pajama party Pajama party is quite popular in the West. At us in Russia it has appeared not so long ago, however has successfully got accustomed. Let's remember the childhood in which each of us at least once stayed overnight with a friend. Although the "overnight" it could be called with a big stretch, because you did not want to sleep at all, but wanted to chat and talk. About the most beautiful boy in the class, about the boring girl who somehow likes him, about the stars of Hollywood, and how we will live wonderfully when we become adults. The pajama party brought their charm to these girlish gatherings, and added more entertaining content to them. The ideas of a pajama party suggest that the hostess of the house should provide an entertainment program, take care of snacks, because the night is long and everyone will be fairly hungry. Starting from the script, for each participant of a pajama party, you can come up with a small symbolic gift, which later will remind you of the time spent together. The scenario of a pajama party provides a lot of options, and you can choose the one that will be most interesting for your friends, because if you do not know their likes and dislikes.

A movie session surrounded by girlfriends

Enjoy watching your favorite movie. Surely there is a movie that everyone likes. You can revise the exciting moments and admire the protagonist - "What kind of handsome man is he!" In general, it's a chat, because communication is the main goal of the girl's pajama party. If you do not want to watch the old movie, you can choose an interesting novelty and share your impressions of the viewing, discuss the actors' game. In this movie, too, has its own charm. pajama party scenario

Beauty saloon

Chatting with girlfriends, discuss accumulatedproblems are most pleasant during cosmetic procedures. You can make different hairstyles, try new face masks, indulge yourself and girlfriends with interesting varieties of manicure and make-up. Each of you can be assigned a separate role. Someone does the laying for everyone, someone masters the skill of drawing on nails, and someone is engaged in facial procedures. When arranging a beauty salon at home, do not forget to buy fragrant candles, prepare scented herbal teas and a disc with calm music. This will perfectly complement your holiday, and the pajama party will bring not only pleasant memories, but also the benefit to your health.

We return to childhood

During a pajama party, remember the games fromchildhood. And the simpler the game, the more fun you will be to watch the developments. You can play in a monopoly and feel like a rich lady, who owns a couple of plants and millions of dollars in the account. Domino, lotto, checkers - all this is also very exciting, the main positive attitude and good mood. The losers can come up with a funny punishment, the winners - funny prizes.

Pillows for battle!

And, of course, the most fascinating partpajama party - fight with pillows. This seemingly simple occupation also requires preparation. First, remove from the room in which the battle is supposed to be, all fragile items, because in the morning you can miss the favorite statuette from the collection of dogs. If the pillows in your house are downy, try to treat them with caution, it may happen that down from a torn pillow will turn your pajama party into a contest for the best cleaner. Just think about the continuation of the rest, because the fight with cushions will be interesting for a maximum of fifteen minutes. Choose good music and learn new dances. The main thing do not forget about the neighbors - they do not understand the whole charm of a pajama party, and in the morning they will tell you about all the charms of sleep under loud music. Do not think about what rules have a pajama party - just rest! The most important thing, the more fun and bright your pajamas will be, the more festive the party will be. And do not try to collect all the entertainment in one night, because you still have a lot of time ahead of you and there is always an occasion to spend a pajama party with the best friends!