masks from bruises under the eyes These acquaintances and such hateful bruises undereyes ... You get up in the morning - the mood is fine, there are many plans, you approach the mirror, and ... no, you do not smile at the new day, but become sad and irritable - these eternal bruises! But this "decoration" of a person can signal about health problems. In order to get rid of them, you first need to understand the reasons for the appearance.

Causes of bruising

Have bruises appeared? Are not removed by any methods? Probably, problems with kidneys begin. The metabolic process in the body is broken, excess fluid is not excreted, but accumulates in very interesting places - for example, under the eyes. In this case, usually bruises are accompanied by "bags" under the eyes and a general swelling of the face. Bruises can appear from a lack of oxygen in the blood - it means a problem in the cardiovascular system. There are no obvious bruises under the eyes, and the color of the skin in this place leaves much to be desired? Go for a medical examination! You may have blood flow problems. If the color of the bruises is yellow-brown, then check the liver and gall bladder. And in the case of glamorous pink tint - the bladder. Applying to a doctor, you can exclude (or confirm) your suspicions. Only after a thorough examination can we begin to fight against shortcomings. But most often, the appearance of bruises under the eyes, the swelling of the eyelids is the result of a happy night and lack of sleep. And, if you went to bed yesterday at 23-00, and had a sound sleep, it does not change anything. Maybe two days ago there was a enchanting party, you went to bed in the morning and went to work after 2 hours ... And the body remembers everything, and immediately responds to such situations. "Natural makeup" can appear due to nervous breakdowns, experiences, shocks and simply from depression. Therefore, check whether the body rests, sleeps or simply obeys your schedule. Sometimes the fight against bruises is a rest. mask from bruises under the eyes

Ways to eliminate bruises under the eyes

Visiting a cosmetologist is an expensive but effectivemeans. Professional doctors will perform a number of procedures and help get rid of problems on the face. But if the plans for a trip to the beauty salon does not fit, then you can buy cosmetics in stores - special masks. Pay attention to the following:

  • The composition should include caffeine (improves skin tone), green tea extract (draws off excess fluid), collagen (makes the skin supple) and manganese;
  • The shelf life of such funds should not be more than three months.

Mask of sage There are folk remediesagainst this "beauty", they are checked by time and by our grandmothers. Worse will not be exactly, but to improve the condition of the body and turn your face "into a sweet" it will turn out. For example, when there are bruises under the eyes, make a mask from the sage infusion - the herb is sold in pharmacies, it is brewed in a water bath strictly according to the instructions and with cotton swabs in a warm form is superimposed on the eyes - so as to completely capture the space and around them. A part of the infusion is cooled and after a ten-minute warm mask apply at the same time cold - change it seven times. In three days, bruises will completely disappear, and with them swelling. Sour cream Mask Perfectly improve blood circulation, restore skin color, save bruises under the eyes of the mask as follows: 2 teaspoons coriander ground, as much grated cucumber, mix everything in 1 tablespoon sour cream. Such masks should be applied to the surface around the eyes at night, after fifteen minutes, rinse with warm water and lubricate the skin with a moisturizing cream. Awesome effect! Potato mask From the swelling, grated raw potatoes, attached to the eyes for literally twenty minutes - just lie down in the dark, under pleasant music and relax. The result will be a light skin whitening. And you can make a petrushe mask - cut the leaves of parsley finely (you can take both curly and usual) and lie down with this composition on the eyes of the right time, wash off and smile - in the morning there will be no edema and bruises! In any case, from the problems that spoil your appearance you need to get rid of! To be beautiful and in a good mood is work, and "beauty requires sacrifice." Sacrifice your time and patience, and you will be irresistible! We advise you to read: