how to celebrate March 8 A wonderful and beloved by all women is approachingMarch 8. How to celebrate this unique day in the year when men forget about their own principles, become at the stove, when the streets are full of the first spring flowers, and the meager sun already begins to warm up the earth? This question for each girl means something different. Someone is waiting for congratulations from close men and enjoys a coffee served in bed, a bouquet of fragrant mimosa and man-made dinner cooked. Let not the most delicious, but special. After all, you see, it's nice to see on the face of a loved one a pride for this feat accomplished by him in a fit of inspiration! Someone dreams of a restaurant and delicious dishes, and someone about a ring with a diamond. However, not all thoughts about the celebration of women's day are associated with the male society. And if for some reason you decided to be from this society, or just the man with whom you would like to spend this spring day is far from you, the best company than a close friend is simply not to find. Surely you have a lot in common with her and you know each other's addictions well. Having discussed the ideas of rest, you, most likely, will come to a common opinion as to celebrate on March 8, and the holiday will turn out to glory. March 8 as a note

Arrange a day for acquaintance with art

In the life turmoil of weekdays not everya woman can afford to walk around the interesting places of the city in which she lives. So why not please yourself by visiting museums and exhibitions. Walk along the streets, inspect the monuments, take pictures. Discover the city again, on ordinary days you can not afford it. Yes, and do not forget to buy yourself a favorite little gift - let it be a trifle, but how nice. After a walk you can go to a cafe, drink coffee with your favorite cakes (on such a day do not think about diet). Or refresh yourself more thoroughly, having supper in a cozy exotic restaurant. All this is quite simple for a festive day, you will say. Yes, it is simple, but not ordinary and quite interesting. After all, when you can still find out the city in which you live, feel it and understand it.

Day of Beauty

When, if not on a woman's day, pamper yourselfpleasant and useful cosmetic procedures. Having visited a beauty salon, you will arrange a holiday not only for the soul, but also for the body. Masks for the face, relaxing massage with the addition of fragrant oil, a new haircut and styling - all this is more fun and enjoyable when the next girlfriend! Leaving the salon even more beautiful and refreshed, you will only become stronger in the desire to continue the holiday and to drink a bottle of champagne. Anyway, where - in a restaurant or at home near a TV, the main good company. If the salon does not tempt - go to the sauna. Too much good for the body and relaxation for the body. Steer, relax, drink a fragrant herbal tea and, of course, chat about everything in the world. how to celebrate March 8 with your girlfriends

We celebrate actively

Love to relax actively, listen to loud music anda congestion of people? Then only to the disco! Surely on such a day in the clubs will be a lot of entertainment. Participate in contests, get prizes and make new friends. Often happens, that casual acquaintances bring to life many interesting, and at times and useful. How to celebrate on March 8, if you want something unusual, something that you can remember about for a long time and share your impressions with all your friends? Go paintball. Yes, yes, it is there. Take part in the battle, replenish the blood with adrenaline - this is March 8, you certainly will not forget. If you are not short of money, why not fly for a couple of days abroad, for example in Milan. Any travel agency will happily provide you with a two-day visa. Only if you decide on such a trip, contact the tour operator in advance, so that there is time to prepare all the documents. Incidentally, it is customary in Italy to celebrate March 8 in the girls' company. On this day the Italians simply do not pay attention to their men: they visit clubs and restaurants, bars and men's striptease. In general, relax on the full program! The more impressions this day will bring, the longer you will remember it, and good memories, as you know, bring only positive emotions and are able to cheer up. Some of the ideas can be combined, and you can give preference to any one or think up your own schedule for a woman's day - everything is in your hands. Rest and relax, because this is a women's day and you have the right to spend it as you wish. We advise you to read: