microcurrent therapy Method of influence on the body by the weakelectric pulses, is called microcurrent therapy. The high efficiency of this method quickly made it popular among the clients of beauty salons. Initially, Russian cosmetologists did not want to take this procedure, because light electrical impulses (40-1000 microamps) do not give visible muscle contractions and are not felt at all. But the wonderful results did not take long, and soon the procedure became popular in many beauty salons. Soft impact of impulses perfectly prevents skin aging and is useful both in young and old age. The procedure itself is harmless and completely safe. Many compare the effect of microcurrent therapy with 10-12 hours of restful sleep. The procedure excludes the possibility of muscle damage or aggravation of wrinkles (which is not guaranteed by the modern procedure, myostimulation). The effect of microcurrent therapy is noticeable after the first procedure! The effect of microlifting significantly improves skin condition. Within a few days, you will notice a significant improvement in complexion, and the skin will be soft and smooth, like that of a child. The course of microcurrent therapy for the face includes 10-12 procedures, depending on the condition and skin problems. Microcurrents of the device positively influence the processes of cellular metabolism, restore the activity of damaged cells, microcirculation of blood and lymphatic drainage. With their help, toxic substances are extracted from the intercellular spaces, collagen and elastin are synthesized, oxygen exchange is stimulated. Microcurrent therapy is also used by physicians to relieve muscle spasm. It is used for wide medical purposes, such as: acne treatment, hair loss, skin pigmentation. In addition, that micro-impulses relieve you of the main problem (whether pigmentation or rash), they contribute to deep moisturizing of the skin, give the person a matte shade, normalize the secretion of the sebaceous glands. The effect of microcurrents on lymphatic vessels and nodes causes a stable lymphatic drainage effect. This is especially gratifying for those women whose eternal problem has become permanent bags under the eyes or puffiness of the face. If you are going to resort to the help of plastic surgeons in the fight against this problem, microcurrent therapy in cosmetology will be an excellent basis and preparatory stage for the operation. Plastic surgeons actively use microcurrent therapy during rehabilitation after face surgery - blepharoplasty, facelift, to reduce swelling. With the help of microcurrent therapy, you improve the microcirculation in the muscle tissue, which helps restore the tone in the weakened muscles. This is why microcurrents are used not only for the face, but also for the body. The effect of microcurrent therapy is also positive because tissue repair, after exposure to the microcurrent, continues for several weeks. The long-term result is achieved with a long course: if the procedure is repeated 2-3 times a week (for women after 30ty years) for at least five weeks. After this, it is desirable to carry out the procedure once a month to fix the result. At a younger age, you can perform the procedure less often: 3 sessions each month, and then preventive procedures every two months.

Varieties of microcurrent therapy

There are several types of microcurrent therapy incosmetology. Among them the most famous are: reprogramming of mimic muscles, microcurrent face and neck lifting, microionophoresis, disinfestation, lymphatic drainage. Let's talk separately about each of these procedures. Disincrustation is a cosmetic procedure that allows you to close narrow pores with sensitive skin. This procedure is carried out with the help of galvanophoresis and disinfectant solutions. With her help, the secret of the sebaceous glands is dissolved and removed. Thus there is a deep purification of the pores from contamination ("black points") and fatty plugs. This method is used for both cosmetic and medical purposes. If you are tired of constant shine on the face and from the fat content of the skin - disinfecting for you! The next procedure is microcurrent lymphatic drainage. It consists in removing excess fluid from the tissues. After 25 years, the blood supply to the face worsens and, as a result, interstitial fluid stagnates. It accumulates the products of the vital activity of cells that damage the skin tissues. To eliminate this problem, lymphatic drainage is used. As a separate procedure, it ensures an even distribution of the liquid and a partial removal of the liquid from the body. As a result, you will get rid of puffiness and "bruises" under the eyes. Restoring the tone and nutrition of facial muscles will help such a procedure as the reproduction of mimic muscles. This is an excellent alternative to injections of VOTOH. With the help of microcurrents on the skin, there is a deep relaxation of the muscles. As a result, you will get rid of most of the existing wrinkles and prevent the emergence of new ones. Face and neck lifting using microcurrents allows to increase the tone of the facial muscles and relieves wrinkles and flabbiness of the skin. The only drawback of the procedure is the high intensity of stimulation. The use of classical equipment can cause some cosmetic problems - may exacerbate neuritis, mimic wrinkles will deepen. Result: tanned and beautiful skin. One of the most intensive procedures using microcurrent stimulation is ionic mesotherapy (without the use of injections). The procedure allows you to painlessly rejuvenate the skin of the face, reduce scarring and swelling, reduce pores. The tissues are not damaged or deformed during the procedure, which other procedures using microcurrents can not promise.

Microcurrent therapy at home

Carry out microcurrent therapy at homepossibly with the necessary equipment. First, determine the choice of apparatus for procedures. To do this, carefully read the technical characteristics of the microcurrent device, consult your beautician - I'm sure she will not refuse you advice. Be sure to read the instructions for use. Note: the microcurrent device must generate a pulse stream with a force of 20 to 800 microamperes, the frequency should be 1-300 Hz, with frequency interference and polarity inversion. Be careful in choosing the device, very often in the hands of inexperienced clients get devices of questionable quality and with unclear technical characteristics. The use of such devices can not only not give the desired effect, but also negatively affect the condition of your skin. Not a bad reputation are the devices of Chinese production "Skin Expert", the device "Alfor-K", products of the company Bio-Therapeutic Computers. It should be noted that the equipment for performing microcurrent therapy is quite expensive. Its price can range from 6 500 and up to 15 000 UAH, so that pleasure is expensive. Microcurrent therapy at home is impossible without the use of a special cosmetic gel. Now many cosmetic companies produce special hydrating gels for microcurrent therapy, ionophoresis and other ultrasound cosmetic procedures. The company "Geltek Medica" is one of the most popular in the world market for the production of cosmetic gels. They release gels for all skin types that tone and moisturize skin cells. For disincrustation, there is a special gel - with a high content of magnesium, potassium, polyvinylpyrrolidone and Aloe Vera extracts. microcurrent therapy in cosmetology

The procedure of microcurrent therapy

Microcurrent therapy is used mainly incosmetic and medical purposes. It is successfully used to treat acne, to fight wrinkles, to restore and moisturize wilted skin. Microcurrent therapy for the face provides gentle lifting and fights with hyperpigmentation. There are many problems with which this procedure can cope: facial lifting, neck zones, décolleté, breast lifting and buttock zones. It will help cope with muscle tension caused by psychosomatic disorders, improve the complexion and the status of atony skin. Pigmentation and hyperpigmentation of the skin also disappears under the influence of microcurrent pulses. With the help of microcurrent lifting, you easily and painlessly remove bags under the eyes, increase the tone and elasticity of the vessels. This procedure helps to strengthen the muscles of the face, tighten its contour. Before the procedure begins, the cosmetologist selects the most effective program for your skin type, taking into account your personal cosmetic problems. The procedure consists of several stages: lymphatic drainage, restoration of facial muscles, stimulation of the skin and, finally, the introduction of a cosmetic preparation (microionophoresis). All this complex results in a well-tanned skin, smoothed wrinkles, increased skin elasticity. The procedure itself is harmless, but when using the procedure, microcurrent therapy is also contraindicated. You can not use the micro-current effect in heart attacks and strokes in the history, cardiopathy and disorders of the vascular system, individual intolerance of the drug, in pregnancy or oncological diseases. At the same time, there are no age limits to using the procedure. The number of procedures may vary, depending on the condition and the damage to the skin. The first positive results you can see after 15 minutes after the start of the first procedure. The microcurrent effect gives a visible result, which allows you to combine the effect of treatment and improve your psychological mood! The best result is given in combination with the use of drainage procedures and collagen masks. In a short time you will change your complexion, wrinkles will be smoothed out, and the skin will become more elastic and taut. The effect of lymphatic drainage has a favorable psychophysiological effect on the whole organism, contributing to overall sanitation. The procedure for microcurrent therapy for the face is available in many beauty salons for a moderate fee. The impact of electronic pulses is perfectly tolerated by people of all ages and does not cause unpleasant sensations during the procedure. The effect after the completion of the procedure is very long. The device acts on the skin in a gentle mode, and therefore excludes skin damage. After the procedure, microcurrent therapy reviews of clients are usually positive. Notice the good effect for all skin types and with various disadvantages. To maintain normal health after the procedure, no restrictions or recommendations are required. The influence of microcurrents on the skin can be combined with any cosmetic means and procedures - this will not entail any problems.

Myolifting is the strongest type of microcurrent therapy

Myolifting is called facelift andneck without surgery. This effect is achieved by training subcutaneous muscles, by electrostimulation of muscle fibers, which eventually stretch the folds of the skin. Myelifting of the face is not as effective as a surgical lift, but it affects the skin more favorably. After the procedure of myolifting a person, the testimonials of grateful clients will help you decide on a decision: to do the procedure, or not. Miolifting can be used as a basic and additional procedure. The face lift during myolifting is carried out with the help of microcurrents and special cosmetics. Microcurrents are excellent conductors for the introduction of nutrients under the skin. They toned the weakened and flabby muscles, normalizes the work of the sebaceous glands and synthesizes the production of collagen and elastin fibers. The procedure gently affects the deeper layers of the skin, vessels and muscles, stimulate the excretion of products of cellular metabolism. For myolifting of the face, special cosmetic preparations are used, saturated with oxygen, collagen and vitamins. Under the soft effect of microcurrents, the beneficial substances of this cosmetics penetrate deeply into the skin, nourishing and moisturizing it. It is necessary to use during the procedure a gel for microcurrent therapy, it improves the slipping of the apparatus and contains nutrients. To achieve a positive result, it is desirable to conduct a course without making long breaks between sessions. Break more than three days, can cross out the entire positive effect of the procedures. Most clients note the positive effect of myolifting on the body. Microcurrent pulses, passing through tissues, increase the concentration of ions in cells, increase the level of insulin and endorphin in the blood, increase the flow of blood to the contracted muscle. As a consequence, muscle tissue is strengthened. Excellent results from myolifting are achieved in cosmetology with problems with figure correction and facelift. For the duration of the course of myolifting, it is advisable to give up smoking and alcohol, eat as little caffeine and sleep as much as possible. Immediately on the day of the procedure, cosmetologists do not recommend eating protein foods. After a few sessions you will notice a positive result, and regular use helps to rejuvenate the skin for several years. If you are worried about muscle flabbiness, oily skin of the face, acne, pigmentation, scars after acne - myolifting facial for you. After applying the procedure of myolifting, the reviews of the girls please their positivity. So our article has come to the end. We hope that it will be useful for you and will help you to understand if microcurrent therapy is necessary for you. Be beautiful! We advise you to read: