what to present for February 14 Valentine's Day has a very long history. At first it was a holiday dedicated to the pagan gods of carnal pleasures. He was invented in Ancient Rome to increase the birth rate, and he, thanks to his very free traditions, became very popular not only among the common people, but also among the aristocracy of those times. Even a new and very strong Christian religion failed to shake the love for this day. The church had to deal with it as well as with many other pagan holidays: change the semantic coloring and give a new, ennobled essence. So the ancient celebration, glorifying carnal passions and fertility, has turned into a stiff religious holiday, named in honor of one of the Christian martyrs by Valentine's Day. He was supposed to symbolize the purity and purity of love, consecrated in marriage. What do we know about the person whose name is the day of lovers? Unfortunately, very little. Historians can not name with a high degree of probability not only what he was, but whether he existed at all. Perhaps Valentine was indeed a priest-companion and secretly crowned the Roman soldiers with their beloved. Or maybe he was among the first Christians and died in the name of religious beliefs. On icons, Valentine is often depicted in the clothes of a priest-healer. A person with this name who has cured mental ills and nervous illnesses is really famous for his stories. Perhaps it was in his honor that the church called the holiday, which is now known in the world as a day of lovers. After all, it's no wonder that in Germany on February 14 it's customary to decorate psychiatric hospitals with red ribbons and consider it a day of insane people. According to one legend widely known in this country, a young man suffering from epilepsy, earnestly prayed at the grave of Saint Valentine and was healed. Why, in the church calendar, this holiday, which has such a rich history, is absent? The answer is very prosaic: in 1969, the Catholic Church carried out a reform of worship services, and all the Roman saints, which did not have reliable information, were removed from the liturgical calendar. St. Valentine was among them. what to give to your beloved on February 14

Valentine's Day in different countries of the world and with us

As with any event that does not have an exacthistorical background, with the holiday of all lovers people connect a great number of stories, legends and stories in which the seeds of truth and fiction are so closely intertwined that the original meaning is unlikely to ever be known. And why? Almost all modern countries of the world celebrate Valentine's Day. He is a popular secular holiday, symbolizing love, and not only between a man and a woman, but also simply as a feeling, without which it is impossible to live a full life. On this day it is customary to give gifts to lovers in the form of hearts, sweets and souvenirs. And also write love letters and congratulations to each other, often in verse. By the way, it is the French who own the idea of ​​these very "valentines". And in France there is a tradition to give jewelry on the day of love. Italians and Japanese prefer to congratulate each other with sweets and chocolate. In Japan, the competition for the loudest "valentine" is held. Whoever is the strongest of all voices from the platform of his declaration of love, receives a prize. Finland on February 14 celebrates not only lovers, but also all mothers, because there is no holiday like our March 8th. The English congratulate on the day of lovers as each other, and their animals, especially dogs and horses. Americans are giving roses and sweets to their beloved ones. And many unmarried women in the United States on this holiday themselves make an offer to their chosen ones and give a colored caramel in the form of hearts. The Poles on February 14 try to visit the Poznan metropolis. There, according to legend, there are the relics of St. Valentine, as well as his icon-painting face, possessing miraculous power and helping in the affairs of love. The lovers of the Danish Valentine's Day send dry white flowers to each other. The most vivid and large-scale holidays are held on February 14 in Jamaica. There even "naked wedding ceremonies" are arranged, during which absolutely naked brides and grooms exchange wedding rings and utter oaths of loyalty. In Saudi Arabia, Valentine's Day is not celebrated. Moreover, in this country he is under strict prohibition, and official. The government considered that such a holiday develops and supports in the young immature minds the spirit of debauchery and sin, in which the countries of the West are mired. Therefore, even the sale of various kinds of plush toys, hearts and red roses on February 14 is not allowed. Compared with the inhabitants of Saudi Arabia, we were much luckier, because Valentine's Day in our country is celebrated quite successfully, and for many years. We are accustomed to the fact that it precedes two other holidays, no less popular with us, and reminds us that winter is about to give way to spring, when everything around will come to life, and the world will awaken to meet new bright feelings. It is very symbolic, because February 14 is a holiday for those who love and love. On this day it is customary to give gifts that express the feelings of lovers. It can be original "valentines", flowers, sweets, soft toys and all sorts of nice little things. what to present for February 14 to your beloved

What to give to your beloved?

Every year before the holiday, a hugethe number of people are racking their brains to present a unique and memorable gift to a loved one. We picked up a small list of what can be presented to the second half in order to surprise her. Romantic gifts Let's consider a variant of romantic congratulations, after all it approaches not only young lovers, but also quite developed married couples. Gifts of this category are designed to give joyful emotions and feelings. What could be more important in such a holiday? Postcards made by hand If you still do not know what to give to your beloved on February 14, then the easiest solution may be an author's card. It's not at all difficult to make it yourself: there are a lot of illustrative examples where the whole process of creating such a masterpiece is described step by step, and in several variants. Choose the right one, because a postcard that keeps the warmth of your hands, in which everything is made especially for a loved one and just as he likes (color, drawings, form) - is a truly magnificent gift. Such a card the guy or husband will not throw on the distant shelf, but will put it in a prominent place, so that she will rejoice the eye. Flowers This is the most classic gift, not only for the girl. After all, they reflect most of all the female vulnerable soul. In our time, you can find any flowers for a gift - their immense number: roses, chrysanthemums, lilies, tulips, orchids. You can buy a basket with flowers of exotic varieties, or you can just add ribbons and it will look very touching. In any case, the flowers will decorate this holiday. Jewelry Not only to girls, but also to many guys it will be pleasant to receive as a gift from a beloved precious jewelry, for example, a ring or a chain with a suspension bracket. And if it is a ring with a proposal of the hand and heart, as in America, your beloved will never forget such a holiday. The couple can also enter into a romantic collusion and choose each other's gifts in the form of an elegant golden key and a symbolic lock. This version of congratulation is not devoid of originality and meaningful. Gifts from balloons To impress and surprise with a gift, you can make a composition of balloons. They are original and non-ordinary as a presentation on the day of all lovers. Balls will be happy in any case, and if they write congratulations or words of love, then such a gift will be remembered for a long time. There are also options such as walking balls or balls in boxes. The first - a figure of foil, on the legs. When the air circulates in the room, the figures move funny, as if walking. The second fly out of the box as soon as you open it. Such an unexpected surprise can instantly cheer up every owner. The gift can be delivered through the courier, since the box is framed in the form of a postal parcel, which makes the presentation much more enthralling. Heavenly Flashlight A device in the form of a heart, a sphere or something else, where pictures are drawn. Below is built in a wick to warm the air in the flashlight, thereby lifting it up, the lighting from the fire inside creates a mysterious atmosphere. The flashlight rises two hundred meters high. The take-off takes about 20 minutes, during which you can follow how a bright star flies in the evening sky. And when just a hundred lanterns are released upwards, the sight of this magic is simply mesmerizing! Bouquet from sweets In a holiday of all enamored sweets are perfectly suited as a gift, they will sweeten this day and create an atmosphere of tenderness. A novelty of candy products is a bouquet of chocolates. Execution can be implemented in any size and color palette. There is such a bouquet of caramel and chocolates. Various additions and decorations are added to it at will, if available to the performer. An indifferent reaction will not be exact. Soft toys Soft and fluffy toys, made by hand on an individual order, is an original and memorable gift for a beloved young man who has a sense of humor. In addition to them, you can order a variety of pictures, photos, logos, and all this from the environmentally friendly components. Gifts practical And now we will pass to gifts which are more practical, but thus are capable to bring a share of romanticism in our life. An interesting option are cups, consisting of two heart-connecting halves. After all, morning coffee or evening tea is often a wonderful occasion to be alone with your loved one for a few minutes, just shut up together, symbolically connecting the cups. If you do not know what to give to your husband on February 14, choose for him new home slippers in place of the old ones. Free and comfortable shoes help to relax. And what can be pleasant after a busy day? That's right, it's convenient to stretch out on the couch in front of the TV. Here's another idea: make a personal cushion for your husband, or rather sew, or order a beautiful pillowcase with a touching inscription. He surely will like this kind of care on your part. A practical tool for revitalizing romantic relationships in a married couple can be a joint photo session in a good studio. This gift can please both husband and wife, because you both get not only new emotions, but also beautiful professional photos that will decorate your bedroom's interior in a miraculous and absolutely special way. Try the morning of a holiday to make out your general photo album and turn it into a family anthology of love relationships. To do this, decompose the existing photos in chronological order, accompany each with joint comments and memories. And you will laugh, and you will stop, and you will put things in order. You can go to a master class for the preparation of chocolates. It's a very good idea to celebrate Valentine's Day with such an unusual "sweet" way. Joint occupation of something new and interesting will certainly enthrall and adjust to a romantic mood. Give gifts, surprise your halves, let your loved and loved people feel all the charm and tenderness of Valentine's Day. Do not get lost in choosing what to give, but simply consult with knowledgeable professionals, and they will tell you the best option. As a congratulation for Valentine's Day, in principle, any thing that is appropriate on the birthday, and on any other holiday. The only thing to be avoided is kitchen utensils and household items. It is not necessary to extinguish the romance of the holiday and remind about everyday life. Spend the day unusually, if possible, leaving the usual troubles for tomorrow, send the children to their grandfathers and grandmothers, let them also have a day of love, although with a different overtones. And go for a walk around the city. Remember the beginning of your relationship, the first feelings, if this is real, then visit the place of your first kiss. Husband let him buy flowers for his beloved wife, a whole armful. Surprise each other and admire, enjoy that you are chosen by Saint Valentine himself. It was he, the patron of lovers, who gave you this bliss - to love and be loved. We advise you to read: