how to quickly forget a guy The problem of many girls who for one way or anotherthe reason recently broke up with their guys, is that they can not get rid of the thoughts of a former lover. It seems to them that now it is simply impossible to live a normal life and even more to find a new happiness, because this will prevent the feelings that still exist to him. And it does not matter whether it's love, affection or resentment, or even hatred. The main thing is that thoughts constantly return to broken relations. Of course, one can not help but admit that a break in relations always brings deep wounds of soul, and at first it seems that it is simply impossible to live with it and live on. Curing spiritual wounds can take quite a long time, especially if the girl was really in love with her boyfriend. Pain is inevitable. Have you encountered a similar problem? We hasten to assure you that it can be solved quickly enough. We will tell you how to speed up the process with fairly simple actions. With the help of our step-by-step guide you can move on, bypassing the period of grief and heading to a happier world. how to forget a guy fast

How to finally break with a guy

Let's begin by explaining how completelycomplete all your relationships with your ex. After all, you can not forget it if there are at least some threads that your past is tied to you. Here's what you need to do to remove everything that still keeps you in place and does not allow you to move on:

  • It is necessary to interrupt all possible contactsthe couple may have disintegrated, but like courtship while in love, parting with a guy also has its own share of rituals. It is not enough to just stop the relationship; it is necessary to stop all contacts, however difficult it may seem. Remove his number from your mobile phone, remove it from friends in all social networks, bring it out of the contact list on Skype. It's hard, but it needs to be done. To be constantly aware of what is happening in the life of the former guy will be a very difficult test for you. You can not fight the temptation and constantly look at his pages, and this will turn your soul. Yes, and forget the guy you never will.
  • In no case do not show him that youit's painful Now it's especially important. People are all a bit cruel, no matter how good they are. If your ex-boyfriend knows that you are suffering, it will only flatter his pride and make him stronger emotionally. And he will treat you with a share of neglect. So keep your face calm, no matter how painful it is for you. Do not cry at all with him and do not say how much you miss him. His response or behavior will only cause you even more pain. Avoid meeting with him and try to do everything so that he believes that you are quite happy and happy with your life. This, incidentally, is able to greatly intrigue the guy, and in no case in this situation, he does not feel his advantage over you.
  • Stay away from your mutual friends,especially if they were originally your boyfriend's friends Again, it will be difficult for you to distance yourself from the former lover if you are where you can meet him. Moreover, it is not known which side your common friends hold. And in general, communication with them will bring you only painful memories, and they themselves can try to start a conversation about the breakdown of your relationship. In addition, you somehow start to receive from them news of how he spends his time. All this ultimately leads to the fact that your beginnings were delayed, the wounds of pain begin to bleed again. And the worst part is that he can know exactly (from friends), as you are hurting now. So now you better hang out only with your friends.
  • Get rid of everything that prevents you from forgetting aboutyour past love For several months or years, which you spent together, you both made each other a lot of gifts and kept some memorable things for you. This is all necessary if not destroyed (although it would be preferable), then at least remove as far as possible. Otherwise, you will spend time trying to sort out his love letters or the saved tickets for the films that you watched together, cuddling together and gently holding hands. All this will not just hurt you; this can serve to make your memories flash your love with renewed vigor. A novel, it turns out to be one-sided ... You do not need it, because you will never forget your boyfriend; but you want to not just forget, but also do it quickly, do not you?
  • Avoid loneliness. Probably, you nowyou have a strong desire to huddle in some dark corner and sit there alone with yourself, experiencing a storm in your soul. Everything is broken up, life is over, happiness is impossible ... But why sit in a corner, pouting, when you can chat with friends, make new acquaintances, do something interesting - live a full life, in short! We all want to shut ourselves in when something hurts us; but you really have to convince yourself to leave the house or occupy yourself with something. Loneliness is the biggest obstacle to your "recovery" and the beginning of a new life.
  • Flirt with other guys! For the time that you were in a relationship with your ex, around you there were a lot of guys who might like you. Yes, you yourself probably noticed that the guys were flirting with you when your boyfriend was not around. But earlier you were connected, because you had certain obligations to your loved ones. Now everything is different. You can pay attention to those guys who are looking for communication with you. Believe me, any of them can make you feel like a princess! And you deserve it. And in the end you will have a great time, instead of sitting and sizzling alone.
  • Communicate with new people Your old friendsknow that you had to part with your boyfriend, and you have to, willy-nilly, keep a stamp before them, trying to show that everything is in order. Meeting new friends who do not know about what happened, you can completely relax and be yourself. In the end, you do not have to constantly inflame yourself with memories and conversations on an unpleasant topic, and you can forget your ex-boyfriend much faster.

how to quickly forget a guy

How to start a new life without a former guy

You have already made some successful efforts forIn order to forget the former guy and drown out the pain that you caused the separation. But this is not enough, because now you have to somehow rebuild your life and start the path to a new happiness. Use your freedom for yourself for good When you were in a relationship, everything you did was done just like a couple. Although this is not bad, but in the end you could miss a lot of things that you like. All people have different tastes and desires, and what one likes, can leave the other indifferent. And to give up, as a rule, most often it is us, the girls. Therefore, perhaps you completely stopped going to the theater, because your guy preferred to go to the movies, or did not have the opportunity to listen to the music that you liked, or you could not communicate with your beloved friend as often as you wanted ... Now that you are in control of yourself and your free time at your own discretion, you can do whatever your heart desires. Watch those movies that you love, read books, wrapped up in a blanket and sitting in your favorite chair, start new fans, go on knitting courses, hang out all day at a friend, everything that you liked to do before. The whole world is in your hands, and there are so many cute and funny things in it that await you! So why waste time and moping, locked in your room? Do not let the past intrude into today. Now that you've done so much to forget your boyfriend, you should feel much calmer and even more fun. But you must understand that complete healing has not happened yet, and you should still avoid memories. The worst thing happens if you stay alone, even for quite a while. This is the time when you will still return to your former boyfriend. It is very difficult for you to refuse the temptation to call or write to him. Every time you feel like that, call one of your new friends who does not know your past relationships, or even better, another guy who flirts with you and tries to please you (you did listen to our advice and did not forbid us flirting with other guys?) After a few minutes of talking on the phone, your mood will radically change for the better. If you can not restrain yourself and allow yourself to call a former friend, then show him your weakness. You will also give him a chance to gloat, and he will humiliate you at every opportunity. You should not allow this, in any case, it will hurt your heart even more. So the next time your thoughts return to the ex-boyfriend, drive them away from your head! And try not to remain alone. And if you still want to be alone, then be sure to take yourself in some kind of work. The first steps to a new relationship If you want to find a new guy, then there's nothing better than going to clubs and parties. Gather all your best friends and go away with them for a spree! Now you can behave as you could not, being someone's girlfriend. Dance with all in a row! See the handsome guy? Well, so flirt with him! Laugh, joke, build eyes, flirt! Enjoy your freedom! Do not forget only our main warning on this score - in any case, do not get drunk at the party. Drinking is not even quite a bit: the recent break with the former lover and alcohol can become a very dangerous combination. In the end, you can spend the night with a guy you do not like at all, or you will lose control and begin to be tormented by memories and sobbing, instead of having fun and making new acquaintances. And even if all this does not happen, then the hangover the next morning will make you forget how much fun you had spent the night before. New relationships If you have done everything we mentioned above, but the relief has not come and you still feel that your heart is broken, then perhaps you should make a "knight's move." To quickly forget the old, you must start a new relationship. Now many would advise you to wait with this and not begin to meet, as they say, with the first counter, but we think otherwise. Most girls are afraid to enter into a new relationship, because they are afraid that they will again fall in love, and again will eventually suffer. But, dear ones, if true love is destined to happen, it will certainly happen! And if love is not born in a relationship with a new guy, then this is also not a catastrophe. Then just enjoy that you are not alone. Your new partner will make you much quicker forget about the relationships that have collapsed and tormented you so far. Of course, you must be honest with your new fan. If you do not have feelings for him, you can tell him directly that you are not looking for something serious and just want to have fun for several weeks or months. And there will be seen - perhaps, from your friendship a true mutual love will be born! Exit the game winner Now we will tell you the last thing you need to know about the break with the former guy, if you really want to be a winner, not a defeated one. Winners always triumph, and losers suffer. If, after parting, you ask your friend to come back, or if you call him constantly and roll up scandals, cry and cry, it makes you look weak. And he would never want to deal with such a hysterical person. Especially since the relationship with you lose all value for the guy, if he sees that you are ready for anything, so much you want to be with him. The realization that you are so madly in love with him, grasps his vanity and gives him the strength to move on. And you will do it weaker and only make you fall in love with this guy even more! A man who, after parting, looks quite cheerful, has the advantage and survives the breakdown of relationships much easier than the one who cries and is moping. This is a psychological advantage. So, if you keep a happy face and have a lot of fun, never letting your ex-boyfriend understand how much pain you have inside, then you can confidently move on to be able to forget it very quickly! Taking the right path, you get the right to freedom and a new life. And very soon you will wake up feeling that you are the happiest person in the world! We advise you to read: