how to get anorexia "How do you get anorexia?" I really want that!"Unfortunately, hundreds of girls and women ask themselves this question every day. Doctors all over the world are sounding the real alarm - more and more women get anorexia. But anorexia, or, as it is sometimes mistakenly called, anarexia is a severe complex disease, and not a simple and harmless way to lose weight, as many women consider. Especially often the question of how to get sick with this very anorexia, young girls are puzzled, who tend to be as much like their idols. However, many of them are unaware that there is nothing good in anorexia. The only thing they notice is an external manifestation of anorexia - an excessively low body weight. However, this is not so. Virtually none of the people who have faced such an attack, like anorexia, are not at all happy about their disease and certainly are not proud of their ideal figure. On the contrary, they embarrass her, feeling still too fat. So, for example, an anorexic girl with an eight-meter height weighs only 50 kilograms, but, nevertheless, continues to consider herself excessively fat and unattractive. These fears take the form of real strongest phobias, turning the life of a sick person into a total hell. Getting rid of anorexia is not so easy, it's not a chronic cold, reminiscent of yourself several times a year. People with anorexia can not control their minds, thoughts and actions. All life and all the thoughts of the girls only about food and their weight: the kind of foods, counting calories, looking at imaginary folds on their body. And most often the disease does not leave a woman alone, even in a dream - she is tormented by the worst nightmares associated with her own body and food. Even in a dream in pursuit of an ideal figure, women are forced to count calories and plan their diet. As a result, a woman avoids sleep, her nervous system is further depleted - a kind of vicious circle turns out. A victim of anorexia can not lead a full-fledged way of life - to go on a visit, relax with friends. The disease simply - simply pulls a woman out of life, condemning her to loneliness and misunderstanding of the people around her - relatives, friends, co-workers. A woman with time can begin to consider, at least, strange. Moreover, anorexia is a real threat to the life of a woman, since with a very high probability of death can lead to death. It is anorexia among all psychological diseases that has the highest mortality rate. That's why if you or your relatives have symptoms of anorexia, you need to contact your doctor as soon as possible, without any delay. In order to recognize anorexia, you need to know at least the main signs of the disease. Only in this case it is possible to recognize the disease in time and take the necessary measures.

Symptoms of the disease

  • Dissatisfaction with its weight at its normal rates

The first sign of anorexia -Discontent of a sick person with their weight, often completely normal. The victim of anorexia constantly seeks to lose weight and the worst nightmare for her is to gain at least 10 grams. This fear completely drowns out all other emotions and thoughts. Incidentally, in almost all cases, the primary cause of anorexia is low self-esteem of the girl and discontent with her appearance. That is why it is very important for the parents of a teenage girl to maintain her high self-esteem with all available means. And then the question: "anorexia, how to get sick?" Will not stand in front of her.

  • Violation of the menstrual cycle

Another very vivid sign that a womansuffers from anorexia, is a persistent violation of the menstrual cycle - the absence of three or more menstrual periods in a row. As a rule, a gynecologist exposes a woman to the diagnosis of "amenorrhoea" if it is possible to cause menstruation only by introducing special hormonal preparations containing estrogen.

  • Excessive weight loss

And, of course, you can not talk about anorexiaIf the weight of a sick woman remains normal. A typical sign of this disease is a critically low body weight. However, remember that in the event that the disease was identified at the outset, a critical reduction in weight can be avoided if you seek help from doctors in time. Even if the ill girl refuses to ask for help from the doctors, relatives should visit the psychologist on their own - he will tell you how to act in this situation.

Types of behavior in anorexia nervosa

In many respects, the behavior of women with anorexia is very similar. And, nevertheless, doctors distinguish two basic types of human behavior:

  • Restrictive tactics

Women who chose this tactic of behavior,voluntarily and knowingly limit themselves to the amount of food eaten. Some will never eat a gram more. What can they afford by their own calculations. Such a woman will never allow herself to eat enough, but she is always in extreme fasting.

  • Cleaning tactics

In the same case, if a woman who is sickanorexia, she chose a different tactic of behavior, she will act as follows: to eat enough, not limiting herself in the amount of food, or in her form - it can be fatty, and sweet, and smoked dishes. However, immediately after eating, a woman induces vomiting, or abuses laxatives or enemas. Typically, these patients explain their actions as follows: "I'm afraid of getting anorexia," not realizing that they are already sick. how to get anorexia

Treatment of anorexia

Despite the fact that anorexia nervosa ispsychological disease, she, in contrast to, for example, depression or panic attacks, it is treated extremely hard. A universal medicine for anorexia does not exist - this is not a headache, for the elimination of which it is enough to take an analgesic pill. Treatment of anorexia is very long, and most importantly, a complex process that requires a lot of effort and time. First and foremost, doctors will prescribe a drug to a woman who has a fortifying effect on the body, as well as stimulating the work of the immune system. In the event that exhaustion is extremely severe, and the body of a sick woman is not able to take food, intravenous droppers with glucose, necessary for maintaining the vital functions of the body, will be prescribed to her. Otherwise, her life will be under real threat. Also, almost all women who suffer from anorexia, doctors prescribe antidepressants. And it's no accident - almost always anorexia goes hand in hand with depression. However, some doctors believe that the use of antidepressants is absolutely pointless, and their side effects can only worsen the situation. The most correct is to make a decision about the need for these drugs in each case individually, based on the state of health and psychological state of the woman. The same goes for tranquilizers. If the doctor deems it necessary, he will appoint them to the woman. Such drugs help a sick woman overcome a depressing sense of anxiety and anxiety. However, it must be borne in mind that tranquilizers cause very rapid addiction, so they can not be used for a long time. And, in addition, they should not be prescribed in any case to women who in the past suffered from drug and even alcohol dependence. In almost all cases, women with anorexia should take drugs that contain the hormone estrogen. After all, his absence leads to a huge number of very diverse complications, for example, such as:

  • Osteoporosis. The lack or lack of the hormone estrogen significantly increases the risk of developing a woman's osteoporosis, regardless of age.
  • Early menopause. As already mentioned above, anorexia almost in all cases leads to a violation of the menstrual cycle - menstruation almost completely disappear.

Introduction of the sick woman in the bodyThe artificially synthesized hormone estrogen helps to significantly reduce the risk of such complications. And the sooner such a treatment is started, the higher the effectiveness.

Myths about anorexia

There is a huge amount of anorexia aroundmyths. It is the lack of reliable information and leads to the fact that a huge number of girls just dream of getting anorexia. It is about these myths that will be discussed below.

  • Anorexia is a disease of the gastrointestinal tract

Very many people are firmly convinced thatAnorexia is one of the varieties of diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, like gastritis or the gastrointestinal tract. However, in fact anorexia to diseases of the gastrointestinal tract has nothing to do. Although, at the same time, practically all women suffering from anorexia are diagnosed with certain diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. And this is not surprising - because none, even the strongest and healthy stomach, simply can not stand constant starvation.

  • Anorexia does not affect metabolism in any way

Almost all women believe that anorexia noway does not affect the metabolism in the body. However, in fact, this is not the case at all - if the body does not receive the entire set of substances necessary for it, the imbalance is simply inevitable.

  • Admission of vitamins will help to avoid beriberi

There is also another very widespreada common opinion - taking multivitamin complexes can prevent the development of vitamin deficiency. But in fact, it's completely different. First, all multivitamin complexes are only an addition to those vitamins that a person gets with food. And secondly, a depleted body loses its ability to fully absorb vitamins.

Features of anorexia

It is very important that close people notice on timeproblem and took the necessary measures. In the event that the disease is seen at its early stage, there is a high probability that no medication will be needed. The diet will be restored, the appetite will return in full, and the body will again receive all the nutrients. In the event that the native people do not manage to influence the woman, they should seek help from a psychologist. Very often the problem can be managed only with the help of a specialist. In the same case, if anorexia does not arise because of the desire to get rid of excess weight, but because of the strongest stress situations - the death of a loved one, the loss of work, you may need the help of a psychiatrist. It should also be remembered that even children can face anorexia. And in all cases, when a child develops anorexia, adults are to blame. In no case is it inadmissible to force a child to do anything that he does not want, or try to "shove" into him more than he can eat. Such a line of behavior of adults can lead to the fact that the child will have a strong rejection of any food. And this rejection is formed on a subconscious level, the child can not control his reluctance to eat. I want to get sick with anorexia

Anorexia = the ideal figure?

A huge number of girls and women believe thatto achieve an ideal figure is possible only if you get anorexia. So this pathological "I want" arises. However, this is not so - after all, not all women, whom we see on the covers of many magazines, have anorexia. To do this, it is sufficient to follow simple rules. First, do not forget that a healthy diet is very important in the struggle for a beautiful figure. Replace high-calorie sweets for healthy fruits and vegetables, fried potatoes for cereals, mayonnaise for sour cream. Give up coffee in favor of juices, and from carbonated drinks in favor of clean drinking water. And, of course, do not forget that for a full functioning of the body and proper metabolism, it is extremely important to receive enough physical exertion. Of course, not everyone has enough will power to get up an hour earlier and go to the nearest stadium, or the time to visit the gym. However, to get out of public transport for a few stops earlier and walk on foot, or go out for an hour walk under the power of any of the women. Of course, for many women, such a way to find a good figure may seem too complicated, and they will prefer to follow an easier path - get anorexia. However, remember that this ease is deceptive, and the price for success will be too high - your health, and perhaps life. And when you come to your senses, you will face rather difficult tasks:

  • Restoration of normal operation of the gastrointestinal tract
  • Normalization of the full functioning of the kidneys and urinary tract
  • Normalization of the hormonal background of the body
  • Normalization of metabolism
  • Mental Health Recovery

All this takes a very long time,patience and effort. And there is not the slightest guarantee that doctors will be able to return to the woman her health in full. To the great regret, in most cases it happens that to the end to recover after anorexia to a woman simply fails. And as a result, instead of beauty and universal admiration, a woman receives a huge number of health problems and sympathetic views of the surrounding people. But surely a woman, saying "I want to have anorexia," did not mean it at all. So is the game worth the candle? No. Do not forget about it, lovely girls and women, think carefully before saying "I want". You are just as good as you are. We advise you to read: