essential oils against cellulite Cellulite is a problem that makes you sufferalmost all women, and even young girls, and for this it is absolutely not necessary to have excess weight. I must say that in the summer it becomes especially noticeable, and even just starting cellulite is quite capable of bringing any woman a lot of frustration, and as a result, self-confidence vanishes at once. It is not necessary to mention external signs of cellulite - all women know how they look. In this situation, it is best to talk about what methods are considered the most effective for bringing yourself into an excellent form. I want to immediately note that one should not rely on expensive anti-cellulite gels and creams: they, of course, benefit, but only in combination with other means, and of course, these funds are, as a rule, not expensive. And, meanwhile, fairly simple and not very costly procedures can and should be done at home by yourself. The only thing, some effort to make all the same have. This is going to be about essential oils against cellulite, which for a long time have been known for their amazing healing powers. After all, with the help of various essential oils, people have maintained their health in all ages, and women have preserved their natural beauty. It should be said that procedures with essential oils against cellulite are very pleasant, although they require time. But this time is worth spending on your beauty and yourself without any unnecessary regret. You have to look after yourself with love and pleasure, and essential oils will become good and pleasant assistants for you in this matter.

Anti-cellulite massage with essential oils

essential oil of orange against celluliteThe fact that essential oils are used for massage fromcellulite, probably, everyone knows. With this massage, the metabolism in the tissues and skin is optimized, and the lymph flow and blood supply improves. As a result, the processes of regeneration, the removal of inflammation and the purification of cells are started. Such an excellent result is given by essential oils from cellulite - reviews of women who have tried such a massage are extremely positive. So which essential oils are anti-cellulite essential oils that can often be used to fight for beautiful and healthy skin? The most powerful anti-cellulite properties are such essential oils as juniper oil, sweet fennel, rosemary, lemon, geranium, but the essential oil of grapefruit from cellulite is the most effective because it is a real first aid for obesity.

  • Grapefruit oil from cellulite. The high efficacy of grapefruit essential oil against cellulite is to accelerate the flow of lymph during its use and hatchability from the body of excess fluid. Since when cells are freed of excess water, they immediately begin to eat normally, and the blood circulation is gradually restored.
  • Oil of geranium from cellulite. The action of the geranium oil is almost the same. In addition, it makes the skin supple.
  • Lemon oil from cellulite. In general, I must say that it is best to use citrus essential oils against cellulite: reviews indicate the most frequent use of these essential oils in the age-old struggle with the "orange peel". Therefore, when talking about lemon oil and others, it should be emphasized that they, like no other, in cosmetic salons are most often included in the treatment of cellulite with essential oils. Because lemon oil, for example, burns fat well: wraps and anti-cellulite massage, including it, improve metabolism, normalize blood circulation and smooth the skin smoothly, making it smooth and supple. In addition, lemon oil helps with various scars on cellulite and skin.
  • Rosemary oil from cellulite. Essential oil of rosemary promotes the active excretion of excess fluid from tissues, and a significant improvement in the blood flow, as well as stimulation of fat metabolism - which is extremely important for the beauty and health of the skin.
  • Fennel oil from cellulite. The essential oil of fennel sweet is also important, because it activates the removal of toxins from the skin.
  • Juniper oil from cellulite. Essential oil of juniper, especially if it is from berries, removes excess water and toxins from the skin, and also splits uric acid, which accumulates in the tissues, and cleanses the blood.
  • Anise oil from cellulite. Essential oils against cellulite, returning to sluggish skin youth and elasticity include a wonderful anise oil. It is most often used for skin prone to flabbiness. After all, it significantly increases the lost elasticity, and also normalizes the skin water-fat balance.
  • Vetiver oil from cellulite. With the help of vetiver essential oil, you can increase the elasticity and elasticity of the skin.
  • Jasmine oil from cellulite. And with the help of essential oil of jasmine, you can return youth wrinkled and flabby skin. In addition, it makes the pectoral muscles elastic, that is, even contributes to muscle correction.
  • Orange oil from cellulite. Most often with anti-cellulite massage with essential oils use orange oil. It does not sound funny, but it is orange oil that fights well with the "orange peel" and with obesity. Also, orange essential oil against cellulite can be used for dry, inflamed and cracked skin.
  • Oil of ylang-ylang from cellulite. Essential oil ylang - ylang rejuvenates the skin, protects it from the negative effects of the environment. Suitable for moisturizing sensitive skin.
  • Cypress oil from cellulite. This is an excellent essential oil from cellulite - reviews about it say that it acts like a vasoconstrictor with varicose dilatation. Helps against obesity, normalizing water-fat metabolism in the body.
  • Limit oil from cellulite. With the help of essential oil, the limetta increases the firmness of the muscles of the hips, chest and abdomen. It is effective for flabby, flaccid skin, and also good for those with oily skin, since the oil of the lime tree has a drying property.
  • Mandarin oil from cellulite. Essential mandarin oil is an excellent remedy for preventing the appearance of skin stretch marks. Of course, it acts, and as an anti-cellulite remedy. Often comes in various mixtures of essential oils from cellulite.
  • Patchouli oil from cellulite. This essential oil makes the muscles of the thighs, abdomen and bust more elastic.
  • Petitgegrain oil from cellulite. It is also considered one of the beautiful essential oils against cellulite - the reviews emphasize the excellent ability of petitgrain oil to strengthen the muscles of the chest and abdomen after pregnancy, which is extremely topical for all women. In addition, it prevents the appearance of stretch marks, or striae of the skin.
  • Rosewood oil from cellulite. Like the previous one, it is an excellent preventative against skin stretch marks, and is well suited for the treatment of cellulite with essential oils.
  • All these oils, in combination with each other, give a tremendous effect with their correct and, most importantly, regular use.

    Application of essential oils against cellulite

    It should be remembered that in its pure form essential oils onthe body can not be applied. As base oils it is better to use any fatty oils: olive, peach, apricot and others. The most optimal ratio of the proportions of oils for massage: to 30 ml of the base from 10 to 15 drops of essential oil. To take a bath with essential oil, it is first mixed with sea salt or foam, and then poured water, so that the oil is distributed in the bath evenly.

    Essential oil mixtures from cellulite

    anti-cellulite essential oilsThere are many effective oil compositions. For example, there is a mixture of essential oils from cellulite: take 10 drops of bergamot oil and 10 drops of grapefruit, 3 - cinnamon oil, 5 - muscat oil and 8 - geranium oil. Base oil should be added one teaspoon per each type of essential oil. An excellent base is obtained from sweet almond oil. Since it does not have a sharp odor, but it has a delicate texture: other oils easily dissolve in it. That is why in aromatherapy and cosmetology, almond oil is used quite often. To achieve the desired result, all essential oils must be able to competently mix. First of all, you should mix the oil in a glass container: first you need to drip it with oil, which needs the least amount. Mixtures of essential oils should be prepared exactly as much as you will use. Remember, if after the procedure the mixture remains, then it soon loses all of its medicinal qualities. From essential oils, you always achieve the greatest effect if you rub or massage with them. At home, you can do anti-cellulite massage with essential oils 2 times a day: first apply the oil to problem areas and rub in the skin, and then massage with a sponge or mittens. Very effective in anti-cellulite massage such compositions: fennel sweet and lemon (3 drops each), and grapefruit (4 drops); geranium and cypress oil (3 drops each), and juniper (4 drops). The base oil in both cases is added in an amount of 30 ml. You can add honey to massage mixtures. For example, on the basis of orange essential oil against cellulite: mix orange and lavender oils (2 drops each), lemon and juniper (3 drops each), add honey, apply this mixture to your problem areas and massage vigorously, patting the problem areas until they do not form a foamy white mass. After that, take a shower and apply a suitable body cream. This massage usually lasts about 5-7 minutes.

    Wraps with essential oils from cellulite

    Essential oils against cellulite are used inWraps, which are also extremely effective in the fight against cellulite. There are a lot of such compositions of oils, therefore each woman will be able to choose the most suitable for herself.

    • The oils of juniper, lemon and lavender needmix with 20 ml of base oil and apply to problem areas. Then wrap it on top with a film, and cover with a blanket to make you feel very warm. You can also use warm clothes. After about an hour, the oils are washed off, and the favorite nourishing cream is applied to the skin.
    • Natural apple cider vinegar diluted in a 1: 1 ratio with clean water, then to 20 ml of this solution add mint, lemon and rosemary oil.
    • Dissolve the white clay with water until the mash is obtained, andAdd 3 drops of such strong anti-cellulite essential oils, like orange and cinnamon. In both cases, you need to do ten procedures, repeating every other day.
    • Wraps with black clay should be carried out for 40minutes. Clay diluted with water, add crushed algae (2 tablespoons) and mix. Then add 5 drops of orange or lemon oil, mix again and use the mixture as directed.
    • Grind the bubbly fucus in a coffee grinder and pour2 tablespoons of the mixture with hot water. Then after 20 minutes (the algae should swell and cool) add egg yolk, lemon oil (10 drops) and add camphor oil (20 drops).
    • Wrapping with cocoa powder and honey: mix cocoa powder (10 tablespoons), honey (3 tablespoons), olive oil (1 tsp) and mandarin oil (10 drops). Such a mixture is applied to problem areas, wrapped in film and kept for an hour.

    But this recipe is often usedtop models and stars. You need to take your shower gel, pour a small amount of it into a separate container and add the essential oils of bergamot and geranium (each with 4 drops), mix, and this mixture soap all the need for this zone. Then you should take a massage mitten or a hard washcloth, and start massaging these areas with vigorous circular motions: first 20 times - clockwise, then 20 times - against. Then you need to take a shower, it is good to wash off the entire massage mixture from the skin. After that, do not dry yourself. Now mix a little of your body milk with grapefruit oil (4 drops), and apply on slightly damp skin. The effect of this procedure will please every woman and especially her skin. Be beautiful! We advise you to read: