what to give for 30 years a man 30-year anniversary is a significant event in lifeany person. By that time, many already have families, children, successfully build a career and are optimistic about the future. Naturally, such a serious date should not be ignored, because this is a kind of a milestone, a transition to a new life stage, so most people celebrate it on a grand scale. If your young man, a close friend or colleague will have an anniversary, then perhaps the most important question on the agenda is what to give a man for 30 years? Applicant bachelor is useful multivarka, businessman - leather diary of a famous firm or expensive pen-pen. A family man who loves outdoor recreation is sure to be delighted with a mangal, a picnic set or a tent-tent. Choose a good gift is not as easy as it might seem at first glance. After all, I want to please the birthday boy, present him with a useful thing, necessary in the household, and not the one that fails in the pantry for many years. For this, going to the store, you should consider some of the nuances, so that after not blushing for your mistake. We propose to understand together what can, should and should not be given to an adult man. what to give to a man for 30 years

Psychology of men: what not to give

Most women are delighted with the hugebouquets of flowers, expensive perfume, beautiful linen, subscription to the beauty salon. Naturally, a man is not surprised. Representatives of the strong half of humanity are pragmatic people who will rather give preference to a set of Cuban cigars or a new spinning than the toilet water of even the most famous brand. Although all people are different and everyone has their own hobbies and wishes. So, one person will enjoy a fashionable prefix, and another organizes a picnic and will gladly use the gifted brazier. Therefore, on your birthday, you should think carefully about what to buy for a birthday person. A man by the age of thirty, most likely, has already achieved a lot in the professional sphere, so a serious gift in the form of a beautiful painting, an original office set made of rare stone, or a leather chair will surely take its rightful place in his office. If the jubilee is a sportsman, keen on tennis, football, skiing, then the thing that corresponds to his hobby will be appropriate. However, before you go to the supermarket for a gift, remember a few simple rules that are best not to violate in order to avoid accidents:

  • Men are by nature alien to sentimentalityand are not inclined to romance, especially 30-year-olds. Therefore, if the birthday of your young man, forget about the crystal vases, cute heart-shaped pillows, beautiful statuettes and other "pleasures" that can please a woman. Your chosen one is an adult person, and such things will cause him to smile at best, at worst he will simply be offended. Give useful, not necessarily expensive items that will be useful to him in work, life or will correspond to his hobbies.
  • Once and for all, remember what to present on the Daybirthday set for shaving, underwear, warm sweater, even if you yourself have tied it up, not worth it. These kinds of things are suitable for a minor event, but such a significant date as 30 years, deserves a proper gift. If you are in a close relationship with a birthday person, then for sure you know what he likes, what he likes - that's exactly what you do and go shopping. A colleague, friend or boss, whose preferences you do not have the slightest idea, you can buy something standard: an expensive elite alcohol, a purse, cigars, a board game in the original performance.
  • 30-year-old men at heart do not careremain adolescents, even despite their bank account and position. Some especially close friends of the birthday boy can find that a dancer will be an excellent gift and invite her to the jubilee. Be prepared for the fact that instead of exclamations of joy you will hear heated accusations. Firstly, such a gift will unpleasantly surprise guests and put the birthday boy in an unattractive light. Secondly, this kind of entertainment is more suitable for a stag party in honor of a future wedding, rather than for a birthday. If you want to give a friend a show, you can pay a beautiful salute, order an ice sculpture or a picture with his image. The main thing is that everything be done with taste and do not look defiant.
  • This advice applies to women. Many ladies believe that they are the best gift for the chosen one. Of course, every man is sure to be delighted to see his girl in lace underwear, and if she dances an erotic dance for him, there will be no limit to delight. All this is good, but such a surprise, you must agree, can not be called a full-fledged gift. Therefore, even if you decided to surprise your chosen one in this way for 30 years, present something worthwhile, for example, beautiful cufflinks or a pin for a tie.

So, we decided that men are calmrefer to romantic cute gifts, so they should be left for Valentine's Day. If you want to please a birthday party with an unusual show, it should not be vulgar. So what can you give a jubilee? Focus on his age, status and position, picking up an interesting, expensive and useful thing. what to give a man for 30 years

The process of choosing a gift: what to consider

30-year-old man can give anything,but you want to please him, but not to upset him? In this case, you should correctly approach the future purchase, but for this you need to remember a few simple rules:

  • Of course, human fantasy knows no bounds,but here the contents of the wallet, unfortunately, has its own limit. Therefore, to begin with, decide on the amount that you are willing to spend on a gift. You can take everything down to a penny, but who will be better off?
  • Remember that you are buying a gift not for yourself, but forfor the birthday man. So do not buy things that you yourself need - perhaps they will not be useful to the future owner at all. The main thing that one should pay attention to is the hobby of the jubilee and his interests. This is the most win-win option, because every fisherman will be delighted with a tent, a supermodel fishing rod, a suitcase for tackles, and a motorist will never get lost if presented to him by a GPS navigator.
  • Take into account the nature of the birthday boy and his way of life. All people are different: some men calmly treat their appearance, and others - with trembling. If the 30-year-old jubilee takes care of himself and regularly visits beauty salons, give him a subscription to the spa complex. A computer genius, unlikely, will be pleased with such a gift, a new mouse, netbook, tablet or, for example, a memory card, will suit it. In general, follow not your desires, but the needs of the originator of the celebration, and then you will not fall into an awkward situation, involuntarily offending him.

Everyone needs to feelclaimed, significant and loved. Of course, men are no exception, they love ears, perhaps even more than representatives of the weak half of humanity. Therefore, gifts that glorify their charisma, strength, associated with the external appearance and way of life will be very welcome. Always relevant are things like cufflinks, a purse, a leather briefcase for papers, a set for office supplies, a business card. Things should be quality and not cheap. If the birthday man you have a person stylish, creative, with non-standard thinking, he will surely be pleased with a fashionable sweater, shirt, you can buy a belt or glasses. The main thing is to choose brands of popular brands. As mentioned above, giving preference to this or that gift, it is necessary to take into account the character and interests of the jubilee. If he is delighted with extreme sports and likes active rest, why not give him a dose of adrenaline? Pay a parachute jump, quad biking, flying on a hang glider or a helicopter. In recent years, more and more popularity is gaining such entertainment as paintball. You can collect a company of friends and thus celebrate a birthday. If the jubilee is a calm and balanced person, then the extreme is most likely alien to him. You need to choose something more suitable for his character. An excellent gift will be a board game in the original performance. Today, many shops sell chess from rare stone, backgammon, made of valuable wood with exquisite carved patterns. If you are invited to a birthday collector, consider that you are lucky. After all, in this case, you do not have to puzzle over what to give. It's very simple - present what the birthday person collects. For a connoisseur of rare books, you can pick up an old edition by visiting an antiques store or a flea market. An excellent gift will be a bottle of expensive luxury wine or branded cognac. By the way, this hobby also requires additional accessories: a beautiful bar with lighting, an unusual spin, a set of cigars, a humidor. For an artist who is keen on art, you can choose a beautiful picture, a collection of his favorite author's works or, for example, an autobiography book of a great artist or musician. If a man does not have a sense of beauty, give him a thing that is useful in the household: an expensive kettle, electric shaver, a toothbrush with remote control, a multivark, an unusual retro-style lamp. Consider the nature of your relationship: a loved one can buy anything, but the boss or colleague to give personal belongings is undesirable. If you have a crisis of ideas and you have no idea what to buy for a 30-year-old man, use these recommendations:

  • For extreme and swimming lovers we offerbuy a wetsuit. It is useful for those who are fond of diving, water skiing or surfing. Perhaps, in this way, you even start a new hobby of a birthday person.
  • If funds allow, and the originator of the celebrationyou have to be your husband or boyfriend, give him a fascinating journey through Europe or go to a foreign resort together. So you in one fell swoop kill two birds with one stone - and you will make a gift, and you will spend time with the chosen one, and also get strength and rest.
  • Billboard with a congratulation or a declaration of lovewill melt the heart of even the most severe man. That it does not look standard, select words from the song or write the poem yourself. Such a personal and original gift is sure to please the birthday boy.
  • PDA, netbook, a new mobile phone, tablet,e-book, iPod, video player - these are the things that are always needed. Many men by the age of 30, despite their age, remain children and adore computer games, so a prefix or new-fashioned joysticks can be an ideal gift for a jubilee with such hobbies.
  • If your man is an office worker, swiftlymoving up the career ladder and being in a state of constant tension, then he will benefit from a session of Thai massage. Many associate it with eroticism and something obscene, but this is a mistaken opinion. This procedure helps to restore strength, removes pain in the back and muscles, improves blood circulation, relieves stress and lifts the mood. So such a surprise will not only surprise your chosen one, but also help him to recover after the hard working days.

Each in his own way answers the question thatgive a man for 30 years. It all depends on the nature of your relationship with the originator of the celebration, the contents of the wallet, fantasy in the end. You will never lose money if you focus on the interests and interests of the birthday boy. In addition, it should be remembered that men love useful and necessary things. They will always find a vacuum cleaner for a car, a set for a barbecue, a home mini-brewery, boots for fishing. Women such gifts seem uninteresting and banal, but the representatives of the strong half are practical. In general, choose carefully, do not forget about the above recommendations, follow these tips, and you will surely please the hero of the day. We advise you to read: