how to make your face look perfect According to recent studies by psychologists,good and beautiful skin of the face and body is about 50% of your impression of the appearance of another person. Moreover, beautiful skin, which does not require any cosmetic masking, significantly increases self-esteem and adds self-confidence. Beautiful skin is the dream of many women, and, undoubtedly, each of us seeks to make it so at home. Smooth, even skin of a pleasant color without defects indicates the health of a person, because any internal problems are displayed, first of all, on the skin. How to make the skin of the face perfect? To do this, she needs proper care. In the morning and evening, at home, we are used to doing the same skin care rituals, but they must be different. In the morning the skin requires cleansing, toning and moisturizing, but in the evening instead of moisturizing it needs food, it's completely different things. In addition, many people think that washing with tap water benefits the skin and cleans it well. However, the water that flows from our faucets is very far from ideal and only once again overdry the skin. Good masks for facial skin care are masks, creams and compresses prepared at home. After all, they are no worse than advertised branded products, and, due to the naturalness of their components, even better. In beauty salons provide a full range of facial skin care, but you can repeat all these procedures with no less success at home. So, what is necessary for our skin and how to properly carry out the necessary procedures?

Definition of skin type

How to make the skin of the face perfect, will tell the typeyour skin, it also helps to choose the right means for care. To determine which type of skin your skin has, make a simple test. After 2 hours after washing, attach a pocket mirror to the skin. If there are pronounced sebum marks on it, then your skin is oily. If the allocation is very scarce, then the skin is likely normal. And if there are no spots at all, then you have dry skin. If the skin on the cheeks leaves no traces, but on the chin and forehead has sebaceous discharge, then this type of skin is called combined.

  • Normal skin of the face

This type differs smoothness, elasticity andelasticity, lack of dryness and peeling, as well as the release of sebum. The skin has a natural uniform shade, good blood supply. It has no pronounced expanded pores and flaws. This type of skin is rare today, this is due to the ecological situation, the way of life of modern man.

  • Oily skin

Characterized by increased release of fat,excessive glitter, numerous shortcomings due to plugging of dilated pores. It often manifests inflammation, black spots and blackheads. The skin is dense and rough. However, it has one essential advantage: this type of skin undergoes aging and wrinkles later than others, thanks to strong nutrition and moisturizing.

  • Dry skin

Such skin is thin, matte, prone to drynessand peeling, quickly becomes covered with wrinkles. It reacts strongly to any weather or temperature changes, sensitive, may have redness, etc. At a young age, this skin is very beautiful, but it begins to grow old before all other types. Dry skin requires intense moisturizing and nourishment, which does not get natural.

  • Combined skin

Today, it is the most common type of skin. It has all the signs of dry skin on the cheeks, around the eyes, but it differs fat and problem in the T-zone - on the forehead, nose and chin. Care for this type of skin should combine the means for dry and oily skin at the same time. perfect face skin

Age-related facial skin care

It should be remembered that those funds, whichit is enough for a skin of the face in a youth, any more will not help or assist you at its or her withering. Therefore, many drugs, creams and masks, skin care lines have an age distinction. At a young age the skin receives all the necessary substances, the blood under the skin circulates well, its nutrition, even of a dry type, occurs at the proper level. Skin aging by biological measures begins at 15-16 years. But the manifestations of aging can not affect the appearance of the skin up to 30 years, it depends on the type of skin and the predisposition of the body. With age, any type of facial skin changes toward the dry skin. And if you had a fat, problem or combined skin, then at adulthood, it will change to normal and dry. However, dry skin in this case will cause more trouble, on it the age changes, wrinkles, and ecdysis will begin to appear first of all. This is due to insufficient provision of natural nutrition and moisturizing the skin, thickening of the stratum corneum, slowing down the regeneration process. If in youth the skin was well-cleaned and easily moistened, then mature skin needs much more thorough care. There are whole lines of cosmetics designed specifically for mature skin. At the age of the skin needs strong moisturizing, and not only by external cosmetic means, but also by internal ones. Ideally, it is worth taking a vitamin complex and drinking enough water every day. In addition, the skin needs nutrition, which can be provided by various procedures - masks, compresses.


How to achieve perfect skin? The very first step to this is purification. Proper cleansing, in the morning and in the evening, is a pledge of clean and even skin, on which there will be no various shortcomings. Cleansing is necessary even for those who do not use makeup, because it removes sweat from the skin, dirt, dust, sebaceous secretions. Some skin cleansers can easily be replaced with cooked at home. Let's list the most popular means for cleansing:

  • Washing with water

Tap water, especially in combination with soap,can greatly dry the skin. However, it is washing that suits the owners of oily skin, because no other remedy will clear the sebaceous secretions from the skin and will not open the pores. If you prefer washing with other procedures, you should use for this purpose boiled or mineral water, herbal decoctions, and baby neutral soap.

  • Gels and foams

These gentle means for washing help wellcleanse the pores without drying the excess skin at the same time. You can choose a remedy depending on the type of skin of the face. Gels are more suitable for oily skin or combined, but for dry and normal skin, tender cleansing creams are preferred.

  • Milk and cream

These remedies will help to remove make-up from the skin of the face andcentury, while moisturizing it well. They are applied evenly to the skin, as if grasping all the dirt and cosmetic products, which are then easily removed with a cotton pad or swab. They are ideal for dry and mature skin.

  • Lotions and tonics

These funds are with and without alcoholhim. Alcoholic remedies are good for oily skin, since it is well cleaned and disinfected, and for normal and dry skin, tonics and lotions without alcohol are suitable. At home, lotions can be replaced with lemon juice or decoctions and infusions of medicinal herbs.

  • Scrubs and peelings

Such funds are intended for deeppurification, they should be used no more than twice a week. It is also worth choosing a skin type, if it is dry, then gentle, non-aggressive peeling will work, but for scrubbing, scrubs, which cleans the skin well from the keratinized cells, are suitable. Do not use such scrubs for the skin with dilated capillaries and vascular asterisks. how to make your face look perfect at home

Moisturizing and nourishing

The skin should be well moistened, regardless ofits type. For moisturizing and nourishing, creams and masks, compresses and oils, as well as a variety of other means are intended. They will help prevent the premature appearance of wrinkles, give the skin tone and elasticity, improve the complexion. It is best to apply moisturizers immediately after the cleansing procedure to slightly moist skin, so they will be much more effective than those applied to dry skin. In addition to the daily application of moisturizing, softening and nourishing cream, several times a week pamper your face with masks that can perform a variety of functions - from deep cleansing to intensive nutrition and moisturizing the skin. Masks for facial skin How to make your face look beautiful and eliminate flaws? This mask will help with the face. Ready masks can be purchased at any cosmetic store or pharmacy. Undoubtedly, they will be effective. However, how to make your face look perfect at home? There are many popular recipes for masks that will give no less effective effect, and also consist of 100% natural ingredients and contain no chemical additives and preservatives.

  • Mask with egg for normal skin

It will take: yolk of one chicken egg, one tablespoon of sour cream and carrot juice. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until a uniform mass is formed, apply to the face, avoiding areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 20-30 minutes, then you need to wash it well with running water. This tool will give the skin a uniform color, smooth out fine wrinkles, well nourish and moisturize.

  • Mask with cottage cheese for dry skin

It will take: one tablespoon of fat cottage cheese, honey and warm milk. Mix the ingredients thoroughly until a uniform mass is formed, apply to the face, avoiding areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 15-20 minutes, after that it is necessary to wash it well with running water, apply a moisturizing cream. Cottage cheese and milk will well nourish the skin, give the effect of whitening and smoothing the tone, and honey has medicinal properties.

  • Mask with yeast for oily skin

It will take: a tablespoon of dry yeast, three tablespoons of kefir, one teaspoon of lemon juice, a couple drops of hydrogen peroxide. Mix thoroughly the ingredients before forming a foamy mass, apply on the face, avoiding areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 10-15 minutes, after that you need to wash it well with running water. This mask will remove the pores, whiten the skin, eliminate fat.

  • Mask for combination skin

It will take: a tablespoon of wheat dry bran, one teaspoon of honey and lemon juice. Chop the bran into a powder. Mix the ingredients thoroughly, apply to the face, avoiding areas around the lips and eyes. The mask should act for 15-20 minutes, after that you need to wash it well with running water. The mask clears the T-zone, but will give the necessary nutrition to dry skin on the cheeks. We advise you to read: