how to remove the postpartum abdomen After delivery, young mothers begin especiallymeticulously treat their appearance, noticing even the most minor changes. Especially frustrated with their appearing on the body and stomach stretch, get rid of which is very difficult. And also, of course, and the missing waist. The stomach, so annoying young mothers, is not easy to eliminate. But with certain diligence it is still possible. Many women think about how to remove the belly after pregnancy, and here it is worth noting that the time that will take you to return the figure of the original species, depends on many factors. This is the age, the constitution of your body, and the muscle tone before delivery.

Tune in to a positive wave

The first six months after the birth ofa child to think about the traditional methods of losing weight - diet and sports - and even not worth it. After all, you are breastfeeding, which means that a balanced diet is necessary for you and the baby. About physical exertion can also be forgotten, because the postpartum period is quite difficult to tolerate the body. And all the additional stresses are contraindicated. Now your main task is not to get rid of the stomach, but to eat well and sleep enough to not succumb to postpartum depression and stress. Where is the way out, you ask? But he, strangely enough, very close. To begin with, you need to think about your figure and during pregnancy. Do special gymnastics, get an antenatal bandage that perfectly supports the abdominal muscles. Postnatal bandage is also good. In the period of breastfeeding it is he who will be the first step to the restoration of a slender figure. And the most important thing you need to do is to get rid of all stereotypes. For example, that a mother is a woman who gives all her time to a child. And it does not matter what her figure is. Always take the time to do yourself: go to the salon, do light gymnastics, go for a walk with her husband, leaving the baby in the care of her grandmother. Always imagine yourself slender and beautiful, tell yourself - "here comes the time, and I will definitely bring my figure in order, you just need to wait a little." That is, prepare yourself for what to do yourself more carefully and get rid of extra pounds you still have, and it will happen very soon. postpartum abdomen how to clean

How to remove the stomach after pregnancy?

It is worth noting that the flabby abdomen after childbirthYou should train not only for the sake of your aesthetic appearance, but also for improving your health. Those who have been in a relaxed state for a long time in the abdominal muscles can cause changes in the internal organs. As a result, there is a risk of uterine dysfunction, inflammation of the appendages and other unpleasant diseases. On the seventh-eighth month of the postpartum period, time comes for sports. Fitness, shaping, aqua-aerobics, swimming - see what a great choice you have! Each of these sports has its own advantages. Swimming, for example, will help you tidy up all muscle groups. Aerobics and shaping pumped the press, legs and chest. The main thing to do regularly and not give in to laziness. Do you remember that you promised yourself a few months ago? So, declare a boycott laziness! And everything will come out for sure! If you leave the baby with no one, you can do it at home. The first thing - the exercises for the press. Start gradually, making for one approach no more than ten rises. Further more. Increase the load a little, for example, for two or three lifts every day. These exercises are very effective. Over time, you are so used to them that you will not want to give up your studies even when your tummy is already back to normal. But this is for the better, so you will be sure that the flabbiness of the muscles is now not threatened at all. Do not forget about the chest, waist, hips. After all, you promised yourself to get rid of extra pounds, be slim and irresistible young mother!

Watch what you eat

If breastfeeding is already behind, you canthink about the diet. It is very helpful for separate food. And also the introduction of more vegetables, fruits and greens into the diet. We remove all high-calorie foods from the diet. Many mothers say they are very supportive of keeping a "diary of trips to the refrigerator." Always keep it close at hand, and it is best to hang it on the door of the "seducing" unit. And next to attach the best your photo or image of the outfit, which was seen in a fashion magazine, but you still can not get it. Believe me, this is very stimulating! Drink herbal teas. It is good in this case, broth of dogrose, mint tea, tea with chamomile. And try to eat the "right" food. Less than half-finished products, more self-cooked salads and dishes from quality products. Try not to eat after sunset, and if it really hurts hunger - eat an apple or drink a glass of yogurt. The main thing is to believe in yourself and never give up. Only in this case you will achieve an amazing effect and become even more beautiful than before pregnancy! We advise you to read: