1 Feng Shui in translation means "winds and water", wherethe wind is the rotation of the heavenly energy of chi, and water is the streams of water on the Earth, which, by grinding any rock, gradually smooth it and give it an ideal shape. From how strong the wind is and how deep the flow depends our joys and sorrows, the intensity of happiness or misfortune. Feng Shui is a system that determines and coordinates all energy flows in time and space, so any new object should be planned on the assumption that it will stay for a very long time, only in this case the people staying in it will be able to make the most of it.

We put a Christmas tree in Feng Shui

Forest beauty can be established according toFeng Shui recommendations. To the left of the entrance the tree will help to strengthen relations in the family, and on the right - it will give your children even more joyful days. The fir-tree in the far right corner will kindle the passion and return the novelty to your sexual relations. But it is better that the marital bed is in the far right corner, then sex will always be bright, and placing a bouquet of spruce branches above the bed, you will only strengthen the energy. The Christmas tree in the left corner, decorated with coins or pieces of yellow foil, will help to increase well-being, and the red ribbons wrapped around the Christmas tree will only strengthen the coins. If the Christmas tree does not stand on the cross, then in a vessel with water or sand you can drop coins, which you need to wrap with red foil or paper. And putting the tree right at the entrance, you will feel the strong personality all year long, moving the tree a little to the left, you will attract new acquaintances and creative success. A corporate Christmas tree should always be placed in front of the entrance door - then the whole company will succeed, and each individual employee will advance along the career ladder. This option is suitable for the home - if career growth in the coming year is a priority. Christmas tree in the center, around which it is so convenient to dance and dance dances - will help to fulfill all your desires in one way or another, so boldly put a Christmas tree in the middle of the room and have fun all the New Year's Eve, and the wishes are evenly exercised throughout the year.

Correctly decorating the tree is also an art

As soon as we bring the green beauty from the frostin the house, immediately there is a special mood of comfort, the smell of resin and pine needles spread everywhere, giving a holiday and something else that you will immediately understand. But why the tree, and not another tree or object became a symbol of the New Year? The simplest answer is that it is convenient to dress up, as the branches grow from the very bottom. If we consider a tree from the perspective of Feng Shui, then this is the only tree in the middle band, which has the shape of a triangle, which, according to ancient Chinese tradition, is a symbol of fire. And esotericists agree that human thoughts that have been baptized by fire materialize. Is not that why most fortune-telling and magical rites are performed by candlelight or around a fire. The needles on the fir tree strengthen its magic influence, since any thorns on the plants are an excellent conductor of Mars energy. Therefore, writing a letter to Santa Claus, do not forget to dictate it to your Christmas tree - so that wishes come true, because the herringbone is the most reliable way to contact the Executor of desires. It's not accidental to choose Christmas ornaments - candy, gingerbread, coins, figurines of angels and nuts in gilded foil ... All this symbolizes a beautiful and happy life, guarded by guardian angels, and glass Christmas balls are nothing more than a symbol of Mother Earth , so except for sweets and gingerbread, decorate your Christmas tree with balls. All toys are recommended to hang on red threads or ribbons, to further strengthen the ability of the Christmas tree to materialize the desire. And under the tree, you can put a chest of desires, in which each member of the family can lower their desires, written on paper. After the end of New Year's celebrations, this chest is placed opposite the mirror, and at the end of the year filled with fresh desires. By the way, you can check how well the department of fulfilling desires works by simply reading each of them. And most often it turns out that large and serious desires are coming true, while immediate or unnecessary ones are ignored by the heavenly chancery. And a few words about the star, which is traditionally decorated with the top of the tree. This is not a Soviet symbol, but a star that notified the Magi about the birth of Jesus. We advise you to read: