how to overcome depression All of us from time to time are somewhat upsetor saddened. Such feelings are a perfectly normal reaction of our psyche to certain stimuli that come from outside. And most of us know how to cope with such a state and clearly understands what needs to be done to feel the joy of life again. And if such a state dragged on and went into depression - what to do in this case? How to overcome depression, in which direction should you move?

Find out the cause of depression

In order to fight the enemy, who is acting undercover,it is necessary to try to learn it in person. If you can not understand what is the cause of your depression, then look for the key in comparing your current life with the period when nothing prevented you from being happy. The best way to understand your depression is to carefully study it. Use the scale from zero to ten to several times during the day to assess the strength of negative emotions and the severity of your condition. Do it best by writing a special diary. Day after day, evaluate your condition, doing this as often as possible during the day, and be sure to write down what you were doing at that time period that you are evaluating. As the observations show, people who are even in a severe depression, have a bad mood while not constantly. Usually they feel much better when they do something - they are at work, busy preparing food, visiting friends or relatives, doing cleaning and so on. And worst of all they feel in the "waiting mode" - on weekends, in the evenings and so on. So, by observing your condition, you will be able to determine what your melancholy and bad health are usually associated with. The easiest way to change your emotions for the better - just start acting so that you feel more comfortable. When you can determine what makes you distracted from unpleasant thoughts, it will be easier for you to avoid deterioration of mood and well-being. Observance of one more rule will help you defeat depression. This rule is this: if you want to be happy, then smile more often, be friendly with other people and find as many interests and hobbies in your life as possible. Do not wait, when you have a good mood, create it yourself. Depressive people who follow this rule feel much better. Such behavior gradually becomes more convenient and natural for them. In addition, others usually react positively to such changes in behavior, so that you will get much more pleasure from communicating with people. So try not only to work on your mood, but also improve the language of your body. Improve your non-verbal behavior, which can give to others your depression. Do not speak quietly, slowly and boringly in a monotonous voice. Try to show in it a change in pitch and tone, give the voice of enthusiasm. Watch your pose: do not slouch, keep your back straight, and straighten your shoulders. Do not lower your head and do not look down all the time. Actively use eye contact with people and in no case do not frown. defeating depression

Try to correct your bad habits

You probably already revealed your habits, whichexacerbate depression. After all, you kept a diary of monitoring your depression? Now start working on replacing negative thoughts with positive ones. If you are inclined to blame the depression of the circumstances or other people, then fight with such thoughts, because they will make you feel helpless. Tell yourself: "I drove myself into depression. I should not have reacted so to this situation or to the deeds or words of this person. " Develop self-confidence, train problem-solving skills, and next time use more positive thinking in a similar situation. If it seems to you that other people think badly about you, tell yourself: "I can not read other people's thoughts. Therefore, I should not assume that they think so, and not otherwise. " Humor will also help you in solving many life problems, not allowing you to drown in the negative. If you find it difficult to motivate yourself for a serious matter, then try to start small. If you force yourself to just start, then very quickly you will find that you even enjoy the first steps in the task, and the skills obtained thereby allow you to more confidently take the following steps. So do not let negative thoughts about the upcoming business block progress to improvement and hamper your happiness. Most likely, negative thoughts arise in you when you lack energy, the mood decreases, it is hard to bear physical load, etc. Replace negative thoughts with positive ones, like: "So I feel only at the beginning, then it will be much better", "I'll just try to do it. Who knows, maybe I really like it? ", Or" Why sit around and miss? I'd rather try to do it! "In depression people tend to forget about the feeling of pleasure and the joy of achieving, as in trying to do something new, and in many other areas of life. Learn to recognize these feelings in yourself! Develop, cherish even the smallest sprouts of such sensations, be proud of what you do. More often tell yourself: "Oh, yes it's not bad! Maybe, if I try to do it several more times, then I will like it even more? "Or:" Not bad for the first attempt! I can imagine how great I'll do it next time. " Repeat those activities that give you the greatest sense of satisfaction and pleasure. This will help to consolidate positive changes in your mood and perception of the surrounding reality. And remember - the winner is not the one who waits, but the one who acts!

The balance in your life is very important

Each person must maintain a balance betweenpleasures and work. Anyone who is too busy with work, to save health, you need to reduce the load and give yourself the opportunity to relax. But people suffering from depression, prolonged rest and inaction can only do harm, and we have already talked about this. They need to take care of being constantly busy with something. For them, rest must be active. Many doctors and psychologists recommend regular exercise to ease the overcoming of depression and - which is very important! - improvement of general tone and mood. Physical education strengthens us, making us more energetic. And deep relaxation helps people to find harmony within themselves and contributes to the fight against depression, especially in conditions of unmotivated anxiety. Learn more about the various techniques of relaxation and meditation and learn how to use them in your life.

Prevent "reward" for passivity or dependent behavior

When you, being depressed, complain,crying, talking about your sadness or discussing problems, your friends and relatives probably respond with sympathy and tender love. Unfortunately, such a reaction from close people serves as a kind of reward and does not soften, but only feeds your depression. Moreover, this contributes to the fact that you are forming dependent behavior. A person is often weak, and he really wants everyone to feel sorry for him and sympathize, almost vying for his help. Perhaps you are also waiting for such a "reward" when you are drowning in negative thoughts or pity for yourself. Someone starts to eat too much, someone is unnecessarily spending money, buying everything, someone is abusing alcohol ... They think that they can at least feel better for a while. But all this is self-deception. It is necessary to eliminate these and any other "rewards" for depressive behavior. If you really want to make it easier, then stop looking for comfort in complaints, sighs, sadness and tears. Work on yourself in order to make your social interaction with other people more active and positive, try to show warmth towards them, show interest in their affairs and worries, help them with something. Ask your friends and family to ignore your behavior at the time of possible bouts of depression. Explain to them that they will do you much more good if the phone conversation is curtailed or the visit is shortened if you start complaining and crying and will spend more time with you and show interest when you act more positively. Talking about this is very important, because for the most part, close people and friends usually take the appropriate depression behavior as a given, and try to raise your mood with additional attention and warmth when you feel depressed. How to defeat depression correctly

Look for and develop friendly and romantic relationships

People who consider themselves as happy asusually have a few very close friends and a lot of friends. Perhaps you also need to find friends? Become more open in communication, try to give people more warmth, look for similar interests, and those with whom you will communicate will be especially comfortable with you. Family relationships are often very important for overcoming depression. Acknowledgment, selfless love and care for marital relationships can protect you from depression, even in the face of stress; but it also happens that it is family problems that lead to depression. To increase the positive behavior in marriage, too, it is necessary to work consciously. Perhaps, in your family there is no trusting relationship, sharing feelings and gaining recognition, understanding and emotional support from each other? Exchange of feelings is more important than just the exchange of some other information. Ask your spouse so that he praises you more often, and that he speaks aloud much of what is usually self-evident and that is why it is not voiced. Let him express his confession for what you do every day, and it does not matter how he does it - in a word, a look or a gentle gesture. You try to treat your spouse in the same way. Psychologists note that during the depression people often begin to interact with their spouse and children in an angry and even hostile tone. You scream, you are constantly sulking because of every little thing, remembering old grievances that seemingly stayed in the past, try to insult you in anger, demand and advance ultimatums or start criticizing, over-generalizing? This behavior causes a lot of new problems, far from solving the former. In addition, it can become a habit that will inevitably ruin your affinity with your loved one. Therefore, try to block any manifestations of aggression, no matter how hard it may be.

Once again about the usefulness of the diary

The fact that keeping a diary can help you, wealready said. Summarizing our conversation about how to defeat depression, we can not help saying that your personal diary can still be useful. Get in it special pages on which you could make a list of those life situations that gave you the experience of happiness and joy. Describe the most important points, including beautiful landscapes, especially warm moments of spiritual intimacy with people dear to you, a time when you were particularly happy and good. Make one more list - a list of your positive qualities. Include in him all your talents, achievements, dignity and so on. That girlfriend who really wants to help you get out of depression can make up for you your list of the best features of your personality. Worthy evaluation of your positive qualities by other people will be of special value for you. Make up your own collection of inspirational thoughts, quotes, verses and statements. Write for yourself life-affirming, positive affirmations, and then repeat them throughout the day for self-improvement or emotional well-being. For example, you can write: "I will try to be an example of friendliness and love towards my colleagues," or "Tranquility and serenity fill my heart." Continue adding more and more items to your diary, and do not forget to reread what you write regularly. This will help to keep your mind focused on positive, not negative aspects of reality. And in the life of a positive person there is no place for depression! We advise you to read: