solarium harm and benefit We live in an age of high technology, and everya person today uses the devices available to him. Many of us use computers, players, cellular phones with voice dialing, and even trash cans that can open themselves as soon as someone reaches out to them. We use all these wonderful products to make our daily life as comfortable and devoid of fuss. In the same group of benefits of civilization that make life easier for us, we can include a solarium, the harm and benefit of which will be the subject of discussion in our article. But first let's talk about what effect on our body can have a tan.

Advantages and disadvantages of sunburn

Over the years, people have argued a lot about how,what can be the benefits and harm of sunburn. Some believe that the bronze skin looks sexy and helps us to be more healthy, while others are sure that the consequences of conscious exposure to harmful sun rays can be most disappointing, and sunbathing is a simple act of stupidity. Both views are grounded. In order for you to decide for yourself whether a tan is good or bad for you, we will present you with all the pros and cons of tanning.

  • Benefits of sunburn

One of the most obvious advantages of sunburnis that it allows you to look more attractive and sexy. Light skin is good, but the sun-kissed skin looks even better. And the figure of the dark-skinned woman usually looks more slender. So, if you want to look slimmer and sexy - sunbathe! Just make sure that you always have a quality sunscreen on hand that will help prevent skin burns. And remember that sunburnt and burnt skin is not the same, so be careful while you are in the sun! Another advantage of getting a tan is that, while in the sun for a while, you get the necessary amount of vitamin D for your health. This vitamin is very important for maintaining normal body functions. Deficiency of vitamin D can lead to various serious diseases. Although this type of vitamin is present in some types of foods, the sun is still considered its best source.

  • Disadvantages of sunburn

What can be the harm from sunburn? And what are his shortcomings? Although sunburn and makes our skin very beautiful, but it does not last very long. Depending on the type of your skin, you will definitely lose sunburn in just a few weeks - someone is slower, and someone is faster. And the immediate effect of staying in the sun, too, do not have to wait: you need to sunbathe gradually, otherwise you can get burned. A huge disappointment can be the fact that, regularly being in the sun to achieve the most dark tan, we can seriously damage our skin. According to experts, the skin, which is more often exposed to sunlight, tends to accelerate aging. Those people who spend too much time in the open air and in the sun, as a rule, have a coarse skin with numerous wrinkles. Another disadvantage of sunburn is that too much exposure to the skin of ultraviolet sun rays can lead to certain types of skin cancer. Like all other cancers, skin cancer is a serious disease; and most people do not even suspect how easy it is to get this terrible disease, just by tanning on the beach. The development of skin cancer can take several years, and it may take some time before a person feels wrong. The disease is already beginning to strike the body, and worst of all, that this can not be noticed immediately, continuing to be in the sun. Skin cancer can be potentially dangerous and even fatal, so there is nothing better than starting to protect yourself from this disease right now. If you are unable to avoid direct sunlight on your skin (for example, your work is related to being outdoors), then at least you need to make sure that you apply sunscreen to your skin with the necessary protective factor for you. As a rule, creams with SPF 15 and above are a guarantee of immediate protection from harmful effects of sun rays, and this effect will last approximately two hours. solarium benefit and harm

Solarium: benefit or harm?

We found out what could be the benefit and harmsunbathing in the sun. As it turned out, both actually take place. And what is the difference between a solarium? And can we talk about the harm of the solarium? Or does it have an immediate tan? Well, let's deal! The solarium is a specially equipped area for conducting irradiation procedures similar to sunlight. And the effect is achieved similar - the skin is covered with sunburn. And just like when sunbathing in the sun, harm and benefit also go hand in hand in the solarium. Too many people do not see the harm of the solarium, as the damage to health becomes visible only after years. Often by this time a person already ceases to use the devices for artificial instant sunburn, and, therefore, does not even associate ailments and illnesses with long-standing procedures in the solarium. What is the danger of sunburn in the solarium? The smallest trouble that can wait for you is excessive dryness and itching of the skin. There are more troubles and troubles: all the same premature aging and the risk of developing skin cancer. Unfortunately, many solariums use equipment with too high a level of ultraviolet radiation, detrimental to the skin.

  • Benefits of a solarium

In the solarium harm and benefit are similar to those thatare characteristic for sunbathing in the sun. Only good in the solarium is still much more than harm. If a person wants to be sunburnt in any way, he can get unique advantages in a solarium. To begin with, you can sunbathe in the solarium at any time of day and night and in any season. You do not have to wait for the sun to look out from behind the clouds or on the street will become warm enough to be able to undress and substitute your body under the sun's rays. In the solarium you can sunbathe even at midnight - the main thing is that only the solarium was open for you at this time. And even in the middle of winter you can look as if you just returned from a trip to some exotic areas yesterday. There are other advantages for tanning in the solarium. Such a tan is much safer, because you can control how much radiation is strong and how long you will be under its influence. It can not be controlled by the sun, but the car can be programmed according to its needs! When you visit the solarium, you can even strengthen your health. First, the body, under the influence of irradiation with tanning lamps, can synthesize the amount of vitamin D necessary for normal functioning. Secondly, the procedures in the solarium help to deal with stress and depression. This is especially important in those regions where there are few sunny days. And thirdly, sunburn, acquired in the solarium, helps to protect yourself from sunburn of the skin. As a rule, the first summer hot sun rays can cause a burn unusual to the sun, pale skin after winter. And gradually acquired sunburn tan creates a reliable protection for the skin. damage to the solarium

Precautionary measures

For most people, the solarium is the bestsolution for obtaining a beautiful tan. Moreover, the results of studies indicate that the positive effect of sunburn still outweighs the risk, it is important only to practice the clever approach and prefer a moderate tan. The harmful consequences of visiting the solarium can easily be avoided with simple security measures, and above all by limiting the time spent under too strong ultraviolet rays. It is very important to use sunscreen, the same as you need to use, sunbathing on the beach. After visiting the solarium, moisturizing creams should be used. You need to know what type of skin you have and what time for it to be tolerated for you. If you are at a loss to determine these parameters, consult a specialist before starting the procedures. And one more important detail: never forget to wear safety goggles! The more carefully you pay your attention to observing all these measures now, the more healthy you will remain in the future. And what you will get more from a solarium - benefit or harm will outweigh when you visit it - it depends only on you. Sunbathe wisely, and sunbathe all year round! We advise you to read: