Relaxing at the beach The most harmful of all self-restrictions is to think,that we know everything. Unfortunately, our culture makes us believe that we should know everything about everything, as if to reach a high position, you need to be omniscient. Always right. Never make a mistake. Let's see why this is not so?

What's stopping us?

Instead of looking for answers to questions, wewe spend time trying to pretend that we know them. This attitude and behavior, in fact, comes from fear of being known as non-infernal, limited mediocrities. And this very fear does not allow you to become magnificent. It prevents you from using your potential. It limits the ability to learn something new. Because of him, you do not want to read more and do self-education. It limits your ingenuity in exploring new ideas. He does not allow you to see the real world, hiding it behind a screen of prejudice. He does not allow you to rejoice in the success of others. He puts people away who could help you. At some point you will have to drop it, this fear of ignorance, and just start living the way you want. Why pretend that you all know, if you can develop the habit of knowing?

Errors help us grow

Despite your ostentatious courage and charm,people know that you make mistakes. In this there would be nothing terrible if you stopped apologizing and admitted that you are mistaken. And here the question arises: why is it so difficult for us to be mistaken? (What are you willing to bet that this is due to fear?) Think about a simple thought: "Making mistakes, you open up new opportunities." Most of the success is modesty, that is, understanding that you always have something to learn. Defensive position is a trap. Protective reactions prevent you from becoming a superstar that you want - and really can - be. In addition, you do not even really know why you are defending yourself. A simple phrase "This will never work" discourages you from the desire to learn and move forward. But think for a minute. You do not know for sure that the new idea will not work, right? It's unlikely that you tried your theory in every possible way in some secret underground laboratory. You have not read all books known to mankind on this topic.

How to start learning for real?

To learn is to learn the lessons of life,meeting on your way. Training does not happen automatically. Otherwise, we would learn all the lessons that can make us outstanding. You need to focus all your perseverance on becoming a disciple. And it means to get out of your skin, trying to turn life into your research laboratory. Do not wait until the answers appear, as if by magic, you need to actively look for them around you. You should learn not only when you want, and not just what you want. To want to learn and hope that you will learn is not the same thing. To be a student means to accept everything that life offers (rightly so, in your opinion, or not), and turn your circumstances into the best choice or knowledge. It means, in the worst moments of life, to plan the best events in the future. Based on the book "Be the best version of yourself" by the publishing house "Mann, Ivanov and Ferber".