anti-cellulite vacuum massage Cellulite, which appears on the hips, buttocks,belly, - this is the problem that does not give rest to almost all the girls. Many believe that cellulite is formed solely because of excess weight. Immediately it is worth saying that this opinion is erroneous. Naturally, incorrect, irrational nutrition also contributes to the formation of cellulite, but its manifestation can also contribute to unfavorable ecology, and various diseases, and hormonal failures. Today we will talk about how to get rid of the "orange peel", using anti-cellulite vacuum massage - one of the most effective and simple techniques. But, before we start the story about this kind of massage, we would like to say a few words about female physiology. The connective tissue is located between the subcutaneous tissue (adipose tissue) and the upper epidermis, called the epidermis. It is the connective tissue that is responsible for tightness, elasticity and for the general condition and appearance of the skin. Men were luckier than they did to us - even with age, the quality of connective tissue does not change with them, but you can not tell about the girls - the strength and elasticity of the fibers is lost from year to year. However, this is justified, because in nature nothing happens simply: if the fabric was not subjected to changes, then women could not bear and bear children. But what can be done to prevent the appearance of cellulite and swelling? Massage comes to the rescue! It's time to discuss how to properly do it.

Features of anti-cellulite massage

Do not just say that massagebelongs to the number of those physiotherapy procedures, the effectiveness and value of which has been repeatedly proven over the centuries. It is true that it is much more important to trust a massage than to expensive methods, among which you can call LPG, or hardware massage, which helps not everyone. Naturally, we should not deny the opportunities of professional cosmetology, but not everyone can afford it. With the right approach, the benefits of home massage will be no less noticeable. Massage complexly affects all processes occurring in the body: it stimulates blood circulation, warms up the body, which in a complex allows burning excess fat accumulations. This kind of passive gymnastics will have a restorative effect on muscle mass. This is especially useful for those people whose way of life can not be called active. Massage perfectly combines with daily physical activity and cosmetic care. If you daily do anti-cellulite massage, working on problem areas, you will accelerate the processes of excretion of slags, cleaning tissues. In addition, the lymphatic system will be activated. Experts recommend that you self-massage after a workout to enhance its effect. vacuum anti-cellulite massage

Vacuum massage against cellulite

Before the procedure of vacuum anti-cellulitemassage prepare your body by performing a daily manual massage. To conduct it, you can use rollers, brushes or special massage gloves. Start to massage the body from the lower leg, gently stretching the leg from bottom to top, in the direction of the lymph flow. By the way, hands are massaged in the same way. And in any case, do not apply pressure on the skin strongly in those places where there are even weak manifestations of varicose veins. Such a massage should be done in the morning and in the evening, every day. Vacuum massage in the clinic Of course, if you are doing massage in the clinic, then its effectiveness will be slightly higher, because the expert is better versed in what parts of the body need more elaboration. The equipment allows you to adjust both pressure and intensity - all these parameters are set according to the sensitivity of your skin. Hardware massage is a gentle and accurate rolling of the skin in different directions. Massage is performed according to the principles of reflexotherapy, according to which the body surface is divided into separate zones. That vacuum, which is formed in the process of massage, affects all active points, which contributes to local healing, and also strengthens the body and relieves fatigue. Vacuum home massage by banks You can do vacuum massage and at home using simple cans. It is important to know that this procedure should be carried out very carefully and gently. You will need to purchase several polymer-glass or silicone cans, which are now sold in almost every pharmacy. In addition, you need an anti-cellulite warming cream and a few essential oils. Cellulite effectively fights orange and grapefruit oils. Vacuum massage from cellulite with the help of cans is carried out in the following way: banks are sucked into problem zones in such a way that a considerable tension is felt. After this, the can is moved by slow circular motions. In the process of such exposure, all fat cells are mechanically ruptured. However, the banks are very easy to overdo, and the massage itself is quite painful. Sometimes bright persistent bruises can be left on the skin - this is evidence of an incorrect procedure. Therefore, it is necessary to monitor the accuracy of the exercise and the correctness of the movements. Visit a doctor and he will show you how to do a can of massage. Do not forget to follow his recommendations! Honey anti-cellulite vacuum massage Honey vacuum massage - a pleasant way to combat the manifestations of cellulite. You will need lime or buckwheat honey, as well as a massage jar. First of all, take a bath to steam the skin. Take the honey and start slowly, in a circular motion, rub it into the skin on problem areas. Now take the jar and, gently pressing it to the body, massage the skin. Sometimes tear the jar from the body, then press it against the skin and continue to do the massage. Observe regularity and conduct the procedure twice a week. The general course of such treatment is two months. To enhance the effect, use good massage and anti-cellulite gels or creams. Adjust the intensity, paying attention to the features of your own skin. Excessively diligent massage can damage it, and noticeable bruises remain on the skin. It happens that the skin is not sucked into the jar. In this case, press it tightly to the body and with your finger push the skin inside the can, then it will quickly attach. vacuum massage from cellulite

Who does not have a vacuum massage?

Like any procedure, vacuum massage hassome contraindications due to its intensity. Massage is contraindicated in the presence of internal diseases and skin defects in problem areas. This includes urolithic and cholelithiasis, thrombophlebitis and tumors of various species. Vacuum massage against cellulite is forbidden for those who suffer from blood diseases and pronounced varicose veins. With increased sensitivity of the skin, massage is also not recommended. Pay attention: in the process of such anti-cellulite therapy, you do not need to massage the popliteal fossa, as well as the inner thigh, chest and stomach.

Body wraps against cellulite

The action of vacuum massage perfectly complementswraps, which today there are a lot of varieties. Wrapping effectively is that even in one session you can get rid of a couple of centimeters in the hips and waist. As a rule, this effect is achieved because of the abundant outflow of excess fluid from the tissues. All cosmetologists recommend to include this procedure in the program of anti-cellulite care. The simplest variant of wrapping is a wrap with a warming anti-cellulite cream. Do it this way: apply the cream on clean skin, properly distribute and rub it. Now, using a food film, wrap your hips and waist. To enhance the effect, lie down in bed and cover with a woolen blanket - you will begin to sweat actively. Together with the excess liquid will come out all harmful substances and slags. The effect of wrapping is similar to the effect of a Russian bath or sauna. To make home wraps, you can use various products, for example, honey in combination with mustard powder, a combination of coffee and massage cream (hope you know that caffeine is actively splitting fat). Often use the pulp of vegetables or fruits, greens, mummies - all this positively affects the shape and condition of the skin. Experts advise to carry out wraps before the procedure of massage. Anti-cellulite vacuum massage is what will allow you to maintain your figure in excellent condition. However, do not forget that this will help you only if you exercise every day (even if it is an ordinary warm-up), periodically go for jogging and, of course, eat right. Influencing your body in a complex way, you will very soon notice pleasant changes in your appearance. You can be proud not only of impeccable forms, but also of your purposefulness and perseverance.