caring for hands in autumn It is often said that learning the true agewomen just - just look at her hands. This is really true: it is they who give out our years, because the skin of the hands is especially affected by stress factors of the environment. The fact is that nature practically did not give her protection: in the skin of her hands there are almost no sebaceous glands and very mild moisture (5 times less than, for example, in the skin of the face). Such a natural "defenselessness" leads to the fact that the skin of the hands often forms wounds, small cuts and microcracks. Every day, the skin of the hands brings a lot of harm to household chemicals and hard water from the aqueduct. In the cold season, the situation is aggravated by weather factors: wet snow and rain, wind and cold temperatures, dry air in rooms with heating. In addition, October is the time for cleaning the country plot and preparing it for the winter. Poisonous fertilizers and many hours of work "in the fields", of course, do not add to the skin of the hands of beauty and health. It often causes irritation and itching, the skin begins to peel and grub. gentle skin of hands To keep the velvety and smoothness of your pens, do not forget about the simple rules of care.

  • Do not lose sight of even small irritations - try to use a cream with healing properties at the slightest discomfort.
  • Do not forget about gloves when going out: microcracks and redness often occur on the hands just after the skin is cold.
  • Massage the handles at least once a day: massaging movements will regulate blood circulation and relax the muscles.
  • To improve blood circulation, you can also wash your hands with warm water, and at the end - rinse with a cooler one.
  • When processing the garden, be sure to protect your hands with special gloves, so that they do not get fertilizers.
  • Apply hand cream at least twice a day: in the morning - to protect the skin, in the evening - to provide it with food.

A good care for the cold periodcan become a comprehensive hand cream NIVEA, which has both protective, there and moisturizing properties. One of its ingredients was seabuckthorn - a rich source of vitamins. This berry is an excellent antibacterial, nutritious, protective, healing and soothing. In addition, it helps to rejuvenate the skin, restoring its beauty and velvety.