In search of a good gynecologist A good gynecologist is the most important specialist inlife of every woman, for the health of future and real mothers needs constant attention and care. Visit a gynecologist at least once every six months. The ideal option is to observe one specialist. Knowing the peculiarities of the woman's organism, the permanent doctor controls his condition in different situations: in case of illness, pregnancy, after childbirth, abortion, etc. Among many women there is an opinion that there is no case in ordinary hospitals of professionals, and the best doctors work in private medical institutions . In fact, laymen are there, and there. Find a gynecologist that you like is not difficult. A good gynecologist should have a number of personal and professional qualities. Personal:

  • friendly and calm;
  • nesotlivy and unhurried, not distracted from communication and work with the patient;
  • does not express his personal attitude to the patient's intimate life, her way of life and character traits;
  • does not express his personal attitude to other specialists-gynecologists.


  • Do not disseminate information about the health and problems of the patient;
  • explains each of his actions in the process of inspection, previously notifying about any feelings of the patient;
  • advises and prescribes contraceptive methods, based on the results of hormone tests submitted;
  • Do not force to take any medication without explaining their purpose;
  • speaks aloud and explains everything that he writes down incard of the patient, gives a detailed interpretation and advice on diagnosis and treatment, responding to the patient's questions unambiguously and easily accessible.

Often, patients are referred to as signs of goodgynecologist's sex. Many are afraid of a male gynecologist. However, most of the women who attended the gynecologists' reception of both sexes are unanimous in the opinion that men with patients are much more polite, attentive and tactful. In fact, the sex can not be connected with professionalism or with attitude towards patients, because the doctor is a doctor, this is a medical specialist, who should not be afraid and shy. The main factor should be his conscientious and responsible attitude to work. The norm was the provision of the gynecologist to the patient with their contact information, according to which he can always get answers to questions and clarifications of unclear points. Business card or phone can be requested by the patient herself. We advise you to read: