cream for young skin Perhaps today there is almost no more leftwomen who would not care for themselves. After all, we all have a desire to please and attract admiring glances. One of the main types of care, of course, is the daily application of face cream. This seemingly very simple procedure helps to maintain beauty and significantly prolong the youthfulness of the skin. After all, the cream protects it from such troubles as frost, wind, scorching sun and a gassed city atmosphere. At what age do you need to start taking care of your skin? Most cosmeticians tend to believe that, up to the age of twenty, the skin does not need additional care. Moreover, the use of nutritious and moisturizing creams for young skin can lead to the fact that it starts to "lazy" and ceases to produce the right amount of fat. Therefore, before you start using the cream for young skin, listen carefully to your feelings. If you do not feel itchy, you do not worry about scaling and redness, there is no feeling of dryness and tightness, then maybe you should not run to the store to buy the treasured jar or tube - the skin is still doing great without your help. However, this applies only to those who do not abuse make-up, sunbeds and other cosmetic procedures and do not use the means that dry the skin - for example, alcohol lotions or acne creams. If you still decided that it's time to help nature, then a natural question arises - how to choose the right cream for young skin.

Young skin

Speaking of young skin, as a rule, have in mindpeople from 13 to 24 years. At this age, the skin usually has a good tone, elasticity, elasticity and pleasant color. However, sad as it may be, this kind of skin can bring a lot of problems to its owners. Especially during hormonal changes in the body. Very often during puberty, the fat content of the skin increases significantly, and acne is abundant on the face. It is at this moment that the greatest number of errors are allowed. Girls, overwhelmed with only one desire - to get rid of this problem as soon as possible - begin to use indiscriminately all the widely advertised means that promise miraculous healing. And do not think about how dangerous it is for the skin. However, fortunately, this problem is not found at all. Therefore, before buying a cream for young skin, you need to determine exactly what it needs. Then you just have to choose from the variety of brands presented. If you are not sure that you can do it yourself, then before going to the store, go to a consultation with a cosmetologist. The specialist will not only correctly determine the type of your skin and its vital problems, but will also advise which cream is right for you. After all, in some cases - for example, if there are acne on the face, acne or dilated vessels - it is necessary to use professional therapeutic cosmetic products, which can be purchased only in specialized clinics. face cream for young skin

How to choose the right cream

The basic rule that should be followedwhen choosing a means for the care of young skin, - the cream should have a light texture, soft tonic effect and should not contain coenzymes and biologically active components that are used to fight wrinkles and are intended for mature skin. Typically, the composition of creams for young skin includes extracts from herbs or oat flakes, honey, olive oil, egg yolk, yeast, wheat germ. Very often they also contain salicylic acid and zinc - these substances help to maintain health and beauty. According to the latest polls, the most popular brands are Green Mama and Nivea. Cream Green Mama for young skin has a unique preventive property - it prevents the formation of scars and scars that occur as a result of youthful acne. And Nivea's Control Shine cream, specially created for young skin, contains UV filters that protect it from harmful radiation. In addition, it includes natural marine minerals that promote excellent hydration. Before you go with the chosen cream to the cash register, you must also pay attention to a few more points. First, carefully study the packaging. As a rule, face cream is sold in tubes or jars. More hygienic is the use of a cream in a tube - after all only one portion is squeezed out of it, and everything else is still reliably protected from any contact with bacteria. But if you want, you can, of course, buy and a jar. Just then you need to make sure that the kit includes a special spatula. Removing the face cream from the jar follows only with its help, but with your finger touching the contents is not worth it. If there is no spatula, you will have to purchase it separately. As a rule, in good stores there is an opportunity to test the cream before buying. And even if in such places the face cream costs a little more, but you will be 100% sure of its quality and that it suits you. To make sure of this, it is necessary to put it on the inside of the wrist. After half an hour, see if any allergic reaction has appeared. Of course, if you notice reddening or rashes, then such a purchase should be discarded. In the store, do not hesitate to open and check your purchase - suddenly you will feel an unpleasant smell or you will be alerted by its appearance. Why do you need a spoiled cream? After all, it can seriously damage the skin. the right cream for young skin

Features of problem skin

Acne on the face irritates absolutely in anyage. But it is especially unbearable to acquire such an "ornament" during the first youthful love, romantic dates and walks under the moon. Of course, most likely, they will pass by themselves as soon as puberty is over. But who can console, that "someday" everything will be fine, if today reflection in the mirror drives into depression and hopelessly spoils the mood for the whole day? How can you take care of such skin? Most importantly - in no case do not press pimples. This can lead to very sad consequences - various inflammations, suppuration and other "joys". You can get rid of these troubles with the help of special creams. True, almost all of them, although they give some result, but, at the same time, cause harm - in fact, their action is based on drying the skin. And this can lead to the fact that after 20 your skin begins to lose elasticity, there will be the first wrinkles and other signs of wilting. How to be in this case? The answer is simple - do not apply such cream on the whole face. Use it punctually - only on the pimple, trying not to touch the skin around it. And certainly, categorically it is impossible to use a cream from spots in the field of eyes. For this delicate and sensitive area it is necessary to select special cosmetic preparations. In general, even a normal face cream is not suitable for the skin around the eyes and can cause swelling. It's all about the special structure of the skin of the eyelids, which is strikingly different from other areas of the face. The skin around the eyes is very sensitive, thin and completely free of fat. Therefore, of course, she needs special care. Their main difference is that they contain lymphatic drainage ingredients, which prevent the appearance of edema. They have a finely dispersed structure, through which nutrients easily penetrate deep layers of the skin through the pores. And as the main means for care it is quite possible to pick up an easy moisturizing cream, which is specially designed for problematic young skin. The main thing is that it really moisturizes, but does not dry.

Helpful Tips

Before applying the cream, the skin of the face needs to be verycarefully clean. For this purpose, foam or cosmetic milk is quite suitable, and after that - tonic with lotion. Otherwise, useful substances that are contained in the cream, can not "get through" into the deep layers of the skin. They will not allow dirt, dust and excess sebum. By the way, if most women use foam and cosmetic milk to cleanse the skin of the face, then for some reason, they usually forget about the tonic. But in vain. After all, he should finish the process of cleansing and prepare the skin of the face for the application of cream. But from the use of alcoholic lotions or ordinary soap it is better to refuse. All this, of course, cleans well, but also ruthlessly overdoes the delicate skin of the face. And this can lead to early aging and the appearance of completely unnecessary wrinkles that have not yet adorned anyone. For morning face washing, many beauticians recommend using a special - non-alcoholic! - Flower water. It perfectly tones and refreshes the skin, and also helps to clear it of the remains of night cream and surplus of sebum accumulated during sleep. Well and one more important moment - even the most good creams for a young skin of the face should be changed at least once in six months. During this time, the skin has time to get used to any cosmetic agent. So, the effectiveness of its impact is sharply reduced. However, it is not necessary to change the beloved manufacturer - it is enough to simply choose another remedy from a suitable cosmetic line. Well, if you want, then in half a year you will be able to again return to your favorite cream. As you can see, choosing a cream for young skin, which will help to keep its freshness and radiance for a long time, is not so difficult. And remember that high-quality creams will preserve your beauty, and bad ones can quite hopelessly spoil even the best skin. We advise you to read: