Lip augmentation without surgery You can attract the attention of men by making the lips moresucculent and plump. According to a recent study, the lips are the most attractive part of the woman's body. Scientists have found that when meeting a woman for the first time, on average, a man spends half the time looking at her mouth. Thus, if you make your lips more plump and sexy, you will become much more attractive to the opposite sex. Many women dream of full and sensual sponges. But how to get such a result? Believe me, surgery is not the best way to achieve this, because surgical interventions can lead to many unpleasant consequences both in relation to appearance and health. So how to increase your lips at home, without surgery? Regardless of the true size of your lips (thin or semi-thin), you can make them more naturally, but temporarily (for example, increase the volume and become vested with voluptuous lips for a special romantic moment or for a photo session). Discover the secrets about how to enlarge the lips, and apply these recommendations on a daily basis. manipulation whistle to increase the lips

How to enlarge the lips without surgery?

After brushing your teeth clean and lips

  • Rub your lips lightly with a dry toothbrush. Exfoliation and cleansing will remove not only the dead skin cells, but also make the lips more smooth. It will also stimulate blood flow and circulation, which will allow your sponges to become slightly plump. As a result, they will become softer, fuller and more sensual.
  • To improve the effect, you can spread honey or petroleum jelly on the toothbrush. This will make your lips even smoother and rosy.
  • After carrying out of procedure do not forget to grease lips hygienic lipstick or balm.

Make your sponges longer with regular peeling

  • A good peeling will improve blood circulation, which will make your lips fuller and plump and, moreover, younger.
  • Prepare a natural scrub by mixing a smallamount of sugar with water. Add a few drops of some moisturizing oil (castor, olive, grape, jojoba oil) for best effect and apply the mixture on your sponges. Well massage them, and then rinse thoroughly with warm water and apply your favorite balm.
  • This scrub can cause irritation, which quickly disappears, leaving your lips naturally fuller.

exfoliation of lips with toothpaste

Use natural remedies instead of chemical lipsticks to increase the lips

Make your own lipstick withEssential oils and natural products to increase the lips at home. The effect will not be too long, as in the case of the use of chemicals. But this lipstick will give your lips a more voluminous and sensual appearance for a good couple of hours! Try to always carry your own balm with you and apply it whenever you need it. Cinnamon essential oil

  • Cinnamon essential oil is one of the mainingredients of many chemicals to give lip volume. It stimulates your labial capillaries and improves blood flow, which gives your lips a visually greater volume.
  • Add a tiny drop of oil to your balsamand apply it whenever you want your lips to look more attractive. you will feel a slight tingling or burning after application, but it will disappear quickly.

Essential oil of mint

  • Essential oil of mint works the same as oilcinnamon, improves blood circulation and "draws" more blood to the surface of the lips. This causes their natural increase. In addition, mint oil has an ideal cooling effect.
  • Add one or two drops of mint essential oil to a teaspoon of petroleum jelly and use it as a regular balm.

Cayenne pepper essential oil

  • Add 1 or 2 drops of cayenne essential oilpepper in your balm or create your own fabulous shine at home: mix 1 tablespoon of coconut oil with 1/3 tablespoon of melted butter and add 20 drops of sweet almond oil. Here, drip a little bit of essential oil of cayenne pepper, and you will get a natural glossy lip balm!
  • You can also combine an extremely small amount of cayenne pepper with a little water and rub this mixture into the sponge.
  • Caution! Never overdo it with cayenne pepper. A tiny drop will increase your lips, while a larger one will burn them!

lip makeup for a visual increase

Do regular exercises for the lab muscles

The exercises described below will help you doTheir sponges are larger, not subject to any surgical procedures or chemical treatment. You must be persevering and repeat the exercises daily, at least for a month, and then you can just start doing them 3 times a week. Exercising will tone up facial muscles that you usually do not use, and, thanks to this, you will get puffy lips in an absolutely natural way. Whistle Women and men who play musical wind instruments have fuller and larger lips, because they regularly use the labial muscles. The easiest way to get the same result is to choose one of your favorite tunes and whistle it from 3 to 5 minutes each day as loudly and loudly as you can! Smile and kiss Keep your lips closed and smile as wide as you can. Continue to smile for 5 seconds, then "wrinkle" your lips and "push" them forward, as if you are going to kiss someone. Hold this position for 5 seconds, then smile again. Repeat this exercise 20 times. Moving from side to side and turning

  • Close your sponges tightly and move them to the right as far as you can. Hold them in this position for 5 seconds, then move the lips to the left. Repeat this movement 15 times.
  • Keep your mouth shut and pull your lips into a kiss. Rotate them slowly clockwise, and then repeat the movement in the opposite direction. Repeat ten times.

To summarize, it should be noted that physical exercises, good care of your lips and the use of several natural balms - these are the basic tips how to increase the lips at home.