reasons for the appearance of secretions with an acidic odor Any woman in the norm should be uninvited,mucous, with a faint smell of vaginal discharge (possibly whitish), which do not require the use of sanitary napkins. But the linen must be changed every day and monitor the purity of the genitals. From the middle of the cycle, white discharge becomes a little more plentiful, especially during a sexual act when a woman is excited. This is also the norm. The reason for addressing a gynecologist may be enough abundant white discharge with the smell of sour milk, accompanied in some cases by itching, unpleasant sensations, and even a change in color. Such discharges indicate inflammatory processes in the vaginal mucosa. The doctor examines the genitals, takes a swab on the flora and, based on the results of the smear test, will indicate the cause of the discharge. If an inflammation is found in the vagina, the gynecologist will determine the appropriate treatment. Thick white discharge with an acidic odor is most common with thrush, can be in the form of a cheesy plaque on the outer labia, inside the vagina, and is accompanied by itching, cuts and pains during intercourse and urination. The mucous membrane of the genitalia is covered with small cracks. Urogenital candidiasis, or simply thrush, is an inflammation of the genital organs in women and men, the causative agents of which are yeast-like Candida fungi. These fungi exist in the normal microflora of the vagina, large intestine and oral cavity of many completely healthy people. White discharge in pregnant women, having an acidic odor, in some cases very negatively affect the developing fetus. That is why future mothers need to carefully monitor their health. Causes, diagnosis, treatment and prevention of white discharge with a characteristic acidic odor - thrush.

Diagnosis is carried out through special studies

  • Examination under a microscope of unstained smears from the vagina
  • Inspection under a microscope of stained smears from the vagina
  • Mycological method of research - the definition of a variety of fungus that provoked thrush.
  • Do self-treatment with thisinfectious disease can not. After all, there may be several causes of white secretions with a specific odor, for example, a combination of candidiasis and bacterial vaginosis. Treatment should be performed only by a doctor-gynecologist, based on the results of the tests. on examination with a gynecologist

    Causes of white discharge

  • Weakening of general and local immunity,for example, due to a sharp change in climatic conditions of residence when moving, frequent intake of antibiotics of a wide range of effects, which leads to the destruction of beneficial bacteria along with harmful ones.
  • Hormonal modifications occurring in pregnant women in the flora of the vagina are more frequent in the last months of pregnancy.
  • Infection during sexual intercourse from a partner, while a man can only be a carrier of these fungi, without even knowing about the disease and not feeling uncomfortable.
  • Stressful situations.
  • Diabetes mellitus, HIV infection.
  • Despite the fact that thrush can also be transmitted during sexual intercourse, this disease does not belong to the group of sexually transmitted diseases, they have only similar clinical pictures.

    Treatment with white discharge with an unpleasant odor

    There are two main methods of treatment of candidiasis, accompanied by white discharge and unpleasant odor: medicamentous and with the help of traditional medicine.

  • Admission of medications
  • Undoubtedly, in the first place, treatment should begin with antifungal therapy, this will ease the condition after a few hours. Important: it is necessary to treat both partners, otherwise there will be no effect.
  • Treatment with folk remedies: douching and washing.
  • The most popular herb for thrush is daisypharmacy. 1-2 tablespoons of dried flowers should be poured with boiled water with a temperature of up to 50 degrees and insist for about half an hour. To wash off this tincture for the night. But herbal treatment is a long process and gives only a short-term effect. Douching with ordinary baking soda will be of great benefit. This product has the ability to restore the alkaline environment inside the vagina, destroy the yeast-like fungi Candida. To date, there are many modern, effective and safe for women's health medicines for treatment of thrush. When pregnancy is not recommended for internal reception of antifungal agents, it is better to use external solutions consisting of the same components as tablets, vaginal suppositories. It is very undesirable to engage in self-treatment with the appearance of white discharge from the vagina, because candidiasis is often confused with another very unpleasant disease - vaginosis. With this disease, there is also an itch and white discharge with a greenish tinge. Certainly to distinguish thrush from vaginosis is possible only through laboratory tests. And visually they differ only in smell - vaginosis inherent smell of rotten fish. Methods of disease prevention: Prophylaxis of candidiasis in most cases is not particularly effective. It can not be said with certainty that this disease will not appear again, but it is nevertheless recommended to adhere to certain preventive methods that sometimes yield good results:

  • Simultaneous treatment of both sexual partners in order to avoid subsequent infection of the milkwoman from each other.
  • Reception of strong antibiotics and antifungal agents.
  • Daily hygiene of the genitals.
  • Once a six months it is necessary to visit a gynecologist and take a smear on the flora and cytology from the vagina.
  • Make ultrasound of the mammary glands, small pelvis is desirable 1 time per year.
  • folk remedies for treatment of thrush

    Speed ​​and features of the spread of candidiasis

    The spread of the disease is often veryat a rapid pace. Small white cheesy discharge after a few hours are grouped around the mucous external genital organs, highlighting an unpleasant sour smell and unbearable itching. Acidic medium strongly irritates tissues, and as a result, many microcracks are formed on the mucous membranes, which will not last until the entire fungus is completely destroyed. Without drug treatment, thrush will only be after 2 weeks, while the mucous membrane of the genitals will be swollen, with a large number of sores, and healing will also take some time. In many cases, the rate of spread of the disease, as well as the subsequent healing of the vagina, depends on the woman's immune system, as well as on additional negative factors such as regular intake of strong drugs, washing with intimate hygiene products in which there are many flavors, and an unbalanced pH, frequent syringing. Normal white discharge, which is in all women, does not have an unpleasant, sharp odor. Therefore, when there are secretions with an acidic, specific odor accompanied by unpleasant sensations, you should immediately consult a doctor. It is not recommended to carry out treatment independently, it can subsequently make it difficult to determine the diagnosis by a specialist. If the right choice of treatment procedures is made, then a high degree of positive outcome of treatment (up to 90%) is possible.