how to cope with depression yourself It happens that we begin to feelcompletely devastated, and life loses its colors in our eyes. Most often, it happens when someone brings us down, things go wrong, we lose people who were loved, or the dreams that were so important to us are ruining. Probably, there is not a single person on earth who has not experienced such a condition at least once in his life. Sometimes our sadness becomes a problem, coping with which is quite difficult. If you feel sad for a few weeks, if it affects your ability to communicate with people and enjoy life, it is likely that you are depressed. When you feel that depression takes a severe form, then you should not hesitate to see a doctor. But if you are sure that you will be able to cope with the problem on your own, then start doing it right from today. And we will provide you with a whole series of strategies that will tell you how to cope with depression yourself.

What are the signs of depression?

It is important to determine whether or not you havedepression. Of course, it would be good to do this with the help of a doctor, because the symptoms of many diseases can be similar to the symptoms of depression, and it is very important in this case not to waste time and to detect the disease in time. But if you are sure that with health everything is in order, then determine that you have the depression can be on the following grounds:

  • Loss of ability to function normally in everyday life;
  • Drowsiness, fatigue, the feeling that even the simplest deeds take away too much of your energy;
  • Constant sadness, attacks of tearfulness, feelings of anxiety or emptiness;
  • A sense of inferiority, which is becoming more difficult to cope with, self-flagellation and lack of self-respect;
  • You begin to sleep much more or less than usual, down to insomnia;
  • Unusual weight gain or loss, and at the same time constant overeating or total loss of appetite;
  • Difficulties with concentration, "nebula" thinking, forgetfulness or inability to make clear decisions;
  • Pessimism, the sense that the meaning of life is hopelessly lost, all attempts to do something - just useless;
  • Increased irritability, unreasonable long-term anxiety;
  • At the physiological level - muscle pain, cramps, digestive problems, headaches and other pains that do not go away without the help of medications;
  • Suicidal thoughts are thoughts about death or suicide attempts.

I must say, when it came to gloomy thoughts about death, it is better not to rely on oneself, but to seek help from a specialist. how to cope with depression

How to be healed of depression?

Start your journey to health, notputting off for tomorrow. Depression is not like an endless lethargy, when it seems that you are plunged into a complete numbness, and any action seems too complicated. It is for this reason that it is important to understand that steps to healing must be taken gradually, and not expect an instant cure. You will have minutes of "enlightenment", and moments of despair; but then you must not retreat, but do everything possible to avoid returning to the abyss of depression. Here's what you need to do to get started:

  • Find a role model It happens that wewe begin to feel completely devastated, and life loses its colors in our eyes. Most often, it happens when someone brings us down, things go wrong, we lose people who were loved, or the dreams that were so important to us are ruining. Probably, there is not one person on earth who at least once in his life has not experienced such a condition. Do you think that only you have suffered such a condition? Try to go to the library and at random pull out five books with biographies of various famous people. We can guarantee that at least one of them must have suffered from depression. Do a little research to find the stories of those famous people who managed to overcome the decadent state. Read how they talk about their "battles" with this ailment, take note of their methods of combating depression. Let you be encouraged by the fact that there are people who could overcome this condition; and also that you have some advantage: they independently searched for ways to healing, and you can use their experience.
  • Learn to love yourself Life is not a race and notan occasion to constant competition. The reality is that each person has great value as a person, and self-flagellation significantly reduces this value in your own eyes, which leads to despair. Stop punishing yourself for any mistakes and mistakes, and try to create for yourself a personal space in which you could feel comfortable and safe.
  • Make a list of things that are causing youthe greatest concern that can lead to depression These may be unpaid bills, a lack of leave or too much hard work. In the other column opposite each item, write down what practical steps you can take to solve the problems: for example, find ways to pay these bills, plan a vacation or find out how to get another job. And start acting! When you do not just think that you have problems and start solving them, you will immediately feel how you will get enthusiasm, which will help to cope with depression.
  • Create a diary in which you will describe your"Journey" on the road from depression to healing Record the thoughts that will come to your mind. The diary will be the place that will keep the most secret of your reflections from the eyes of others, and you do not have to worry that someone will condemn you for them. A diary can become your assistant in the fight against depression, because in the end it will be an indication that you can be pleased, improve your mood or, conversely, can upset you. In other words, going back to your records and rereading them, you can better understand yourself.

Body care

Take care not only about your spiritualstate, but also about your body. The body can stay healthy only when you take care of yourself: eat well, fully rest, maintain muscle tone. If you neglect to treat the needs of your body, it will very quickly lead to exhaustion and openness to depressive thoughts. Therefore, now we will talk about what is very important in the fight against depression. Sleep well Sleep is very important for maintaining health. Lack of sleep can aggravate the negativity of thinking and easily drag you into a vicious circle when your thoughts do not let you fall asleep and exclude the possibility of a good sleep, and this, in turn, will cause even greater immersion in the negative. Interrupted, superficial sleep and a constant sense of fatigue are the most characteristic complaints of people suffering from depression. To get rid of sleep disorders, you must strictly observe the rest and wakefulness, and this rule is mandatory for each day. You should avoid taking caffeine or alcohol at least three hours before bedtime. The bedroom needs to be ventilated, and walks before bedtime are very useful. Physical Exercises Recent scientific studies have shown that physical exercises are no less effective than drugs that are used in the treatment of depression. Sports load releases a substance in the human brain, which is a natural antidepressant, so an active lifestyle will help you regain health and peace of mind. Start small, with a simple walk to the nearest store or even with a walk around your own home. Gradually increase the load, commensurate with its capabilities and needs. Agree on joint walks with friends or join group classes, as the presence of partners will further motivate you. By the way, you can do sports that will help to relieve the restrained emotions. For example, enroll in self-defense courses. Healthy Eating Reduce the intake of sugar, starches, fast food and processed foods. Eat as much as possible fruits, vegetables and whole foods. Drink plenty of clean water. A good, balanced diet can defeat depression better than any medication. And indeed, many of the symptoms of depression can be associated with inadequate nutrition and lack of vitamins and minerals. No less important for the body is fiber, omega-fat, and amino acids are vital for the nervous system. Also worth mentioning is that foods such as cocoa and Brazil nuts (characterized by a high content of selenium) are great for improving brain functions and eliminating depression. Flawless appearance You may not easily be able to force yourself to pay attention to your appearance and clothes. But any woman, even on a subconscious level, is concerned about how she looks! If you run yourself, it will only add to you a new portion of grief and discontent with yourself, even if you do not realize it. But the efforts that you will make to maintain a well-kept appearance, can help improve the mood and give a sense of well-being. Make a new hairstyle or buy a beautiful new thing, and this will become a sign of your love for yourself. Focus your attention on what you like about yourself, instead of eating yourself for something that causes discontent. how to cope with depression


And finally, we want to give you some more tips so you know how to cope with depression:

  • Remove from the eyes things that are capable of youupset or downcast Try to surround yourself with beauty. It can be very simple (for example, just to eliminate the mess), and maybe - and more difficult (to do some cosmetic repairs, for example). But, in any case, it's worth it. A good mood will only get stronger if you are happy with the kind of environment. And you can also take in the habit of frequent walks with admiring the beautiful scenery or the magnificent sunset. By the way, frequent stay in the fresh air and under the sun's rays, too, helps to get rid of depression as quickly as possible;
  • Create in your bedroom ideal conditions forsleep Let it be as dark and quiet as possible, as much as possible. Even minor noise or dim light is often enough to wake or prevent a person who is depressed from falling asleep;
  • Reduce stress levels Stresses feed depression,exacerbating the tendency to depression, and provide a constant "fuel" for maintaining depressive thoughts. Ability to deal constructively with stress increases your chances of resisting depression and makes you the most resistant to any pressure;
  • In everyday life, avoid any comparisonyourself with other people Better compare yourself with yourself in the worst moments of your life, and think about what has become better now. Only you, your ideas about life, your achievements, further goals and aspirations can be a priority for you. Everything that other people have done or is doing may be important only for themselves and not necessarily important to you;
  • Change your life Often, depression isthe result of dissatisfaction and a deep desire to be in a different life situation than you are now. If you are twenty and you no longer want to live with your parents, take off your apartment and live on your own. If you do not like your city - find the opportunity to move to another. If you do not like your job - look for a new one. Mental discomfort and unpleasant situations for you can turn your life into a swamp that is dragging into the quagmire of discontent and despair. Take the initiative to change what does not work anymore. It will be difficult, but living with depression will be even more difficult. Therefore, it is worth every effort to prevent the onset of this condition or cope with depression!

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