how to maintain youthfulness of the skin of the face Beauty and time. What a pity that these two concepts are rarely friends. But in the strong hands of our women, everything impossible becomes real. We are able to tame an inexorable time and fragile beauty! This is quite doable. Did you pay attention to one strange thing? A woman of Balzac's age looks like a twenty-year-old girl, not a single wrinkle on her face, a young smile and glowing eyes. And the other, like a young lady, but you will give her all forty of her extinct look and dull look. So time can obey beauty? Or there are special secrets, how to keep youth? Let's talk about how not to let go of youth, but it is natural, without the involvement of plastic surgeons and experienced make-up artists. It is possible to become young artificially only externally and for a short while.

Shake your body

Our body has the ability to be lazy. Imagine that the human body is a very complicated mechanism. If any small cog is suddenly rusted, the entire system will break down. It is from this that the health problems and various ailments begin - from some part of the sleeping part that suddenly fell asleep. We must rest, with this no one argues. But you can also rest actively. In the gym or taking up gymnastics. Especially good and full effect on the body doing yoga. Only it is necessary to study this ancient science about the rejuvenation of the body under the vigilant guidance of an experienced trainer. Make it a rule to visit the pool every week. And start your day with a contrasting shower to wake up your whole body. If you do not want to give time to the morning run, turn on the fiery music and dance from the heart. You are assured of activity throughout the day.

Body and soul

You've probably heard that a person has twoage: biological and passport. And almost always between these ages there is a difference. We need to strive for biological youth, and the passport should remain a paper with a record. How to keep youth? If the soul is young, then the body tends to youth. It is necessary to learn to be distracted from the problems of the vital, which constantly eject the forces from our organism with their anxiety. At least half an hour a day completely relax, lying on the couch and listening to relaxing music (the sound of water or the singing of birds). How to keep the youth of the body and soul? The main secret - do not think about your age, abstract from it. Age will be offended and he will refuse you. And it will bother other more suspicious women, who every morning consider their wrinkles. Find a hobby. Remember what you wanted to do in childhood, what did you dream about? Can dance or take pictures, or can collect butterflies. If you want to become and be always young, our childhood dreams should be close. Clean your inner world, if you are a fan of screaming and quarreling, finding out the relationship - fundamentally change this attitude to life. Evil people, envious and scandalous, will never look young and beautiful, even at a young age. Anger and envy are superfluous wrinkles and general decrepitude of the body.

Improving the quality of food

We eat somehow, now in the fashion of a snack barfast food. It was a snack bar - he ran, snacked and ran on. To what we eat should be treated selectively. Food does not have to become a cult, it must become our helper, not an idol. Slender people always look younger. Absence of excess weight is a very good indicator of the correct functioning of the whole organism. Do not seek immediate results, especially if you do not have one extra kilogram. Diet - conscious and categorical no! We do not need superfluous stresses and shocks for the organism, which will necessarily be present if we refuse our favorite dishes. Eat with the mind, more fruit, less flour. But there is no need to completely abandon chocolate cakes. You will not be harmed by a favorite cake, if you eat it before 12 o'clock in the afternoon. In general, any dish eaten before noon, even the most high-calorie, will not be postponed by an extra kilogram at your waist. This has already been tested and tested. But in the evening give preference to useful products - dairy and natural. Such simple rules guarantee you a normalization of weight and a good mood at any time of the day.

Cleanliness in everything

This applies not only to our home, cleanliness inapartment - this is sacred. It is necessary to make our body clean, to save it from toxins and to stimulate the active metabolism. Already after the first course of cleansing the body, you yourself will feel what joy is from life. There comes an improvement at once and not only inside the body. A perfectly clean face and shiny hair, extra pounds will quickly disappear, and all the forces that the body used to send to the processing of wastes will now go to improve the work of all organs. If your skin leaves much to be desired - go to a consultation with a dermatologist, sometimes the body is so slagged that it requires the help of specialists. Unfortunately, we live in a stubborn ecology, which still does not want to improve. The intake of a complex of vitamins will allow us to improve the ecology inside our body. Especially in a dull and rainy off-season. By the way, a daily glass of natural dry red wine works very well for the work of the heart and blood.

Love your body

Look after the skin. It does not necessarily become a permanent client of beauty salons. Better the money set aside for visiting spa salons, spend on updating the wardrobe. In fashion, naturalness, and in the means for the care of hair and skin of the face and body, too. No ultramodern cream will replace the use of medicinal folk recipes. What wonderful hair and complexion were with our grandmothers! Heavy chic braids up to the waist and a natural blush all over his cheek. In pharmacies you can buy quite cheap various useful herbs and oils. How to maintain the youthfulness of the skin of the face and body? Use nature's help. All masks, compresses, various creams can and should be done by yourself and only from natural remedies. Even in the color of hair you can resort to ancient recipes. Henna, basma, decoctions of onion husks and camomile flowers. Wonderful, natural and long color, plus a significant improvement in the structure of the hair. Our nature will give many answers to your question: how to prolong youth and preserve women's beauty. The world around us is created in harmony and beauty. If we become closer to him, we will approach the solution of eternal youth. We advise you to read: