sleeping poses Psychology as a science is studying how to definethe character of a man by his gait, gestures, manner of speaking and color of clothing. But all of the above can be controlled. Refuse bright colors in the wardrobe. Change gait, rehearse speech, follow the gestures. Only in a dream can we not control ourselves. Sleep poses can tell a lot about the nature of a person, about his mood, his mental state at the moment and even about the relationship with the second half - so much can be learned from the dreams of the sleeper and by the most characteristic for him body positions in bed.

How we sleep

  • The "embryo" posture

The sleeper lies on his side. The bent knees of a sleeping man are pulled to the chest. As a rule, he moves to the edge of the bed and turns away from the wall. Sometimes between the legs, the pillow or the edge of the blanket is clamped. This person feels insecure and unprotected. As a rule, these are driven people who need custody and a stronger partner. It happens that in such a pose a person falls asleep, who has large-scale checks at work or re-certification.

  • "Spread" pose

The sleeper lies on his stomach. Hands are thrown over the head. Legs are elongated, feet slightly apart. He often sleeps in the center of the bed. The main thing is the difference in the character of such a person - he is very punctual and does not like others to be late. He is obligatory, exacting to detail, accurate and accurate. Such people are not afraid to set goals, act strictly according to plan. And if some obstacles have come along, they will do their best to achieve what they want. We can say that the character of such a person is simply unbending.

  • "Royal" pose

A man is sleeping on his back face up. Legs and arms are stretched along the body, slightly spread out, relaxed. The sleeper can lie both in the center of the bed, and diagonally. This pose speaks of self-confidence, a sense of security, leadership qualities and the strength of a person's personality.

  • "Half-embryo"

This is the most common pose. The sleeping man sat on his side and bent his legs slightly to his stomach. Hands and feet relaxed. A person sleeps in one half of the bed or nearer to the edge. What is the nature of the sleeper in this position? Such people are balanced, adequate, have "common sense". Confidence in yourself and your own strengths allow you to take stubborn blows of destiny. They do not seek protection from society and are able to help those in need, if necessary. Equally eloquent are the individual parts of the body. Take, for example, legs:

  • If a person in a dream tries to grab bothkicking the bed, or he has a habit of putting both feet (or one) under the mattress, which means that the sleeper resists changes in life and is fairly conservative.
  • If a person hangs his legs from the end or from the edge of the bed, then this, on the contrary, indicates a complete rejection of generally accepted norms.
  • Initiative, weak-willed and unable to pull themselves together, people usually sleep with crossed ankles.
  • If both legs are exactly one above the other: knees, hips and ankles of both feet of the sleeper touch each other - then this person is supposedly inclined to comfort, avoids conflicts and tries to best meet the expectations of others.

The position of the hands in a dream can also betray the characterrights. If a sleeper has a habit of holding something in a dream for something, then this indicates that the person is sticky, dependent on others and is not dependent. When a person sleeps on his back and puts his head in the palm of his hand - we can say that this is an intellectual personality, earning a living by mental labor. People who sleep on their backs, and hands at the same time fully pull up, inactive, weak-willed and passive in life. sleep postures and character

How to determine the right posture?

Many people are worried about the question of what poses to take fortruly "talking" about what a person's character is. After all, it's not a secret for anyone that overnight a person repeatedly changes the position of the body. Here it is necessary to take into account the fact that there are only two or three basic poses in a dream. The rest of the situation people take in a dream temporarily, to lie down comfortably. These are the so-called "intermediate poses." And the main thing remains the one in which a person spends the most time. Very often a person sees himself as different from what he really is. For example, a girl tries to develop leadership qualities, and before falling asleep, takes a royal pose. But in a dream changes the position of the body depending on its true nature and temperament. It happens that during a person's life changes the leading postures of sleep. It depends on the circumstances that develop in people's lives, the events that develop around. She, to a major boss, sleeps on her back all her life, being confident in herself, her powers and tomorrow. But the enterprise is closed, and the person has to look for a new position. Often, the work found is less prestigious and less well-paid. As a result, the posture of the former boss's sleep changes. He subconsciously seeks support from others. The royal pose is no longer so comfortable for him. The man himself does not notice that he simply can not fall asleep on his back, although he had never imagined another posture before. Can he return to the old pose in a dream? Oh sure. As soon as his life begins to change and gives the person a former self-confidence. Often postures in a dream change at the resorts, on vacation. For example, the accountant girl had previously fallen asleep in a fetal position, as she was constantly dependent on her bosses, tax and freight forwarders who did not bring in tax invoices on time. But on the sea, her pose changed. The chief did not speak to her in a more severe tone. And the tax was far from the resort. And around - only the sea, the sun, the beach. The girl began to fall asleep on her stomach. She was free from circumstances. But there are also opposite examples. When a person felt comfortable at home, and on vacation, in a rented apartment, he did not like much and caused discomfort (hard mattresses, drunken neighbors, sun-burned back). sleeping posture

How do men and women sleep?

It is equally important to determine the valueWhat kind of sleep positions prevail in two spouses. People can talk as much as they want about good relations in the family, but one glance at the sleeping couple is enough to get an objective picture of what is happening.

  • "Hugging face to face." This is the most emotional pose, which speaks of the strong attachment of partners to each other. The couple lies facing each other, embracing tightly and pressing their bodies tightly. In this case, the partners' legs can be straightened or intertwined (this indicates a sexual interest in each other and a willingness to fight for their own happiness). Very often in this position, lovers and newlyweds sleep, who are overwhelmed with feelings. If the pair keeps this pose for a long time, then we can talk about strong relationships and trust. When you face each other, the partners' heads are often at different levels. Whose head is higher, he is the head of the family and the lead in the pair.
  • "Hugs from behind." The sexiest position of sleep for partners. Here, both the sleepers are located on one side, huddled together, while stretching or slightly bending their legs in the knees. That partner, who is behind, usually hugs the satellite with his hands. The degree of emotional attachment can be estimated from the distance between the sleeping pair. The smaller it is, the stronger and more trustworthy the relationship. Lead in the pair is the one who covers the back of the partner in a dream. As a rule, this is a man who, with his whole body position, declares his desire to take care of his partner. If a very close embrace is observed from one side during sleep, this indicates a sense of ownership and the jealous nature of the person who hugs. It happens that the "lead" slightly touches the partner with his foot or hand. This gesture is due to the confidence in the "wingman".
  • It is quite another matter if a couple sleeps on one side,but partners share a long distance. This indicates unresolved problems in the relationship. In this position often sleep those who have quarreled the day before or have long lost a common language with a partner. At the same time, the person who is ready to make peace and make concessions sleeps with a partner. The offended side turned away.
  • "Back to back". Such a position can also indicate a prolonged conflict between partners, especially if the couple's bodies do not touch in a dream. Such position of bodies for a long time tells about the complete lack of desire of partners to reach mutual understanding. Interest in each other these people is weakened and there is no sincerity in the relationship.
  • If partners sleep with their backs to each other, but whenit touches the buttocks, it shows that the couple consists of bright, extraordinary personalities who value relationships but claim independence
  • Poses in a dream together, when someone is lying on his back,have two main varieties. If a man sleeps in a "royal pose", embracing while a woman, and she pressed her side sideways, then in this pair the main man is a man. A woman with her whole body position shows obedience and recognition as a leader. This is the most harmonious pose in a dream. If the man is lying on his back, and the woman is on her stomach, then she is much more attached to the partner emotionally than he is.
  • Finally, I would like to advise married couples andthose who are only going to connect their fate with their beloved: sleep together. Even if you quarreled. Joint sleep can bring you closer, while individual beds will be even more distant. We advise you to read: