power supply system minus 60 Probably, almost every girl has heard abouteffective diet of Ekaterina Mirimanova - a woman who once lost weight from one hundred and twenty kilograms to sixty, and also independently got rid of a lot of stretch marks on her body. At the same time she did not use the help of doctors and did not use special supplements - you must agree, this is an incredible result! What is this technique? This is a special system of proper nutrition "minus 60", which we will talk about today. This diet is nothing but a separate food, the feature of which is the complete exclusion of eating in the evening, after six hours. Rather, it's not even a diet, but a special complex that includes not just proper nutrition, but also physical activity, as well as cosmetic care for the body. A full application of these three components allows achieving a stunning result. The system is supported by dietitians, because it does not contradict the canons of traditional nutrition. "Minus 60" can be safely applied even with breastfeeding, not forgetting only about one nuance - you need to closely monitor your health and the amount of milk. Then you will not have any problems. If we talk about the food system minus 60, it is important to note that such a diet is a way of life, which is necessary to follow many years in order to maintain a good sport form. All the supporters of this program argue that sticking to the rules of the diet is not difficult at all, because over time your body will completely re-arrange for such a regime, and the absence of a dense dinner will only benefit him. The power supply system Mirimanova rather sparing, and certainly will suit even those who do not differ good willpower. The main rule here is - you can eat everything, however at a certain time. Now about everything in more detail.

Features a full breakfast

Up to twelve o'clock in the afternoon you can eat infood is all you want, without thinking about the size of portions and not counting calories. Drink plenty of water - this is the main source of health. Not limited, and salt, but remember that its excess in any case you will only hurt. Everything should be in moderation. Sugar in any form, and honey also use before noon. It is better if you replace white sugar with brown or prefer fructose. In white sugar there is absolutely nothing useful, so with him you can safely say goodbye. But you do not need to resort to artificial substitutes - you can earn more than one problem. Breakfast in the Mirimanova system is the main component. If you do not have breakfast, the metabolic processes in your body will slow down. Better eat something pretty dense, hearty. However, you can limit yourself to a few breadcrumbs with ham and cheese. Coffee, tea and juices - everything can be eaten at this time, without thinking about caloric content. Remember that some fruits can interfere with effective weight loss. For example, do not eat too many bananas or peaches. Another author of the diet does not recommend cleaning with the help of unloading days - this is a kind of violence over the body that can provoke the opposite effect: the next day after the unloading you just can break and eat more than usual. food system minus 60

The Right Lunch

The main rule is no fried food. Eating or boiling, or stew. Supplements like mayonnaise or sour cream are allowed up to fourteen hours, but in a small amount - a teaspoon is enough. You can also use soy sauce and olive oil, also slightly. Meals according to the system of Mirimanova mean special preparation of soups. If the soup is on the water, you can add the potatoes, but if it is on the broth, it should be abandoned. Prepare soups from legumes, for example, from beans or peas. But do not forget that soups can not satiate for a long time, therefore you do not need to get involved in them again. For lunch, you can eat sushi and sour-milk products in any form, as well as fruits (apples, plums, kiwi, prunes, watermelon, pineapple). But do not eat more than two apples a day, and also endlessly there is a watermelon. Despite the fact that it is quite watery in structure, it has a lot of sugar - the glycemic index of watermelon is quite high. In the lunchtime, you can afford beans (but not green ones), not supplementing it with meat, including fish. Frozen peas, corn, raw or boiled mushrooms also eat at lunchtime. Be sure to bake or simmer the vegetables. You can eat them raw or extinguished. If vegetables are pickled or salted, do not get carried away by them - observe the allowable portion. Separately, you can eat sausages or boiled sausage, meat and various offal, fish or jelly, seafood, low-fat skewers, boiled eggs. When choosing meat, give preference to baked or stewed, or rather - to boiled. From cereals pay attention to rice and buckwheat. Macaroni are acceptable without fish and meat dishes - it's better to add some cheese. In the afternoon, you can drink black or green tea, coffee, a glass of dry red wine or juice (preferably freshly squeezed).

Dinner - last meal

The main rule of supper on the Mirimanova diet isquenching of products. To fry in no event it is impossible. Use condiments such as soy sauce and a little salt. At that time, sugar is not allowed. Be sure to remember this rule, otherwise all efforts to lose weight will go wrong. So, for dinner choose one of each option. Option one is fruit. Admissible apples, kiwi, a little plum, a couple of slices of watermelon, pineapple and prunes, as well as citrus. Fruits can be combined with dairy products. Do not forget: if in the morning, for example, you have already eaten one apple, then it is better to eat another fruit for dinner. The second option is vegetables. It is acceptable to eat potatoes or peas, as well as corn, pumpkins, mushrooms (small portion), eggplant and avocado. Such vegetables you can safely combine for dinner and with cereals, and with dairy products. The main thing is not to eat up, so as not to load your stomach in the evening. The third option is fish and meat. It is allowed to eat any meat or offal, fish products, seafood, as well as boiled eggs. Remember that eggs or fish / meat in the evening can not be combined with anything. And if you are using anything from this list, forget about other food. The fourth option is cereals. As mentioned above, rice or buckwheat is allowed. All this can be combined with either fruits or vegetables - in small quantities. And finally, the fifth option is dairy products. It allows cottage cheese or low-fat, unsweetened yogurt (one or two small glasses). Do not buy yogurt with muesli or cereals. Live yogurt - perfect for dinner. If possible, prepare it for him. You can eat some cheese with crisps. Yogurt and cottage cheese are perfectly combined with vegetables, as well as fruits. Well, about the drinks. In the evening, tea and coffee, as well as sparkling and still water, are allowed. If you drink coffee or tea without sugar and milk, then boldly consume such drinks after six evenings. You can make fresh squeezed juice. Milk and sour-milk drinks are allowed. After eighteen hours pamper yourself with a glass of dry red wine. power supply system of minus minus 60

The main principles of the "minus 60" system

Summarizing all of the above, it follows thathighlight the main points of losing weight by the Mirimanova system. First of all, it's a must-have breakfast. Even if you do not want to eat, make yourself eat a few rye rusks with coffee and cheese. You can drink some tea or juice. Keep track of the amount of sugar consumed. Use brown sugar or fructose. Alcohol is permissible, but in the form of red wine, which must necessarily be dry. Try to eat more rice and buckwheat as a garnish. Start with steamed rice, then gradually replace it with wild or brown. White bread and breadcrumbs are acceptable to eat only until lunch. But in the second half of the day only rye croutons are allowed, in the extreme case rye bread. Such products as potatoes and pasta, it is better to eat as early as possible, preferably for breakfast. At lunch, do not combine such foods with meat. In the evening, it is better to give up potatoes and pasta. We dine until six in the evening. Here the rule is triggered: the earlier, the better. But do not overdo it, because if the last meal is before 5 pm, you will not fall asleep because of a feeling of severe hunger. Try to gradually bring the supper to an earlier time. By the way, the ideal dinner involves eating vegetables, rice and yogurt. It is known that the easier food for dinner, the faster you will lose weight. After noon, forget about fried foods. Boil, bake, stew or cook food on the grill is an excellent alternative. Mirimanova's diet does not imply restrictions in the use of liquid. Drink exactly as much water as your body requires. If you go to visit, take with you a bottle of red dry wine - then you do not have to think about what to drink. In the evening, during events, as a rule, there is nothing to eat. If possible, in such cases, have a snack with fruit or vegetables, as well as low-fat cheese.

Diet "minus 60": beauty and sports

In the beginning it was already said that weight loss byprogram Mirimanova - it's not just the rules of nutrition. Be sure to pay attention to sports and proper cosmetic care. Prepare a coffee scrub, which must be rubbed every day into all the problem areas, for example, buttocks or abdomen. Gently carry out a local anti-cellulite massage, using a cream (you can even children's) with the addition of two tablets mummy. First of all, this will slightly tighten your silhouette. In addition, such procedures will prevent both stretch marks and sagging of the skin, which can appear due to sudden changes in weight. If you talk about sports, then choose it yourself. This can be both morning jogging and training in the gym. You can enroll in the pool or dance - choose what you like best. In any case, the desired effect of exercise in combination with a diet will certainly be achieved. Remember that the preparation for the Mirimanova diet should begin about a week. In this period of time, gradually shift the time of your last meal by six in the evening and switch to boiled foods. After that, you can safely enter the system "minus 60" and start burning extra pounds, joyfully watching how your body becomes more attractive and slim, and the mood is wonderful.