It is also important not to overstep the stick and not start to manipulate each other. This is a fairly common factor in the already established relationships. If a woman does not get what she wants, she begins to be capricious, to make ultimatums and take offense. In the relationship, mutual respect gradually begins to be lost, and conversations on elevated tones become the norm. Yes, the accumulated negative should be thrown out, but let it happen not often and in the correct form. To maintain a fresh note in the relationship, we must admit the presence of some kind of secrecy in everyone, so that everyone in the pair is not opened to the end. And do not be afraid that this will lead to alienation. Overstepping through her fears, a woman can be sure that her relationship will be strong and lasting. And the man who loves her, too, will not encroach on the freedom of her personality. And an easy touch of mystery at all times painted a woman, teasing a man and causing him even more interest in a lady with a "zest". The importance of personal space Agree, it is necessary for everyone. It's clear, at the beginning of the relationship, both can not breathe on each other, every second that is held together is important. And I want this to never end. But this can not continue indefinitely, otherwise you will be fed up with each other, and the man, who until quite recently was the most remarkable and necessary, will eventually get bored with you. You will feel entangled, bound hand and foot, and you will want to break free. The same will be felt by your partner. Therefore, it is very important not to allow such excessive "ingrowing" into each other. Well, if you have common friends, interests, hobbies, if you lead a joint life and even have combined your budget; but you need to be able to feel the boundaries, which should not be crossed. You must have small secrets from each other. Separate interests, about which you can tell each other with rapture. It is not necessary for you to attend his meetings with friends, and he does not need to be aware of all the events in the life of your friends. Not every man likes to listen to women's arguments, for example, on the cost of recently bought cosmetics, and it is not necessary for him to know exactly how much you spent money on it! A woman should have her own personal circle of hobbies, so as not to be tied to her chosen one. You must preserve your independence, as it was before the beginning of the relationship. Your man will only respect you for it. You need to relate to the personal space of your man accordingly and try not to invade there every time, as soon as it pleases you. Take care of each other Never and under no circumstances should you try to hurt a man for a sick person. You know enough about your companion, you've been together for a long time, and you already know all of its weaknesses well. And even during the most violent quarrel, when you would like at all costs to emerge victorious, do not be tempted to hurt your man more pogolnee. If this desire is too great, then imagine in your place yourself: what would you feel in such a situation? If a man trusted you, if he opened all the most vulnerable corners of his soul to you, then you must respect this; To use against him his own confidence in you is at least tactless. It is necessary to learn to care for each other selflessly and unselfishly, with total dedication, and not just because of a sense of duty. Remove your egoism and try to learn not only to demand, but also to give. Then the reciprocal warmth and care will not take long. You can not live just for yourself, because the desire to do everything in its own way too often turns into loneliness. Communicate with each other In relationships, it is also very important to be able to communicate with each other. And this is not just a discussion of television news and movies, not gossip and stories about work. Here we are talking about a heart-to-heart conversation that helps build relationships. You need to be able to talk about your experiences and fears, about what is really worrying you. If you are concerned about anything, worried, annoyed or not happy, then you need to talk about it, discuss it with your loved one, and look for a way out of the situation. If you simply ignore the problems, accumulate them in yourself, then one day the accumulated negative will gain a critical mass and an "explosion" will occur. If a woman takes offense at something, she must be able to say about it so as not to cause guilt in her half. Then the man can adequately explain his point of view. Do not be afraid to talk about jealousy, anxiety and fears. At first it will be difficult, but then it will be easier and, you will see the result yourself. After all, you are the best psychologists for each other! how to behave properly with men

Different situations - different approach

Above we considered general advice on behavior withmen. But as it was said - men are unique, and everyone needs to find their own approach. Let's look at a few more situations: If a man is older As a rule, an adult man is more experienced in terms of relationships, and it is almost impossible to get him to change for you. He does not scatter words and will do everything to his beloved was happy. He likes to take care of her. Often, with an adult man, the younger girls tie their fates. After all, in the main such men are serious, the light-mindedness of the youngsters is uncharacteristic for them. If a woman has achieved the disposition of such a man, then she can be sure that he will love her for real. If you are serious about attitudes with such an adult male, then be prepared for the fact that your freedom will be somewhat limited. After all, they are, by virtue of their age, more jealous, and therefore you will need to try your behavior to dispel all his doubts and fears. If a man has a solid capital Such men are more discriminating, and this is not surprising. After all, many girls, when they learn that they are dealing with a rich man, turn a blind eye to his solid age, lack of character and lack of external attractiveness, and try to actively win his favor. Fans usually have such men. To attract the attention of such a man, it is necessary to be fit for him. But here the main thing is not to overdo it. Too many beautiful, but as a copy of the created girls cling to rich wealthy men. You should interest him with your personality. It is necessary to be able to choose your unique and refined style in clothes, make-up and even choose a certain manner of behavior. And before you decide on a relationship with a rich man, think about the following situations in which you may find yourself:

  • The most common case is that a man is married

There is nothing left to do, liketo be content with the role of a lover. If such an option suits you, then most of what you can do is make your house warm and cozy, so that the chosen one after business meetings could relax and relax. But your meetings will only take place in such secluded places, and all kinds of events with a rich man you will not be able to attend, this role is assigned to his wife.

  • Most wealthy men are stingy

And if you counted on his fat wallet, thenit is unlikely that he will rush to squander all the hard earned on you. With a rich man this will not work! The only way out is simply to stop counting on his support, and if you were kept only by hope for material assistance, then the relationship should be stopped. In conclusion, I want to say that you do not need to adjust yourself to certain stereotypes, because every woman is as unique as every man. In any there is that zest that can conquer it. It is simply important to remain yourself, do not invent your ideal and then customize yourself to a certain pattern. Try to behave a little restrained, but at the same time openly, do not "close" from the man, if he is interested in you. Try to show your very best qualities. Do not forget about the sense of humor, because no one will be interested in spending time with a dull beech. Try to be versatile, develop an interest in different things. After all, the more diverse your life will be, the more interesting you will be to your chosen one. The girl should radiate optimism and inspire him in the beloved. After all, now you know how to behave with a man, and it will be easier for you to avoid possible mistakes. We advise you to read: