how to make a face mask at home Since ancient times, women of all agesattach great importance to their appearance, putting a lot of effort to look beautiful and well-groomed. The battle is fought on all fronts: it's important for us not only to dress fashionably, but also to keep the figure, skin, hair, nails in perfect condition. We use for this purpose all methods and methods, without regretting the means and time, sometimes forgetting about the simplest and most accessible assistants. For example, to ensure that the condition of the facial skin pleased us, it is enough to accustom ourselves to make regular masks at home from improvised means. We can use our own kitchen and bath not only for their intended purpose, but also as a cosmetology room. Cosmetic face masks at home are one of the most accessible and useful procedures for caring for women of any age, wealth and marital status. Based on the condition of the skin and the number of years, charming ladies can always choose among the huge variety precisely those in whose actions they are most interested. Masks are: cleansing, softening, whitening, nourishing, anti-inflammatory, tonic, moisturizing. In addition, distinguish masks for young and aging skin. When choosing the mask you need, focus on the type of your facial skin: for oily, dry, combination, normal and sensitive, they will differ.

Small tricks of simple solutions

All young ladies will agree that taking care of themselvesIt gives special pleasure not only to the visible result obtained. This is also the time that we give and dedicate completely to ourselves, beloved. In the conditions of his own home, this is even more important. After all, here we behave most naturally: we can include our favorite tunes, which we will listen during the procedures, dress in comfortable clothes for us, or even stay in negligee. We are completely free in our actions and possibilities. However, before proceeding to the ritual procedure of the procedure for the face skin at home, find out from us what subtleties are in this pleasant lesson.

  • Regularity and duration

To achieve and maintain the best resultenter for a rule to make the masks regularly. You can even make a table for yourself, so as not to forget, the order and the number of masks done. For example, a week you need to make one cleaning mask, two whitening, nutritious mask and three moisturizers. Remember that any procedure for skin care is preferable to follow the course. If you have chosen a specific nutritional mask recipe, perform a minimum of ten procedures before starting another prescription with a similar effect. Except when it became clear from the first time that the mask does not fit: as an option, when allergic reactions occur.

  • Cleansing

We do not forget that a person should be trained tocosmetic manipulation: it should not have decorative cosmetics. Collect hair so that they do not interfere with you and do not get dirty about the mask applied to the skin. After that, you can wipe your face with an additional cleanser: lotion, tonic, micellar water. You can pre-make a peeling or scrub for the skin, but without abuse: once or twice a week will be quite enough.

  • Technology of preparation, application and removal

Try to use only the freshest andquality ingredients for use in their future mask. Since all the proportions are given approximately by the eye, you can get a volume that is larger than necessary. Next time, reduce the number of products used, and discard the excess without regret and do not store. Harm this mask, most likely does not cause, but the benefits of it after several hours of storage already, too, to wait meaningless. In addition, many masks can simply stiffen or wither, making it impossible to use them. Therefore, it is best to use masks prepared at home (especially from fresh fruits and vegetables) better soon after they are created. To make cosmetic masks, it is better not to use iron or wooden utensils. For them, a glass, faience or plastic container is more suitable. Mask the skin on the massage lines, and not against them: by this you will avoid the wrong impact and stretching, which does not provoke the appearance of wrinkles. Use your own fingers or pick up a brush. Make sure that everything is always perfectly clean. Do not apply a mask to the skin of the face on the skin near the eyes and lips. These areas are very delicate, thin and for them a slightly different care is selected. At this time, you can put cotton pads, soaked in broths of herbs or tea. Be careful: they should not be too hot. Remove the mask with gentle and gentle movements, also avoiding aggressive action on the relaxed skin. Use if necessary water is the most comfortable temperature for you, but not hot. After you have removed the remains of the mask from the face, the skin does not need to be wiped dry - let it dry naturally. You can even sprinkle it with herbal broth or thermal water. It will only benefit. After the skin has dried, put on it a face cream suitable for the type of skin or time of day.

  • Aura

Despite the fact that you are going to carry out careat home, create yourself a magical atmosphere: mute the light or light the candles, turn on the aroma lamp and soft music, lie on the sofa or just in a foam-filled bath, relax. At this time you can abandon the worldly bustle and worry about daily bread - it's yours and only your time. Cosmetic masks do not last long - you will be separated from the world for a period of 15 to 20 minutes. It is so much time necessary for the effect of the mask on the face to get the claimed effect, so it takes longer to keep it on the skin. Do not be lazy to do masks and other cosmetic procedures at home, creating a proper atmosphere: the right selection of entourage is very beneficial for the final result. how to make a face mask

Recipes for face masks for all occasions

Now you know all the nuances of how correctlyTo conduct sessions of cosmetic masks at home, and the matter is left for small. You already want to choose the most suitable recipes for you and start acting. We are ready to share with you our knowledge and tell about the most interesting and effective for the face skin masks. Cucumber masks To often hear from your home and all other people in your address compliments that you are fresh as a cucumber, start making facial masks from it. With the help of cucumber juice and pulp, you can perfectly refresh your complexion, cleanse your skin, tone it and narrow your pores.

  • Cleansing effect you get, if you trydo the following procedure: simply remove the skin from the cucumber, grind it with a blender or with a fine grater, add the egg white and mix the mass until smooth, then apply it to the face.
  • Pale age skin will shine if you mixcrushed cucumber pulp with a teaspoon of honey. Unfortunately, this mask should not be done by young ladies and individual intolerance to honey, and also to those who suffer from couperose.
  • Does your skin suffer from acne? You will cope with it without difficulty even at home as follows: chop the cucumber pulp with lemon juice, and then apply the mixture to the site of rashes. Soon this problem will stop bothering you, the pimples will go unnoticed, and then disappear completely.
  • Fresh and healthy complexion you will get thanksuse the pulp of the cucumber, which you need to grind and mix with about 1 tablespoon of white clay. You should have a consistency of thickening sour cream so that the mask does not drain off the skin.
  • Banana masks Now this is quite familiarfor us a fruit, and not something exotic. We were able not only to love the tender and sweet taste of bananas, they began to respect them for the set of useful substances that our body needs, and now we can appreciate at home its remarkable cosmetic properties.

  • Your skin needs nutrition - it means it's cometime to clean the banana. Razumnite the flesh to the state of uniformity, pour 2 tablespoons cream of any fat content and put 1 tablespoon of honey. Again, mix everything thoroughly. After the mask you will see that the fine wrinkles are smoothed out, the complexion is improved.
  • Cope with the increased fat content of the skin of the face to ushelps the banana in a mixture with egg whites and a teaspoon of lemon juice. This mask also has the property of slightly lightening our face. If you replace the lemon juice with an orange, the mask will have a toning effect, which makes it possible for girls to use any type of skin.
  • A mask with a rejuvenating effect can be preparedfrom a banana and the following products: 2 tablespoons of natural yogurt, a teaspoon of honey and chopped oatmeal. All components should be mixed until a dense plastic mass, which will be pleasant to apply to the face.
  • For happy owners of normal skinyou can at home make a course of masks from a banana and one of the following sour-milk products: sour cream, curdled milk or kefir. For young ladies with skin prone to dryness, you can add yolk to this mask.
  • Apple masks Do you want your cheeks to belike a filling apple? Then you need a mask based on this delicious fruit. Availability of this product on our table almost all-the-year-round makes it possible to use it for your own care in any home, every housewife. When making masks, remember that the apple quickly begins to darken, so you should be skill and speed when using these useful procedures.

  • The apple should be rubbed and mixed quickly with a teaspoon of sour cream, then applied to the skin. This mask is for girls with normal and dry skin. She perfectly nourishes and moisturizes her.
  • Girls suffering from severe dry skin of the face,just have to try on yourself the following beauty recipe: rub the apple, peeled off, add vegetable oil about a couple of teaspoons, mix and apply the mixture on the prepared face. Experiment with olive, sesame, linseed, apricot, peach oils, as well as with avocado oil or macadamia.
  • You love cottage cheese with fruit, for example,with an apple? It's just fine. Next time, when you make yourself a useful dish, slice the apple a little more than you need to add to the food. Add there a couple of tablespoons of cottage cheese - and you get an excellent mask that can moisturize any type of skin very quickly.
  • All ladies without exception, a mask fromapple, prepared according to the following recipe: a well-washed apple should be baked, cooled, peeled from it and extracted seeds. Pullet the meat carefully and add the beaten egg chicken. Velvety and tenderness of your skin will please you, and you will definitely want to repeat the procedure repeatedly.
  • List in one article all the recipes of masks,which can be done at home, of course, is not possible. We are sure that among the recipes described in this article you will find the most necessary and effective ones for yourself. Do not delay the matter in a long box - start the course of masks today. In a few days you will see the first pleasant results, and the admiring views of others will also tell you.