makeup mistakes Without which there can not do any self-respectingfemale? That's right, without a spectacular make-up. But only not every one of us is able to apply it competently, highlighting advantages and hiding shortcomings. And they spend on all sorts of shadows-powder-lipsticks inconceivable means, and all this wealth is superimposed on the face of a generous, unwavering hand. And here comes another "victim of cosmetics" on the street - such an unbearably beautiful, so elegant and confident that according to the law of the cinematic genre, the male sex simply has to fall at her feet and piles of itself to form. But instead of admiration people ask themselves the question: why did she do it, why did she make up so much? Errors of makeup - that's what can reduce to zero absolutely all the efforts to look "one hundred percent". No matter how stylishly and fashionably we are dressed, the person, spoiled by improper makeup, will spoil the whole impression. It's no accident that applying make-up is considered akin to art, stylists and make-up artists learn the subtleties of their profession for years. But it does not have to be a professional to know how to make eye make-up correctly, how to properly dye your eyebrows and apply blusher. Sometimes it's enough just to avoid the most frequent mistakes in applying make-up, learn simple rules and understand what is right for you.

Face cream and powder

You want to see what is under the mask, but - alas ...One of the most common makeup mistakes is a thick layer of makeup in the form of a foundation or powder. There is nothing surprising in this: the girls try to mask absolutely all the defects of their skin, even those that were invented by themselves. Thanks to this love for the application of the entire existing home of cosmetics, the stable expression "kilogram of plaster on the face" appeared. And if we do not want someone to think of taking this phrase to us, we urgently learn moderation and common sense in the process of using cosmetic miracle means. The tonal cream and powder are invented in order to level the color of our face, and not to create an effect of unnatural whiteness, or, on the contrary, the swarthiness of the skin. So when choosing the above means do not make a mistake with the tone, if you do not want to get the "mask" line along the contour of the face oval. Believe me, even if at home in front of a mirror the difference in the color of the face and the rest of the skin is not particularly noticeable, then in the street, in daylight, you will look ridiculous and funny. If you are at a loss with the choice of powder color, try this trick: touch it with your finger and touch your forehead. If the point has become invisible - buy, without hesitation. how to make eye makeup


Are you a fan of scarlet cheeks and bright blush? You do not have time to run to the store for a new portion of blush, to again cover their cheekbones, cheeks and (oh, horror!) Skin near the ears? Congratulations, you are clearly an applicant for the title of "Matryoshka of the Year". Unfortunately, red-cheeked beauties are not in a trend now, and therefore you need to learn how to use your favorite blush competently. And to draw strange strips of blush across the cheekbones is not at all, because the strips perfectly fit zebra, but not you. Find the right line of cheekbones, and then you will not only emphasize the contour of the face, but also add warmth and natural beauty to the skin. If you have problems in determining this line, then we will help you quickly and easily learn how to do this:

  • Go to the mirror and smile broadly. Your cheeks are rounded - find the highest point of roundness, touch it with your index finger.
  • With your thumb, touch the top of your ear, pull up your index finger: you just got your personal line of cheekbones!


For some reason, most women are sure thatbright red lipstick applied to the lips in several layers - just the top of beauty and sexuality. Looking at erotic melodramas and reversals in glossy magazines, these ladies are ready to even sleep with succulent red lips (how little will it turn out all night ?!). That's just about one did not think the fateful beauties: the image of a female vamp, so widely used in the fashion industry and cinema, in ordinary life can look stupid and inappropriate. Nobody argues with the fact that red lipstick - it's sexy, but if you are sure that men are not able to resist a woman with blood-red lips, then you are deeply mistaken. Here are the most popular statements of men in various forums on this matter:

  • Few of the women are wearing red lipstick. Much more often you can see girls who look vulgar and ridiculous with bright red lips.
  • And you tried to kiss a girl whose lipssmeared with a thick layer of red lipstick? And do not try, the test is not a pleasant one: not only will you have to eat a pound of lipstick during a kiss, so then you will long cleanse your face.

Of course, red lipstick is a classic of the genre,but it needs to be able to use. An inaccurately superimposed thick layer of bright lipstick is the most common mistake in makeup. Do not zealous with the amount of lipstick and do not increase the excess of the lip contour - otherwise instead of a sexual seductress you will turn into a vulgar person showing signs of aging. In the end, there are many shades of red lipstick: one is bright red, one is purple, and the third is a delicate scarlet lipstick. Find your color - so you will definitely avoid the possibility of appearing as a "painted doll". how to do eye makeup


Many girls know how to make their owneyes expressive and sexy. First of all - this is the magic effect of "smoky eyes", like Angelina Jolie, then - the arrows in front of eyes, like Brigitte Bordeaux, and, finally, false eyelashes, like Lady Gaga. But since they can not stop their choice on only one of these tricks, then with enviable enthusiasm they apply all of the above to their eyes. What do we have at the output? A sort of Bordeaux-Jolie-Gaga, or, more simply, a panda with eyes painted in dust and dust. Moreover, such mistakes makeup are very often. And no matter how much she likes herself at this moment, the owner of "charming eyes", she will make an impression on others around her. Of course, if you belong to the subcultures of emo or ready, then this make-up will fit well into the concept, but if all these efforts are just for the sake of beauty - then you have obviously miscalculated. Even if you are a true master and have performed complex smoky eyes and thin arrows perfectly (and this is not easy!), You will look just vulgar and tasteless. And otherwise it's sloppy too. To avoid this, remember the basic rules of make-up for the eyes:

  • a combination of the color of the shadows and the color of the eyes;
  • obligatory feathering of borders between shadows of various shades;
  • neat arrows;
  • fluffy, and not stuck together from the carcass eyelashes;
  • moderation of colors for daytime make-up and "competent" brightness for the evening.


"Mamash, you'll get her eyebrows!""- these words were screamed by Marfushenka-darling to her mother in the film-tale" Morozko ", demanding immediately to cover beautiful, natural eyebrows Nastenka. Strangely enough, but the children's fairy tale to many and could not explain that the abundant cosmetics on the eyebrows - it's not good. After all, even the most sophisticated make-up can ruin just the wrongly drawn eyebrows. Naturalness and naturalness are always in fashion, and so do not try to shape the eyebrows with a bright pencil, and even a solid line. It is best to use special eye shadow for eyebrows, with them makeup will turn out so natural that no one will guess about some form correction there. If you prefer a pencil, then choose a tone that is close to the color of the hair: too light will look unnatural, and the dark one will make you older. And try to draw eyebrows with strokes, so they will look much more natural. And, of course, you need to draw well-formed, plucked eyebrows. Something to draw on thick, overgrown and sloppy eyebrows - all the same, that to try on the image of General Secretary Brezhnev. So why is makeup so important for any woman? Of course, because it helps to become sexier and more beautiful. That's just the mistakes in makeup can ruin the whole impression! Try, experiment, take into account other people's mistakes. The main thing is that to look at you, no one came up with the idea: why did she do it? We advise you to read: