how to forget the person you love When people think that they have found love for the wholelife, but ultimately lose it, they fall right into the abyss of depression and unsuccessful attempts to forget the past love. But as there is no point in crying over spilled milk, it will not come back to the pitcher from this! - just the tears for the ex-boyfriend will not help either. It is clear that it is very difficult to forget your love. But this does not mean that it is impossible to do this. How to forget the person you love? Much depends on the fact of what happened parting. how to forget a man whom you love forever

If you love a married ...

One of the reasons why you should part,even if you still have not broken off the relationship - this is the family ties that make up a man. Consists, but not with you. If you understand that you need to part, but do not decide, or maybe you do not want to listen to anyone and continue to love your dear, hoping for the best, then we can give at least eight reasons why you should not continue such a relationship. Eight reasons to forget a married man

  • He will never be with you in the future. A man who would feel unhappy in a marriage would have long ago left his wife. Of course, he is inspired by your love and worried about the blood of the novelty, which he found in his relationship with you. He can even tell you: "I have never felt so happy as I am with you! I am ready to spend the rest of my life with you! "But in fact these words do not mean anything at all - he does not undertake any obligations to you, saying this. Think about it: if he wants to spend all his life with you, then why is he hurrying to his family again and again?
  • The fact that he deceives his wife, speaks of hisInability to deal with unpleasant situations, when it is necessary to take a weighted decision. This means that he will resort to searching roundabout ways when, in your relations with him, there are any problems.
  • Permanently hiding - pretty busytedious. The need to keep a relationship in secret is capable of "attacking" your self-esteem; besides, you lose the opportunity to learn many aspects of a happy relationship. Loving people, freely and openly showing their love to the whole world, are always filled with the inner light of happiness. And each of them can, without any reservations, be proud of those who walk along life close by.
  • He eats two cakes at once, as the English would say. He has a legitimate marriage relationship, which he does not need to hide and in which he can feel all the joys of living together. He also has extramarital relations, which help to compensate for all that he lacks in marriage. How offensive it must be for a woman who loves a married man: he gets all the best of both relationships and is quite pleased, and she spends most of her time alone and waiting for rare (and not always happy!) Minutes of communication.
  • Is it possible to love the man who is sodisrespectful of his wife? After all, he deceives her, betrays him, changes him. It is unlikely that such a person can be called decent. And do not believe all his excuses. He, of course, will give you a thousand arguments about why he can not leave his wife, almost shining with pride for his "decency". And it's not just that these reasons, as a rule, are all made up; The matter is also that in any case he deceives his wife, and also you in addition. He takes pleasure from two sources, forcing at the same time to suffer one and the other woman.
  • Like it or not, but you becomean accomplice in a man who neglects his duty and betrays his wife's trust. And this is not to mention the fact that he inflicts mental trauma on his children and loses credibility in their eyes. It's hard to educate when you can not see a role model!
  • You can overtake a boomerang of guilt. Many men (as, indeed, women) are not able to take full responsibility for their deceitful actions. This is how a person works, that it is easier for him to blame someone for his mistakes than to take a deserved shame. If your man is caught, as they say, red-handed, then do not be surprised if he tries to blame it on you. And then prove to anyone that you did not know that he was still sleeping with his wife and that she was not a bitch who eats the gates of her faithful, but quite a decent woman. A man will quickly be forgiven for his "prank", and you in the eyes of people will remain an insidious dissident who tried to break up the family and take away their support and the breadwinner from their wife and children.
  • You lose time and miss an opportunity to behappy with another man, and often the opportunity to have a baby. You can wait indefinitely, when he breaks off relations with his wife and tells you in the REGISTRY OFFICE "I love" already on a legal basis; But the fact that this has not happened so far speaks very eloquently for itself.
  • Remember: time is too valuable to waste it. Have you noticed how quickly the years go by, and you are getting older and older? Even if you are quite comfortable being just a mistress, you should understand that such a relationship with a married man can continue for a long time. When those women who were in such relationships, still decided to break them, they often regretted precisely the time that they had wasted in vain. If you are aware of everything that we have just told you about, then this alone can be a good impetus to forgetting a man, even if you still love him. And then it will be easier for you to start implementing your plan. how to forget a person whom you love fast

    If he is not worthy of your love

    There may be other reasons that are capable ofserve as a stimulus to your separation. Perhaps your guy does not give you the proper attention, or mockingly refers to your worldview, or can not indifferently skip a skirt, or ... No matter what else is "or". For some reason you broke up, and now you just sit at home alone, completely unhappy and drowning in tears, and you can not understand how to forget the guy you love most in the world. You do not know how to do this? We must start by honestly answering one single question: do you really want to forget it and never remember it again? In any case, do not remember with such pain and tears as now. And if your answers are unintelligible, something like "time will show" or "well, it can still change, and then everything will be fine with us," it means that you do not want to part with a man forever, but hope for some -the future with him; then it will be a completely different story. But if you have firmly decided that you want to forget it and that with it you will no longer "never-never", then throw it out of your head - and out of your heart! - Our leadership will help you. Here's what you need to do to forget the person you love, in two weeks:

    • Day one, the most difficult

    This is the Great Wailing Day (but only one day!) Today you have the right to feel sorry for yourself, to weep with burning tears and tell your friends about your unhappy share. Yes, now everything is bad for you. Yes, your love story is over and there is no one to give you flowers and lovely souvenirs. And he was really very beautiful (smart, funny ...) Listen to sad songs, watch your favorite films, put on his sweater, which was left in your home ... And cry, cry, cry! Tears are a protective reaction of the body, which helps to get rid of stress and negative emotions.

    • Day two: rubbish overboard!

    This is the day of deliverance from all things thatremind you of him. Collect all of his things, disks, books that are still lying around in your closets. Do not forget to grab his gifts, which he brought to you just like that or on occasion of an event. And all this coolly carry in the trash! It's a pity, of course, it is difficult to argue. But you want to forget it? Do you want to show yourself that it does not mean anything to you anymore? Then get rid of all this, without doubting! And even if he then asks if he can pick up his scarf, which he forgot in your hallway, then tell the guy honestly that you've thrown this scarf away. Together with other things. Let him know that you do not shed tears over these "souvenirs", regretting the past love! Yes, and most importantly: all the joint romantic photos also need to be destroyed! Check to see if at least one such photograph has been buried among your books or other things, and be sure to remove all pictures from your computer and phone. It may not be easy, but if you really want to start a new life and one day find your true happiness, then you just have to destroy the photos. And hardly any other option is possible here!

    • Day Three: Cleansing the body and soul

    Today, take a bath with aromaticsalt or oils. For example, use this composition: seven drops of rosemary oil and seven pinch of sea salt, add to a bath filled with hot water. Lie in the water, trying to relax about dreaming about anything pleasant. When you leave the tub and open the cork, observe how the water flows, and imagine that it carries with it all your sadness and sadness, swam with them through the invisible pipes farther and farther. All! The purification procedure is completed. From now on, you start a new life!

    • Day four: update the circle of communication

    It is clear that in general to part with allfriends-girlfriends who communicate with your ex does not necessarily. But right now you need to minimize all your occasional meetings. If you have friends who have not met in their time with your man or have crossed with him too rarely, then now is the time to start communicating predominantly with them. So you will kill two birds with one stone at a time: first, you minimize the risk of meeting with a former lover, and secondly, you do not have to discuss it with people who do not know him. Of course, you now better not to be alone. Communication with friends will help to distract from sad thoughts and will not make you feel lonely. Sit with friends in a cafe, talk about plans for the summer, indulge in memories of gay school or student tricks. We hope that your friends will have the sensitivity and tact to try to cheer you up, and not to remind about the past love about the details of your gap or stories about where and with whom they saw it last week. It is very important to make efforts to create around you a safe and comfortable world - a world full of new interests and new friends who do not recognize your man in the crowd and who do not even know how his name is written. It will be a world where your ex will not have the right to enter either literally or figuratively - even in your memories. To build such a protective "fortress" around you, take advantage of any opportunity to try something new - diving lessons, a book club, drawing lessons, a dance school - so that your body and mind are programmed to wait for a new life. Life without it! ..

    • Day five: we bring beauty

    Probably, no one needs to be told how anyonea woman can cheer up a new hairstyle! Sign up for a good master (only to good, so that the inept hairdresser does not spoil your already fragile mood!) And boldly experiment with your appearance. Change it decisively and irrevocably!

    • Day six: to start, attention, march!

    When you exercise, the bodyproduces endorphins - real "happiness homonas". Winter gives you unlimited opportunities - skates, snowboard, sledges, skis. In summer you can swim in open water, ride a bike, play tennis or volleyball ... And if this is not enough for you, then you can do it in the gym. Do not limit yourself to ordinary shaping, choose something interesting, for example, yoga or belly dancing.

    • Day seven: there is to live

    If your man was a lover of good food, thenyou, preparing him delicacies, it was very difficult to resist the temptation to pamper the delicious and loved ones. The good news: now no one will knock you out of the way of the true, and you can start eating healthy food.

    • Day eight: move your brains

    When you part with your loved one, the most difficultIs to stop thinking about it. Thoughts about him come to your mind, and there is no way to get rid of them. True? Well, then the only way out is to occupy yourself so that you do not have a single minute left. So if until now you have often sinned by being shirked from school or worked with coolness, now it is worth dipping into your duties with your head. Yes, and a couple of new responsibilities should be taken!

    • Day Nine: all that he hated, now you can do!

    Perhaps now your relationship with the formerboyfriend you perceive almost idyllic, but you certainly had some disagreements. Perhaps your guy did not like the music that you are willing to listen for hours, or was it annoyed by your beloved friend? Whatever it was, but today you have to devote the entire day to what you could not do when the former man was still yours.

    • Day ten: for those who are still young

    If you are a man already quite an adult, then youit will be much easier to find a job to distract from thoughts of a sad love experience (which you should do on that day). And if you are, for example, a student? You study and study in good faith, and find time for sports; but still remains an hour or two, when you do not know what to do, and begin to indulge in sadness. It happens? Then look for work! Many firms will be happy to accept students who can work for two or three hours in the evenings, when regular staff members go home. Of course, you will earn very little; but this money will not be superfluous for you. And by the end of your studies you will still be able to show off your experience!

    • Day eleven: pleasant troubles

    Diligent exercise and compliance with the diet gave their first results? So, it's time to update the wardrobe. Bring along your best friend and go shopping!

    • Day twelve: beauty indescribable!

    If you did everything right, it's practicallyare ready to appear on any grandiose party and to show itself in all beauty, instead of to show universal grief. Call your girlfriends and start preparing for a wonderful event. Do a manicure, a pedicure, masks for all parts of the body and eye-popping makeup. All that you want!

    • Day thirteen: your way out!

    Have fun with the soul and do not forget to look around, because your real betrothed can appear at any moment. Now the main thing is not to miss it!

    • Day fourteen: a new life, new thoughts

    Perhaps at yesterday's party, you alreadymet a young man who showed a serious interest in you. And maybe, everything is still ahead, and now you only think about it. And the past love is in the past! Thus, even if you lost your love, it does not mean that for you on this life should end. In no case should you shut yourself up in your own private space. This is the last thing you have to do, for this is exactly what will make you feel really unhappy. But you can always look around you: who knows, maybe you forgot the former boyfriend just to give way to a new feeling that will make you happy for life? We advise you to read: