prevention of sexually transmitted diseases Venereal diseases, or, as they are stillthey are called sexually transmitted diseases ... It is not customary to talk about them out loud, to discuss with friends and acquaintances ... Often patients are embarrassed about talking about this even with a venereologist, refusing to visit a polyclinic. Contrary to the prevailing stereotypes that only people who lead an antisocial lifestyle are infected with sexually transmitted diseases - they consume alcohol, alcoholic beverages, have promiscuity, almost any person can become infected with a venereal disease. Of course, an antisocial lifestyle and ignoring such an important aspect as the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, increases the risk of infection at times. However, absolutely faithful spouses, children, and elderly people can get sick with a venereal disease. Venereal diseases in choosing their "victim" do not pay attention to either social status or the financial situation of a person. Unfortunately, the doctors of the gynecologist often become doctors, teachers or businessmen, as well as homeless people. So ... There was a nuisance, and you suspect that you have contracted some kind of venereal disease. This suspicion is akin to thunder from the blue ... You, of course, will be utterly bewildered and frightened. You do not know what to do, you start frantically rushing about in search of an exit, not knowing what to do. Tell your second half, or hide this fact? However, it will not be possible to hide for a long time, and nobody will risk the health of a loved one. And the story will entail a lot of trouble, right up to the divorce. Maybe the best option is to immediately write a will? Although no ... It seems that the girlfriend last year had a similar situation. We must urgently ask her how she was treated. Then follows "call a friend", as a result of which it turns out that Katya was being treated by some kind of nyxes by a neighbor's veterinarian. So what, that is not a human physician. Anyway, a medic! Stop! Stop and try to calm down. No veterinarians, advice from friends and treatment on the Internet! Venereal disease is not a harmless cold that can be cured by improvised means. An attempt to get rid of a sexually transmitted disease can lead to very serious negative consequences for the body. The first thing you need to do is to realize that the venereal disease is just a nuisance, but not the end of the world. In life there are different situations, and it is common for a person to make mistakes. Fortunately, almost all sexually transmitted diseases, except for hepatitis and AIDS, are now treated quite quickly and without any health consequences. In no case is it worth the haste to make any hasty decisions and do stupid things. Of course, it is much better not to have sexually transmitted diseases at all. And for this it is very important to give enough attention to such an issue as the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases and AIDS. And if such a nuisance does happen, it is necessary to know what measures must be taken first to reduce the risk of complication to a minimum. In order to do this, you need to have at least some elementary ideas about what kinds of venereal diseases there are, what symptoms they have. This is necessary for you to be able to recognize the disease in time and take the necessary measures. Below, we will talk about "venereal diseases - symptoms and treatment".

Where can I go for help?

Diagnosis and treatment of sexually transmitted diseasesare the main profile of a dermatologist. If you live in a big city, where there is a dermatovenerologic dispensary, you need to go there. If there is no such in your city, then to the district clinic to see a dermatologist, a venerologist. A lot of people who get sick are concerned with the question of whether there is anonymous treatment of sexually transmitted diseases. Many people turn to paid clinics for the sake of anonymity. However, do not forget about this concept, as a medical secret. Information about your illness will never go beyond the doctor's office.

Types of sexually transmitted diseases

A group of infectious diseases thattransmitted during sexual contact, received the name of sexually transmitted diseases. Its name was given to venereal diseases in honor of the Greek goddess Venus, the goddess of love and carnal pleasures. At the beginning of this group of diseases, physicians included only four diseases, such as:

  • Syphilis
  • Gonorrhea
  • Shankroyd
  • Inguinal lymphogranulomatosis

Over time, as medicine develops andthe emergence of venereology as a full-fledged independent branch of science, it became clear to doctors that there are a huge number of other diseases that are transmitted through sexual contact. For example, such as:


Trichomoniasis is one of the most diseases,which are transmitted sexually. The causative agent of this disease is the vaginal trichomonas. When infected in men, the prostate gland and the urethra are affected, while in women, the vagina is affected. In men, in most cases, the disease is almost asymptomatic, but in women it occurs in a pronounced form. Symptoms of the disease are as follows:

  • Discharge from the vagina, having a greenish color and a very unpleasant odor.
  • The sexual organs itch, the woman experiences a burning sensation and terrible discomfort.
  • Also often women complain of severe burning and painful sensations during urination.
  • Attempting to have sexual intercourse also causes burning pain in the vagina.

Trichomoniasis is transmitted through biologicalfluid - sperm and vaginal discharge that occur during sexual intercourse. Women are exposed to infection more often than men, but they are the carriers of the disease in most cases. There is a certain probability that the disease can be infected by domestic means. However, in practice, such cases of infection are extremely rare and extremely rare. Trichomoniasis, like any other disease, is not immediately apparent. On average, the incubation period is about 10 days, but it can fluctuate significantly, both in the large side and in the smaller. It depends on many factors, primarily on how strong the immune system is in a person.


The main way of transmission of chlamydia issexual contact. However, in some cases, infection with chlamydia can occur by the household way, when using common household hygiene items. Also very often chlamydia occurs in children who sleep in the same bed with infected parents. The incubation period of this disease is approximately two weeks, but it can also vary slightly. Symptoms of this disease are very vague and can significantly develop in infected people. However, there are still a few common symptoms:

  • Isolation of the vitreous humor from the genitalia.
  • Also often sick people complain of burning of genitals.
  • Often noted with a urine when urinating.

In addition, often infected people complainon the deterioration of general health, a pronounced weakness, it is also possible that the body temperature rises to significant levels. If the disease is not diagnosed in time and the treatment is not started, chlamydia takes on a chronic form of the course. Particular cunningness of this disease lies in the fact that chlamydia affects not only the sexual organs, but also other vital systems - the respiratory, digestive, nervous systems, as well as the organs of vision, the liver and the gastrointestinal tract.

Genital herpes

Genital herpes can be asymptomatic for a long time, but all this time a person is a source of infection for other people. However, sooner or later the symptoms will appear:

  • There may be a slight increase in body temperature.
  • The appearance of bubble rashes on the mucous membranes of the genital organs.

Bubbles are filled with a clear liquid, closelybored, often merge into damp erosion. A sick person feels itching and burning. After a few days, the contents of the bubbles become cloudy, the bubbles themselves begin to burst, forming sores. About a week later, if the sores are not infected, the sores will be covered with crusts, which will soon disappear.

Genital Candidiasis

The causative agent of this disease are mushroomsthe kind of candidates who are popularly called "The Milkmonger". These fungi affect the mucous membrane of the vagina in women and the urethra in men. A man is often a carrier of the disease. However, it is necessary to take into account the fact that very often the disease is transmitted by the household way.

Pharmacological protection from venereal diseases

treatment of sexually transmitted diseases Of course, the best means of protectionis the observance of fidelity to one sexual partner. However, if this is impossible for some reason, care should be taken to protect both yourself and your partner. Nowadays, there is a huge amount of funds to protect against infection with sexually transmitted infections.


Condoms are perhaps the most affordable andsimple means of protection not only from unwanted pregnancy, but also from sexually transmitted diseases. However, you need to remember that the condom does not give 100% protection, but only 660 - 70% protects against sexually transmitted infections. The use of condoms has no contraindications, since almost never causes any side effects. The only complication that can cause in very rare cases the use of condoms is the development of an allergic reaction to the lubricant or the silicone itself, from which the condom is made.


Also widespread popularity and love among womenuse various spermicides, such as the Patent oval, Contraceptin, Pharmatex. Strictly speaking, these funds are contraceptive. However, manufacturers of spermicides claim that these funds exclude the possibility of contracting sexually transmitted diseases. However, the research was carried out under laboratory conditions, therefore it is not possible to assess really how much they effectively protect a person from infection with infections. Therefore, dermatologists recommend drugs for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases in combination with a condom.

Preventive measures after unprotected intercourse

If by coincidence, for some reasonreasons, you still admitted an unprotected sexual intercourse, you should immediately take care of taking urgent preventive measures. Drug prevention of venereal diseases often helps to avoid a large number of problems. Doctors - dermatologists advise in such situations to use the pharmacological drug Betadine. Betadine has a pronounced antimicrobial and antiviral effect against many pathogens of venereal diseases, for example, against gonococcal, trichomonads, genital herpes, pale treponema and some others. The drug should be used as follows. A woman during the first two hours should insert a betadine suppository into the vagina, and carefully treat the external genitalia, pubis and inner thighs with a liquid solution of betadine. The man should treat the penis with a liquid solution of the penis, scrotum and foreskin. In addition, the man needs to carry out the following procedure. Dissolve Betadin solution in equal parts with boiled water and enter into the urethra. Also, be sure to remember that this measure only reduces the risk of infection, but does not exclude it to the full. All means for the prevention of sexually transmitted diseases, used after sexual intercourse, still leave the risk of infection.

Treatment of sexually transmitted diseases

The main thing that needs to be remembered is thattreatment of sexually transmitted diseases should be carried out only after a preliminary examination and under the strict supervision of a physician-venereologist. It is extremely important to correctly diagnose a disease that is simply impossible for a person who does not have the appropriate medical education. And even more so, it is not even worth mentioning that the treatment of venereal diseases by folk remedies is not simply unacceptable, but extremely dangerous for human health. For a correct diagnosis, it is simply necessary to conduct a number of laboratory tests. Laboratory diagnosis of sexually transmitted diseases is vital, since it is impossible to make a diagnosis based only on the symptoms that the patient has. As mentioned above, many different venereal diseases have similar symptoms. Preparations for the treatment of sexually transmitted diseases should also be taken strictly according to the doctor's prescription, otherwise there will be no therapeutic effect from them. But the consequences can be the most unpredictable. After all, many drugs of this type are quite toxic. A dermatologist, however, selects an individual treatment regimen, taking into account all the peculiarities of the patient's state of health. If you want to overcome thrush once and for all, we recommend to . We advise you to read: