how to reduce foot size Each of the fair sex, at leastonce in my life I read a fairy tale about Cinderella. We perfectly remember how she ran away at midnight from a rich and beautiful prince. And how he looked for it, giving all the girls of the kingdom to try on a crystal slipper, which the beauty that had subdued his heart dropped. If you belong to those women, on which the shoe would be small, do not get discouraged, because in our time all this is fixable. Well, nature did not endow you with the feet of "a la Cinderella", but you can resort to some tricks that will help to cope with this trouble.

Brutal methods of fighting large feet

By the way, you are wondering how this is being foughtother nations? Such barbarous methods as imposing a tight bandage on the feet in childhood, we do not fit. To the great happiness of the fair sex, in our country not so popular are mutilated legs. But in the east in some villages, this method still enjoys immense popularity. A tight bandage squeezes the leg almost from birth, causing a terrible deformation of the foot, because of which women can not walk at adulthood. In addition, such violence over the body leads to diseases of the entire musculoskeletal system. But if the fair sex does not have such legs, she may not even get married. Men are proud of their wives, who constantly wear on their hands. But the resulting "lotuses" are crazy and exciting. Plus, it speaks about the high status of the husband. By the way, some countries use a more "humane" way. Representatives of the fair sex buy the size of smaller shoes. Of course, this causes discomfort, by the evening young girls begin to have pain in their legs. Plus, again there is deformation of the foot. Let's figure out how to reduce the size of the leg, without resorting to extreme and radical measures.

Plastic surgery, as an extreme measure

Indeed, many women and girlsexperiencing complexes about the large size of the foot. Only the plastic surgery can correct the situation radically. But why we need such sacrifices, because surgical intervention is not a joke and a game. It makes no sense to lie down under the knife to remove an extra centimeter (due to the circumcision of the fingers or the sun-shaped bone). Plus, complications are possible that will have a disastrous effect on the health of the whole organism. Sometimes the ladies after that can not even walk. To operate or not - to choose, of course, you. If you decide to reduce the size of your leg with plastic surgery, find a good clinic. Otherwise, you can fall into the hands of a layman who will mutilate your body. Take all precautions. So, for example, by signing a contract, we reduce all risks to a minimum. How to reduce foot size without surgery

Big foot: how to reduce the foot size visually

  • We select shoes

You can visually reduce the foot size ifpick the right shoe style. So, for example, you can not buy sandals on a flat sole. This will add an extra couple of centimeters. But the high heel will extend the very leg of the fair sex. At the same time, the foot will slightly bend, so it will look shorter. The plus is that the heels add femininity and self-confidence. You will catch the admiring glances of passers-by men who can hardly resist you. And this will help to become bolder. After all, in most cases, the complexes lie in our head. If you wear shoes with a rounded nose, your legs will seem neater and slightly smaller. Shoes with a sharp nose on the contrary lengthen the foot, and make you look like the Little Flour from the fairy tale of the same name. Try to choose shoes of dark shades, so bright attracts looks and makes the foot more visually. The transverse strip on the shoes "cuts" the big leg, due to this it will seem less. But add the length of the shoe with buckles, straps, massive clasps. Do not get carried away with shoes with rhinestones and other flashy decor. This will draw attention to the fact that you are trying so hard to hide. When choosing shoes, give preference to shoes on a wedge. They look very nice on a large foot size. By the way, such shoes are now in fashion. Plus, it is suitable for women of all age categories. Owners of large feet know that sometimes it is difficult to choose shoes to fit. At all it is not necessary to buy shoes, slaps, sandals on the size less, thinking that they are carried. Better use the services of online stores, there is always a large assortment and a wide range of sizes. Or you can sew to order. There, and the quality will be higher, and they will sit like poured.

  • Manicure

In summer, the size of the foot can be reduced with the help ofcorrect manicure, in which the nails should be oval, and the varnish - dark shades. Do not grow centimeter claws, do bizarre drawings. It looks ugly on huge legs

  • clothing

A large role in the visual reduction in sizelegs are properly chosen clothing. Pants are better to choose wide and long, to hide excessive centimeters of the feet. You can buy fashionable "pipes" or classic flares. Narrowed to the bottom of the pants do not fit the fair sex, so they will clearly allocate a large foot. Skirts can be smooth cut, it will be appropriate and flared. Light summer dresses in the floor do not pass their positions for several seasons. Use this. Try to pick up a natural cloth, for example, linen, cotton or silk. If the figure allows, wear dresses-cases. But it is better to choose a bright coloring, with some unusual print, to divert attention from the bottom of the figure. Do not be afraid to be bright and confident. If you give a man a smile, he will forget about your big feet. Wearing bright pantyhose ladies with a rather large foot size - this is completely contraindicated. Stop your choice in single-color, which would merge in color with the shoes, thereby reducing the foot. By the way, some of the fair sex for some reason put on open-toed barefoot socks. Remember once and for all: you can not do this. It's mauveon (bad taste)!

  • Gait

It is not superfluous to recall and about the gait. If you go the same way as Lyudmila Prokopievna from the "Service Novel", immediately find your Verochka. And let it show you the basics of correct and sexual gait, which would drive men mad. Seriously, many women with a large foot size complex and try to go as quickly as possible, taking wide steps. Thus, they even more attract attention to their non-miniature legs. The gait should be smooth and graceful, it is not worthwhile to look at your feet all the time and attract unnecessary views of passers-by. How to learn to walk? So, stand up straight, look not down, but in front of you. Take a step with your right foot so that looking down (eyes, not the head), you could see the tip of the sock. Try to slightly wiggle your hips - this wildly excites the men, who by their nature are males.

We visit a psychologist: when a doctor can not do without

As mentioned above, many womencomplete with trifles. Some people do not like the nose, eyes, ears, feet. And if some have met with their shortcomings or even turned them into dignities, then others prevent it from living, working, having fun. In the second case, one can not do without the help of a specialist. Not only it is possible, but also it is necessary to go to the psychologist, if you decide to change something in yourself with the help of plastic surgery. reduce foot size

We adjust to the positive: we think correctly

Psychological attitude in the matter of how to reducethe size of the foot, plays a very important role. Perhaps, even the main one. You need to wake up daily with the thought that you are beautiful and unique. Find more advantages in the fact that you are the owner of a large foot size. Most likely, you have high growth, so you could participate in advertising shooting clothes and linen. Try yourself as a model, you might like it. And, if you're lucky, it will be the main job. Owners of a large foot size also have strength and endurance, so there is the opportunity to do sports such as track and field athletics and cycling. You will have a great time, even if you can not achieve great success in this field. Next, remember the story of the genius actress Uma Thurman. She - the owner of a large foot size, but it does not prevent it from becoming popular all over the world. Plus, the movie star managed to turn it into its zest. It was the footsteps of the actress who attracted the eccentric director Quentin Tarantino, and he invited her to appear in his paintings. He calls Uma his favorite actress, and often stops her feet close-up. So, if you have not been able to love yourself the way you are, work, do auto-training, after all. Remember, as in the movie: "I am the most charming and attractive", let this phrase be your motto, repeat it aloud or to yourself, as soon as a free minute is given out. The confidence that comes from you will be transmitted to others, they will perceive you as you want. Love yourself, and the whole world will love you. And then no operation is required.