correct acceleration of hair growth Every girl dreams of becoming the ownersmart, thick head of hair. The question of how to speed up the growth of hair, interested in the fair sex for many centuries. After all, beautiful, healthy, long hair has always been a matter of admiration for the opposite sex. The growth rate of healthy hair is approximately 1 cm per month. In the cold season, their growth slows a little, in the warm, on the contrary, accelerates. Some women experience slow hair growth. At the same time, they grow on average by 0.5 cm per month. The problem of accelerating hair growth should be approached in a comprehensive manner. The main thing is to start eating right, get rid of bad habits and start playing sports. Sports loads on the body have a positive effect on metabolism. As a result, blood flow to the scalp increases, and it helps to grow hair faster. Alcohol and smoking, on the contrary, slow down their growth and adversely affect the overall condition of the hair. And of course, not the least role in the health of hair and scalp is properly selected care. mustard mask for hair growth

Folk remedies for accelerating hair growth

Even in ancient times, beauties of the whole world forthe beauty of their head of hair used a variety of roots and herbs. They prepared masks, infusions and decoctions from them. Folk remedies can be made at home. Among the many recipes for accelerating the growth of hair can be isolated yeast mask. Prepare it very simply. To do this, take 1 tbsp. l. any kind of honey, 0.5 glasses of warm water and half a pack of ordinary yeast. For 20 minutes they are poured with warm water, then I add honey and apply along the entire length of the hair. After 30 minutes, wash the hair in the usual way. At home, you can use one more proven folk remedy. This mask is based on rubbing various oils in the scalp. You can use ordinary vegetable oil. If desired, the mask can be supplemented with a few drops of essential oils. For example, mint oil or nutmeg oil very well affects the speed of hair growth. They are applied for 30 minutes. Then they wash their hair in the usual way. Acceleration of hair growth can be achieved with the help of agents that act as an irritant to the hair follicle. These funds increase the flow of blood and thereby speed up hair growth.

  • Peppermask for growth

Many people think that peppermask is the mostthe best way to accelerate the growth of hair. You can buy it at a pharmacy or do it yourself at home. You need to take one hot pepper and pour vodka or oil, then leave it for 3 weeks in a dark place. The resulting tincture can be added to various hair masks. For example, take liquid vitamins E and A, add 2 tbsp. l. any oil and 1 tbsp. l. pepper infusions. At what time to leave this mask on the hair, depends on the sensitivity of the scalp. To not dry your hair, do not apply this tincture in its pure form. Owners of dry and sensitive skin on her head are better off.

  • Mustard mask for growth

At home, you can also make a mask forthe basis of mustard. In its properties, mustard is similar to hot chilli pepper, but it affects much less on the scalp. Suitable for women with dry skin on the head. Take 2 egg yolks, 250 ml. kefir (the higher the fat, the better) and 1 tbsp. l. mustard (ground). All ingredients are mixed and applied over the entire length of the hair. To simultaneously soften the scalp, 2 tablespoons are added to the mask. any vegetable oil. If desired, you can add to it 2-3 drops of some essential oil. Do masks with mustard more often than 2 times a week, not worth it. This can lead to excessive dryness of the skin and, as a consequence, to the appearance of dandruff.

  • Mask for growth with cinnamon

The mask is the least irritating to the scalp andwell affects hair growth. You need to take 2 tbsp. l. cinnamon (ground) and mix it with a colorless henna powder. Dilute this mixture with warm water and apply on the entire length of hair for half an hour before washing.

  • Ginger Mask for Growth

It is better to use fresh ginger for this mask. It will burn less than dry. Ginger rubbed on a fine grater and poured with water, and then a little bit added to different masks. For example, in a mask of onion juice. The onion will make the hair shiny and strengthen the roots, and ginger will have a good effect on their growth. applying a mask for hair growth

Cosmetics for accelerating growth

Many cosmetic companies have developed a series ofto accelerate hair growth. There are shampoos, balsam-rinses, masks, various conditioners. If there is not enough time to prepare home remedies, you can take advantage of this alternative. Find the right tools for care will help the seller. Salon methods to accelerate hair growth Beauty treatments have recently become very popular procedures aimed at accelerating hair growth. For example, such a procedure as mesotherapy. During her doctor-cosmetologist uses a syringe to inject biologically active substances under the scalp. They include amino acids, vitamins, trace elements and other medicinal components. Their dosage and the number of necessary procedures are prescribed strictly individually and only by a doctor. On average, the course of mesotherapy consists of 10 sessions. If a problem such as loss is added to slow growth, then the salons offer such a service as ampoules of hair growth. These ampoules contain a concentrate of nutrients and biologically active elements. They act on the metabolic processes in the hair follicle itself. By supplying it with all the necessary nutrients, the bulb is strengthened, and hair growth is enhanced. The duration of this course is 3 months. Strengthen the microcirculation of the blood of the scalp and, as a result, speed up the growth of the hair will help such a procedure as a laser hairbrush. The course can be passed both in the beauty salon, and at home, buying this comb. It will be much cheaper.

Proper nutrition and vitamin complexes

It must be remembered that proper nutritionplays an important role in this process. You need to feed your hair not only from the outside, but also from the inside. If the body lacks vitamins E, C, D, K, B vitamins (especially B6, B5 and B2), folic acid, inositol, routine and biotin, the hair grows very slowly. Microelements are not less important, especially iodine, copper, selenium, potassium, phosphorus, zinc, chromium, iron and calcium. How to accelerate hair growth in the cold season, when there are not so many vitamins and useful elements in fruits and vegetables, as in the summer? To provide the body with the necessary amount of all vitamins and trace elements, in addition to proper nutrition, you can choose a multivitamin complex that will also contain minerals. Today in the drugstores of the city there is a huge choice. Make the right choice will help the doctor. Massage for the scalp To improve the blood flow in the scalp is recommended to do a massage. It can be done both in beauty salons and at home. Massage movements can be done any: stroking the hair of the head, rubbing, tapping your fingers, etc. The most important thing is that they follow the direction of hair growth. The duration of the massage is 3-10 minutes. To achieve the desired effect and conquer the surrounding beauty of your hair, you need to remember that caring for them should be comprehensive. Only in this case it will be possible to achieve the result.