Tibetan recipe for youth Interest in Tibetan medicine today is very high. And this despite the fact that medical science does not stand still, and modern technology allows you to produce very effective medications. But, as it turned out, the knowledge accumulated by ancient healers, many of whom came to us in the form of clay tablets with records left by nameless chroniclers, fit perfectly into the realities of the third millennium. Moreover, they are sometimes much more effective than patented drugs. This fully applies to the preservation of youth and beauty. Tibetan prescription for youth, perhaps, can not be called a means of Makropulos (which, however, is the fruit of the writer's imagination, nothing more), but it is actually an effective remedy for a healthy body with a pronounced rejuvenating effect. And we will share with you, and not just one recipe, but two - a bonus from our magazine to our faithful readers!

Some information from the history of Tibetan medicine

The concept of "Tibetan medicine" includesset of components. There are many scientific and not very studies on the history of this very peculiar branch of medical science, many points of view on what are the bases of healing in Tibet. We do not aim to analyze all the theories, but we will try to tell in a very concise form, on what postulates Tibetan medicine is based. If we simplify approaches, then we can say the following. Tibetan medicine is based on the ideas of Indian Ayurveda, Chinese reflexology and Tibetan herbal medicine. Until now, the history of the development of Tibetan medicine has reached a scientific hypostasis (medical tracts written in ancient times) and in the form of legends. Researchers note that when comparing scientific texts and legends, many things coincide. In other words, what is stated in legends and myths has a factual basis. In one of the most famous treatises on Tibetan medicine, "Chzhud-shi" describes in some detail the principles of proper and healthy nutrition. The ancient healers attached great importance to this. There are many interesting recipes for various infusions, broths, herbal preparations made by Tibetan healers, which have not lost their relevance in our days. Moreover, the way of life of a modern person, constant stresses, intense rhythm of life dictates the urgent need for energy supply of the body. And the ancient Tibetan recipes of youth in this situation are very welcome. They are an excellent alternative to artificial "energizers" that crush our health and lead to addiction. Tibetan medicine offers only natural products, the components of which are selected in such a way as to bring maximum benefit to our body. Tibetan recipe for youth and beauty

Tibetan recipe for youth - tincture on garlic

This recipe was discovered by the participantsThe expedition, held under the auspices of UNESCO, in one of the Tibetan monasteries in 1971. And made a real sensation, because quite simple products - garlic, alcohol, milk - do real miracles. Spirituous tincture on garlic:

  • activates the metabolism
  • purifies the circulatory system
  • liberates the body from fat and lime deposits
  • improves the elasticity of blood vessels and makes them clean, free of "plaques"
  • significantly reduces the risk of diseases of the cardiovascular system, the occurrence of heart attacks and strokes
  • has antitumor effect
  • improves eyesight

The drug has such a powerful effect thatthe course of treatment is carried out only once in 5 years (in some sources, the interval is indicated in 3 years). Recipe for cooking You need 350 grams of good garlic. It should be cleaned, crushed and carefully grinded in a porcelain or glass bowl so that the juice stands out. 200 grams of garlic mass (with juice) put in a glass jar and pour alcohol (200 ml will be needed). Close the lid tightly and leave for 10 days in a cool dark place. Strain through several layers of gauze and squeeze. Leave the tincture for another 3 days, after which you can begin the course of rejuvenating procedures. How to take Tincture is taken on a strict schedule: 3 times a day, 20 minutes before meals as follows.

  • First day: breakfast - 2 drops; dinner - 2 drops; dinner - 3 drops.
  • Second day: breakfast - 4 drops; dinner - 5 drops; dinner - 6 drops.
  • The third day: breakfast - 7 drops; dinner - 8 drops; dinner - 9 drops.
  • Fourth day: breakfast - 10 drops; dinner - 11 drops; dinner - 12 drops.
  • Fifth day: breakfast - 13 drops; dinner - 14 drops; dinner - 15 drops.
  • Sixth day: breakfast - 15 drops; dinner - 14 drops; dinner - 13 drops.
  • Seventh day: breakfast - 12 drops; dinner - 11 drops; dinner - 10 drops.
  • Eighth day: breakfast-9 drops; Lunch-8 drops; dinner is 7 drops.
  • Ninth day: breakfast - 6 drops; dinner - 5 drops; dinner - 4 drops.
  • Tenth day: breakfast - 3 drops; dinner - 2 drops; dinner - 1 drop.

Starting from the 11th day, take 25 drops 3 timesa day until the tincture is over. The drops are diluted in 50 ml of milk. Contraindications Tincture is strictly contraindicated to people suffering from epileptic seizures (they can not generally eat garlic), those who have diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, kidneys, bladder in acute form, pregnant women, with prostate adenoma and exacerbation of hemorrhoids. Tibetan skin youth recipe

Herbal tea is another Tibetan recipe for youth

It's quite simple and completely affordableTibetan recipe for youth, since all the herbs that are included in it are freely sold in our phyto-pharmacies. Has a very powerful revitalizing and rejuvenating effect on the body, which lasts up to 5 years. Tea recipe You will need 100 grams of various herbs (St. John's wort, chamomile, immortelle, birch buds). All the ingredients are mixed and grinded in a coffee grinder, stored in a sealed container. The mixture is brewed in a thermos - for one tablespoon of herbs 500 ml of boiling water. Before going to bed, drink a glass of tea with a spoonful of honey. In the morning, drink the remaining infusion for 20 minutes before breakfast. Use infusion should be until the mixture of herbs is over. Herbal tea cleanses the body, improves the condition of blood vessels, prevents the development of cardiovascular diseases, and has a rejuvenating effect.

What is the power of Tibetan medicine?

People tend to take care of their health andpreservation of youth. To do this, they resort to a variety of methods, spend money on expensive drugs, treatment in sanatoria and SPA centers, which also requires significant funds. Meanwhile, Tibetan medicine for millennia of existence has managed to prove its consistency and effectiveness. It has a huge arsenal of various means and methods of treatment, diagnosis of various diseases. And this is often ahead of traditional medicine, which has made an emphasis on the treatment of this or that sick organ medically or surgically, without going into aspects of the whole life activity of the human body. Tibetan medicine pays much attention to the psychophysical state of the individual, correcting it in order to bring it to an optimal state. And if drugs are used, they consist mainly of natural components. And the main argument in favor of such treatment is the thousand-year history of Tibetan medicine, which (and this is quite obvious) has stood the test of time. We advise you to read: