contests for parties Holidays and parties take in our livesan integral part. And let them not happen as often as we would like - we still look forward to them, whether it's a lush jubilee or a simple party of friends who decided to spend a few hours together. We carefully prepare, think through the menu, call up friends, and each time we want to please the guests with something special, "not killed". The whole scheme of the feast is known to every woman since childhood: a table, covered by all the rules of etiquette, delicious dishes, elegant guests, laughter and vanity, congratulations and toasts. However, sometimes you want something more than just regular gatherings at the table, especially if the company is young and merry. The soul simply requires entertainment, as they say, not only bread, but also shows. How to make the holiday special, not like the others? Of course, organize fun contests for guests! And for this there is no need to contact a special agency - you can do it yourself. The main thing is to think it over and not forget to buy unpretentious souvenirs, what contests without prizes? Contests for parties can be different. Some of them are very childish, others are open-minded adults. Choose only you, based on the number of people at the party, on their age and interests.

Competition "in the mittens ..."

This entertainment is perfect for youthcompany. For its conduct, it is necessary to prepare two pairs of mittens, preferably of dense material, and two men's shirts with buttons. Two teams of two people are feeling - a guy and a girl. Men need to blindfold and put on their gloves, and put the girls in shirts. The young man who quickly undresss his partner, unbuttoned all the buttons, wins and the couple receives the coveted reward. Well, give the losing couple a consolation prize.


This game is designed for children 6-7 years, but shevery popular at wedding celebrations and anniversary parties. For the contest you need 7-8 people. Each participant chooses an animal that will represent, and get acquainted with the other "inhabitants" of the zoo, showing the characteristic movements of this animal. When the acquaintance is over, the person not participating in the contest chooses the one who will start the game and the beginner shows his animal and the animal of the other participant, that in turn shows himself and one other participant, and so on. The game continues until someone makes a mistake, that is, shows the animal of his opponent wrong. The losers are eliminated one at a time. The further the game progresses, the more difficult it is to make a mistake, because you can get confused and show the already disappeared "animal". games and contests for parties

Competition for your men

For this competition, you will need newspapers ormagazines of different directions. Participating men should show how they can read aloud and whoever speaks more expressively and louder will win. Each participant is seated in an armchair or chair, asked to roll one trouser leg to the knee and throw a leg over his leg. Naked leg, of course, should be on top. Men start reading aloud at the same time, trying to outshout their rivals. At the command of the participants stop and then you need to determine the winner ... However, the whole trick is that initially men were misled about the rules of the competition, and the one who has the most hairy leg wins! And you solemnly hand the prize to the most "shaggy" man of your company.

Find a gift

It's a children's game, but, nevertheless, it's prettyis popular at birthday parties. Involved birthday. The essence of the game is that he must find his gift in the house. To do this, ten notes are written on ten notes, each of which indicates the location of the next. First note, give the person responsible for the celebration in hands. And at the last, write where the treasure is buried. It is very exciting to observe how an adult with a child's passion searches for a treasured gift!

Diplomas for various achievements

Some contests for adult partieswill have to be prepared in advance. For this game you need to stock up with several diplomas, for example, "perfect husband" (or wife), "ideal father", "perfect friend", "ideal hostess." To receive your reward guests will need:

  • The ideal husband - to find your wife by hand, by hair, by foot, by voice. All four tasks are performed in turn. Well, of course, the ideal wife to do all this with her husband.
  • The ideal father - to show a scene from your child's favorite fairy tale, to transpose the baby (a large doll, the size of a baby, is suitable for this).
  • The ideal friend - remember the birthdays of all present and tell the story of dating them.
  • The ideal hostess - to tie a tie, tell,how to remove a stain, for example from ketchup, advise what can be done with salted soup. Here you can give vent to your imagination and come up with your own questions, both for men and for women.

Well, here we are and reviewed the popular games andcompetitions for parties at home. Of course, you can not just stop at them and come up with something your own. The main thing is that now your holiday will not be another banal feast, and the guests will remember it for a long time.