elasticity of the skin of the face The skin of the face will reveal to others all your secrets. She can tell you how many cups of coffee you drink per day, whether you sit up late, playing computer games, whether you often go out into the open air and much more. Dark circles under the eyes, sluggish, loose skin and fine wrinkles are the consequences of your bad habits, unbalanced diet and irresponsible attitude to your own appearance. "Everything is ugly - impermanent, and beautiful - forever, except for the skin" - said the British writer Edith Sitwell. Under this sad observation, almost every woman in her thirties would have subscribed. Of course, "do not drink water from your face," as one more wisdom assures. But tell me, hand in hand, do not you want to be even more attractive, have a dazzling complexion and healthy skin? Do you want to? Then for the cause! Today we will tell you how to restore the elasticity of the skin of the face. how to restore elasticity to the skin of the face

Say no to bad habits

What needs to be changed in your life to look young and fresh again? To do this, you must meet several conditions:

  • Walk in the fresh air

It's no secret that in order to lookhealthy, our skin needs oxygen. Thanks to him, it is saturated with nutrients and looks young and supple. Unfortunately, we tend to sacrifice outdoor walks for the sake of extra work or so-called "rest" in front of a TV or computer monitor. In addition, in a modern metropolis, it is simply impossible not to experience constant oxygen starvation due to the huge number of cars. Therefore, if you want to return your skin elasticity, try to get out more often, at least for an hour's walk out of town or into the park.

  • Get enough sleep

In order for the skin to relax and recover,It takes at least seven hours (and even more) of continuous sleep. Which of us can afford such a wasteful luxury? Alas, a constant lack of sleep has long been the norm, and its consequences are instantly reflected on the face. Sluggish and flabby skin is a sure sign of lack of sleep.

  • Give up smoking

Under the influence of nicotine, small blood vesselsvessels narrow, and blood flow decreases. As a result, the skin experiences acute oxygen deficiency and loses its elasticity. Oxidation processes, which occur much faster in the skin of smokers, lead to its premature aging.

  • Do not abuse alcohol

Unfortunately, a rare event, be ita friendly meeting or a corporate party, a dinner for lovers or a family celebration, is dispensed today without taking alcohol. But even a single glass of wine starts the process of dehydration of the skin. On dry skin wrinkles and wrinkles appear, it becomes less elastic and even flabby. Do not underestimate our bad habits and think that a skillfully applied makeup or expensive cream will be able to hide the imperfection of the skin of the face. Beauty is work and responsibility. Do not test your skin for strength - give it the necessary nutrients and rest. We assure you, the result you will be satisfied.

Proper nutrition - a pledge of youthful skin

The basic rule that must be observed,if you are unhappy with your skin, it is to drink enough water. "Enough" means no less than two liters of ordinary drinking water per day. Dry skin is not elastic and elastic. Restoring the beauty of the skin and will allow a balanced diet. The following vitamins and trace elements will help your skin restore elasticity (turgor):

  • Vitamin A

It makes the skin supple and smooth, becausestimulates the production of collagen, which, as any woman knows, provides elasticity and strength of your skin. Yellow, green and red vegetables, fruits and berries, such as carrots, apricots, liver, cream and egg yolks, is a short list of foods high in vitamin A.

  • Vitamin B

It is he who is responsible for the preservation of water in the skincells, and therefore, increases its elasticity. Vitamin B is rich in potatoes, bananas, beans (and other legumes), eggplant and greens. Unlike vitamin A, which requires the absorption of fats, vitamin B is highly soluble in water.

  • Vitamin C

This powerful antioxidant acts as a protectiveA barrier that protects your skin from ultraviolet radiation. He also participates in the process of producing collagen and elastin. Therefore, make sure that in your diet there must be products rich in vitamin C (for example, greens, lemons, apples, kiwi, etc.).

  • Vitamin E

It is established that it promotes regenerationskin cells. That is why it is also called "tocopherol"; "Helping the birth." And we would call it a vitamin of unfading beauty and eternal youth. It is found in vegetable oil, spinach, Brussels sprouts and other products. Fatty acids and antioxidants are essential for the improvement of skin turgor. They provide a synthesis of collagen and allow the elasticity of the skin to return. So do not forget to include in your menu nuts (especially walnuts), pumpkin seeds and sunflowers, green vegetables, sardines and drink green tea (only not packetized, the use of which is zero). how to restore skin elasticity

Masks for the face - the main agent for maintaining the elasticity of the skin

To return the lost skin turgor will help mask forface. You can buy ready-made masks with lifting effect, and you can make them yourself at home. A necessary requirement for the components of masks is their freshness. Such masks, like a rescue service, restore elasticity and elasticity of the skin, and also have a nutritional and protective effect. When using masks, do not forget to observe the following rules: do not apply the mask to the skin near the eyes, apply it strictly on the massage lines, and while any mask is on your face, do not talk, frown or perform other mimic actions.

  • Mask based on egg white

The main ingredients are fresh egg white andrice or oatmeal. One protein grind with a tablespoon of flour (if there is no rice or oatmeal, take wheaten) so that a homogeneous (homogeneous) mass is obtained. For the best result, you can add a couple drops of fennel or rose essential oil. Blend the mixture evenly on the face. Wash off the mask with boiled water after it has completely dried. Then do not forget to use a moisturizer.

  • Mask based on gelatin

The main components are gelatin powder, kefir oryoghurt, oatmeal (if your skin is dry) or wheat flour (if the skin is oily). To one spoonful of gelatin, add a small amount of water and melt the swollen mass with a water bath. Add a spoonful of yogurt and a spoonful of flour. Wait for the mixture to cool, apply a moisturizer to your face and then a gelatin mask. After drying the mask, wash it off with a little warm boiled water. Instead of flour and kefir in gelatin, you can add a teaspoon of freshly squeezed lemon juice and a little glycerin.

  • Mask based on honey

The main components are honey, egg yolk,glycerol. One tablespoon of liquid (melted) honey carefully stir with the egg yolk of one egg and a tablespoon of glycerin. Apply the mass to your face. Rinse with boiled water after a quarter of an hour. Instead of glycerin, any vegetable oil (olive, almond, apricot, grape seed, etc.) will do. However, if you are allergic to honey, this mask is contraindicated to you. for the elasticity of the skin of the face

Gymnastics for the face: effectiveness is proven!

Gymnastics for the face, or face building, isan unusually effective means for increasing the tone and elasticity of the skin. Its undoubted advantage is also the fact that you do not need to purchase a subscription to the gym. Mirror and twenty minutes of free time, and you are armed with everything you need to start (and win!) The struggle for an elastic face skin. Be sure to rinse out the makeup and cleanse the face before starting to practice. So you give the skin the ability to breathe. Hands should also be clean. Sit on the edge of a hard chair facing the mirror, keep your back straight, unfold your shoulders. Try to perform exercises only in a good mood - experts in face building believe that this will increase their effectiveness, therefore, to restore the beauty of the skin will be easier. Each exercise must be repeated ten times. The simplest means for the elasticity of the facial skin is the tweezers. There is nothing complicated: lightly pinch the skin of the face in the direction of the massage lines, trying not to delay it. Five minutes of this self-massage is enough. A pinch massage causes a rush of blood to the skin of the face, which in turn increases its turgor. Gymnastics for the skin of the forehead

  • Place your palm on your forehead slightly above your eyebrows. Start raising and lowering your eyebrows. At the same time, your hand should press on the forehead so that you feel resistance.
  • With two fingers, press down on the inside tip of the eyebrow, move the eyebrows to the bridge of the nose. In this case, your fingers should be slightly resistant to the movement of the eyebrows.
  • Gymnastics for the eyes

  • Breathe in the air while opening your eyes wide. Hold this position for a couple of seconds and exhale.
  • Point, middle and ring finger, puton the bone under the eye. Look up and gently, so as not to stretch the delicate skin, tighten the lower eyelid, while closing the eye. Then slowly release the lower eyelid and open the eye.
  • Open your mouth, look up and quickly blink your eyes. The optimal result is achieved when performing this exercise several times a day for one minute.
  • Gymnastics for cheeks skin

  • Inflate cheeks, take them in the palm of your hand, hold your breath for a couple of seconds, sharply release air and relax the muscles of your cheeks.
  • Blow your cheeks and run the air first from side to side, then up and down and around. A total of ten times for each "direction" of the air.
  • Straightened palm cover your lips so thatyour fingers covered your cheeks. Smile. The cheeks will begin to rise. Apply light resistance to your fingers. When cheeks rise, relax. "Smile" ten times and change your palm.
  • Cover your upper lip with your lower lip, then vice versa.
  • Each gymnastic complex is completedexercise to relax the muscles of the face. Squeeze your lips and start blowing air through them. Lower your head and repeat. Feel the skin of the cheeks vibrate when the muscles relax. Now move your head in different directions, still blowing air through your lips. In addition to the tips given above, do not forget about the most basic things: do not expose your face to aggressive effects of cold or heat. In frosty weather, apply a cream-cryoprotectant, in the heat - sunscreen. Any woman on forces to turn back time and to return the lost youth of a skin again to become young and irresistible!