how to shave properly Statistics argue that most menalways attracts the beauty of women's legs. The key to women's attraction is not so much the shape of the body, how much its grooming - a healthy complexion, velvet skin, a pedicure and even tan. Therefore, each self-respecting woman regularly replenishes her knowledge in the field of cosmetology. Even in the case when a woman is a regular visitor of a beauty salon, she should learn how to shave her legs properly with a razor. There are many reasons for this. First, shaving is the most economical, fastest and easiest way to remove hair. This method is used not only to remove hair on the legs, the bikini and underarm zones can also become perfectly smooth after shaving. Secondly, scientists have developed a large number of unique shaving machines, to produce a shaving procedure by themselves - a pleasure. Some women do not like one thing - on the second or third day after shaving, hair renews its growth, and the procedure has to be repeated again and again. However, for most of the fair sex, regular shaving with a razor or machine has become a standard procedure. It is worth noting that not everyone knows how to shave properly, and rely on this issue solely on their own intuition. In this article, we want to tell you about the important nuances of women's shaving.

Getting ready for shaving

Prepare the skin for a quality shave will helpskin scrub. Pre-treating the skin with a scrub, you clean and peel off its surface dead cells of the epidermis. This procedure will save you from getting dirt into the hair follicles during the shaving process. Shaving itself is made much easier with the use of a special gel. The gel applied on the treated skin makes the procedure easy and pleasant. There is no difference what kind of gel you use - male or female, but female options tend to have a more pleasant smell. The main tool in your hands is a razor. The female shaving machine differs from the male one only in design and the presence of a more mobile head. This difference allows the razor to slide smoothly over the skin, repeating all the bends of the body, while minimizing the risk of cutting. The female machine, as well as the male, has 2-4 blades, but their number has little effect on the smoothness of shaving. The main essence of high-quality shaving in the sharpness of the machine's blades. Shaving with an old stupid razor is unacceptable, because it damages the skin. Therefore, the blades on the machine should be changed as often as possible.

The choice of machine is a responsible business

how to shave your legs with a razor Of no less importance is not only the question of howit is correct to shave your legs with a machine tool, but also the choice of the machine tool itself. It's so easy to lose your head in a wide variety of models of women's shaving machines. In addition to the standard machine tools with blades, women's electric razors appeared on the market, intended for both wet and dry shaving. For wet shaving, warm water is usually used, as well as additional cosmetic products. Most of the women's electric razors operate on batteries, which allows them to be used during travel. Advanced models are equipped with special devices - trimmers, designed to straighten and shorten the longest hairs. Opinions about what it is most effective to shave - machine or electric shaver, significantly vary. Each of these methods has both positive and negative points. Most truly, to conduct your own experiments, and decide for yourself, which method is optimal for you personally. The main drawback of the shaving procedure is the need for its frequent use, which is accompanied by the danger of skin cuts, the frequent occurrence of irritations and the appearance of ingrown hairs. But thanks to its accessibility and simplicity, shaving does not lose its popularity among the female part of the population. We are sure that if you study simple rules and understand for yourself how to shave properly, the procedure will be for you as efficient and safe as possible.

Shave wisely

Before starting the procedure, it is best to takehot shower. Hot water steam up the skin, softening it, softening the hair and opening the pores, which greatly facilitates shaving. During the shower, the skin must be thoroughly cleaned with detergents. This measure will prevent the occurrence of inflammatory reactions after shaving. The area that you plan to shave, treat with body scrub to prevent ingrown hairs. When the preparatory activities are over, you can safely embark on a shave. How to shave your legs with a razor? Apply to the skin foam, mousse or shaving cream. Never use soap for this purpose, as it dries out the skin. Then moisten the razor blade and gently sweep it over the skin. Do not strongly press on the blade, otherwise you risk injuring the skin. Traditionally, the razor is held in the direction of hair growth - from top to bottom. This method of shaving, while not giving an ideal result, but it helps to protect yourself from cuts and irritations. Many women like to shave their legs in the direction against hair growth, because in this way the ideal cleanness and smoothness of the skin is achieved. However, when using this method, shaving should not be done twice with a blade on the same skin area, otherwise it can be severely damaged. Take care that the razor blade does not become clogged, rinse it under the water as often as possible. After the procedure, the shaving machine should also be thoroughly rinsed with water. When the shaving procedure is over, the remnants of the shaving aid are washed off with water and the skin is wiped dry. On the skin, a moisturizing cream is applied to prevent dehydration. If an inflammatory reaction or irritation occurs, it is desirable to treat the skin with a hydrocortisone cream that effectively relieves burning and redness. This cream is an excellent antiseptic. If the shaving area was exposed to the armpits, do not immediately use antiperspirants and deodorants with alcohol content immediately after the procedure. In shaving, every detail is important. Besides, how correctly to shave legs, it is necessary to ask a question - when to shave legs or foots? Optimal procedure in the morning, after a shower, when the skin is steamed and soft.

Small nuances

how to properly shave your legs with a machine tool When you make a decision about how often youit is necessary to shave your legs, you should focus on the individual characteristics of your body, and not on idle advice from the outside. At each woman hair growth occurs with various speed, at some hair grow for a couple of days, and for some - for 1-2 weeks. Therefore, your shaving schedule should be individual. Never try to go against nature. The more often you shave, the more abundant unwanted hair will grow. If nature has rewarded you with a light invisible fuzz, then think about whether you should even take a razor in your hands. Such hairs are best touched in the most extreme cases, without touching the blade of the hip and knee area. On the question of how to properly shave the legs of the machine, there is one answer, which can be called the golden rule - shaving in one touch. If you do not succeed with one attempt to remove all unnecessary hair, you can repeat the razor across the site. But the third touch of the blade on the skin will inevitably cause irritation. It should be more careful with the shaving procedure before visiting the pool or water park. Legs should be shaved the day before the water procedures are taken because salted and chlorinated water immediately irritates the freshly shaved areas of the skin, with red spots with a characteristic burning sensation. In a bright summer sun, I want so much to put on a light dress and soar like a butterfly caressed by a warm breeze. But while our wonderful legs are open to someone else's eyes. We wish that you spent the summer in the most wonderful mood, and your smoothly shaven legs caused everyone a genuine admiration! We advise you to read: