hand nail care Female hands can tell a lot about - a hobby,a way of life and, even, a profession. And most importantly, sometimes they open outsiders secrets, which you would prefer not to say - for example, tell everyone honestly about your age. Agree, this frankness is not always necessary and appropriate. Is it possible to silence these uncompromising "truth-seekers"? Of course, there are such ways. But, in return, "blackmailers" will require you to care, love and attention - you will have to take care regularly, and not from time to time. However, to be honest, your hands are worthy of careful handling. After all, they perform all the hard work - they erase, prepare, clean, "dig" in the garden and do another million different things. And they have to contact with different - not at all useful - household chemicals. Of course, this affects their condition. Nail care for hands, and for the skin itself, will not take you much time and does not require any special effort. Everything is simple enough. Only to do all these procedures is necessary on a regular basis. Let's start from the very beginning - how to wash your hands properly. It would seem that such a simple question. Even in early childhood, moms taught us that we should wash our hands as often as possible and with soap. And this, of course, is correct. After all, a huge amount of microbes and various pathogenic bacteria accumulate on their hands. But frequent contact with water does not benefit the skin or nails. Therefore, we must try to "minimize losses". For example, do not make the water too hot or cold. Hot water dries heavily and degreases the hands. Cold - leads to the fact that the skin begins to peel off and becomes rough. Ideal option - water at room temperature. For washing it is better to use a special gel with a neutral pH balance. As a rule, these substances contain special substances, not only cleansing the skin, but also caring for it, protecting against drying out. However, not always the usual soap can cope with pollution and return the hands to whiteness. For example, in the process of cleaning vegetables, fingernails and hands darken, and it is impossible to wash them with conventional means. To cope with this problem will help a common lemon. Cut the slice and gently rub the skin and nails. There is no lemon? Suitable citric acid or table vinegar. Just moisten a cotton swab - all the dark spots are perfectly removed. Embedded in the skin of dirt left after working in the garden or garden, washed with a simple soap, too, most likely will not work. But do not get upset. There is a small trick. Prepare a soapy solution, and then add a large spoonful of sugar. The skin will again become clean and tender. After any contact with water, the hands must be thoroughly wiped. Otherwise, burrs may appear. And of course, do not forget about special nutritious creams - without them, proper skin care for hands and nails is impossible. You need to use them daily, regardless of the season. As a rule, such preparations contain herbal extracts, nutrients, vitamins and glycerin. If the right cream is not at hand, you can do it yourself. To do this you will need:

  • honey
  • butter
  • medicinal herbs (plantain, calendula, string, chamomile)

Take one large spoonful of each herb andplace them in the thermos. Pour a glass of hot water and let it brew for six hours. Then add 50 grams of butter and 1-2 tablespoons of honey. Stir thoroughly. Keep the resulting composition should be in the refrigerator. After two or three first applications, you will notice that the skin has become soft and smooth. No less effective and honey cream. To prepare it you need:

  • egg yolk
  • honey
  • oat flour

Take one yolk, add a tablespoonhoney and tea - oat flour. Stir and rub the resulting mixture into the hands. This cream perfectly smoothes and nourishes the skin. How to use it correctly? Here, too, has its own tricks. When applying the cream - it does not matter, "purchased" or homemade - it is very useful to make a light massage. Take a little cream and apply it on the hands, carefully spreading all over the surface. With gentle movements, from the center to the sides, massage your hands. Pay attention to each finger, "treating" it first from the outside, and then on the sides. Rub your wrist and bend between the index and thumb. care of hands and nails

Baths and masks for hands

Care of hands and nails includesadditional procedures - a variety of masks and baths. Take the time to "pamper" your "faithful helpers" a little. And, it is not necessary to visit the salon for this. You can prepare all these care products yourself, using the most common products. Therefore, the costs will be minimal.

  • Oil bath

In order to soften the skin of the hands and return itelasticity, you can prepare an oil bath. Take two liters of warm water, add to it two large spoons of vegetable (preferably olive) oil. Dip your hands in the water and hold them there for about 25-30 minutes. Then pat the towel. This procedure is recommended to be performed daily for 15 days. If necessary, the course can be repeated in a month. And if the skin is very coarse, then you can do without water at all. Just warm up the oil a little and put your hands in the bath for 20 minutes. Then gently wipe with a clean cloth. To wash off oil with water is not recommended - the effect will not be the same.

  • Bath with starch

If on your hands there are cracks or there arecorrugated corns, you will help their starch tray. One liter of warm water should take one full spoonful of starch. Hold hands in water for 15-20 minutes, and then rinse thoroughly under the tap. Apply a nourishing cream. You can cook another "miracle" remedy. It will also help cope with rough skin and return your tenderness and softness to your hands. For this, it is necessary to mix in equal proportion the whey and the juice of sauerkraut. After the procedure, do not forget to lubricate your hands with cream.

  • Mask of potato

Of course, nail and hand careimplies the use of different masks. For example, such. Mask "Potato". Despite its simplicity, it is considered, perhaps, one of the most effective. It is prepared simply - after all, probably, in the world there is not a single woman who could not cook mashed potatoes. It's all the same here. Boil two or three medium-sized potatoes, stir them and add milk. Let the mass cool down a little - so that it does not burn - and put on your hands. Keep until the potatoes are completely cold. Then rinse with water.

  • Mask "Cabbage"

Take two sheets of white cabbage and chivethem on a small grater. Break off a small piece of banana, mash it with a fork and mix with cabbage. Add a small spoonful of honey. The mask is applied to the hands for 20 minutes. It is recommended to do at least three times a week. Well-proven and "Sour" mask. For her you will need one egg yolk, one small spoonful of lemon juice and vodka, and one large spoonful of sour cream, preferably fresh. All stir and apply to the skin of the hands. Wrap polyethylene and put on gloves. It is recommended to keep this mask for about 15 minutes. It not only eliminates peeling and dryness, but also perfectly whitens the skin. All these tools will help to maintain the beauty of the hands. But they are more suitable for the skin. But what about the nails? After all, they also need care. If you have good nails - consider, you are very lucky. Unfortunately, in very many women they are fragile and stratified. And this is a real problem. No manicure will save, if the nails now and then break off. But even with this it is quite possible to cope - strengthening solutions will help. However, when doing them you need to remember that they are designed specifically for the nail plate, and not for the skin. Therefore, immerse in the liquid you need only the very tips of your fingers. care of nails and hands

Nail care

For example, gelatinous trays are very useful. They are made elementary. Take two full spoons of gelatin and pour them with two glasses of boiling water. Cool to room temperature and lower your fingers for 15 minutes. Such procedures greatly strengthen the nails and improve their appearance. "Iodine" bath will help the nails "gain strength". Do it 3-4 times a week. The procedure time is 20 minutes. Lightly heat the vegetable oil. Take the dropper and add three drops of iodine and vitamin A. Then a little - five drops, not more - lemon juice. After the bath thoroughly blot your hands and apply the cream on the nail plate and brush. Save and heal the puffing nails will help the red pepper. Mix it with a nutritious cream in a proportion 1: 1. Apply to the nail plates and hold for five to seven minutes. And of course, what care for nails and hands will cost without the final stage - manicure? Do it at least once a week. Here, too, no difficulties. The only thing you need is a manicure kit. In order to give the desired length and shape to the nail, it is better to use a glass nail file - the scissors can lead to the appearance of cracks. The movement of the nail file should always be directed to the center of the nail plate. Do not cut the nail from the sides - this can form burrs. Now - the turn of the cuticle. Perhaps this is the most important point. Rasparete hands and apply a special softening lotion or cream to the nail roller. Wait a couple of minutes. Push the peel back to the base of the nail. To do this, you can use a wooden stick or a manicure tool - there is such a dull spatula. If desired, you can gently trim the excess scissors with bent ends - they are designed specifically for this. And you can leave it that way. Strictly speaking, this edging manicure differs from not edging. Brush the tip of the nail. Just wrap the tip of the nail file with cotton wool and gently rub the inner surface. Repeat the procedure with the second hand. Rinse your fingers with water, adding lemon juice to it and pat dry with a soft cloth. Polish the nail plate with a soft grinding nail file. If desired, apply a varnish. That's all. Nothing complicated, right? As you can see, caring for hands and nails is not a difficult matter and any woman can master it. It is not necessary to apply for this service to professionals at all. And they - your helpers - will be very grateful to you and will not open your little secrets to anyone. And more and more often you will hear from your loved ones: "What are your soft and gentle hands!". But this is so nice! We advise you to read: