how to make hair removal painless No one doubts that the life of modernwomen is complex and unpredictable. Not only should she be able to combine the incompatible - home and career, so she still has to take care of herself and her appearance, repelling the first signs of aging and wrinkles. In addition, her life significantly complicates the whole crowd of irreconcilable enemies of skin smoothness - these are five million hairs that cover the body of a woman. And very often the confrontation is not in favor of multiplicity: there are more than thirty ways to combat unwanted hair on the body. And the procedure for hair removal in beauty salons and hair removal at home, waxing can be carried out with equal success. What is right for you is up to you. Experiment and choose! But for any woman, the question of how to get rid of those painful sensations that occur in most types of depilation is very relevant. And this is quite natural. Pain from depilation is strong enough. And who consciously goes for pain, which can be avoided? Of course, except for women, striving for the ideal of beauty at any cost.

Epilation and depilation: difference

First, let's find out what exactly isdepilation, and what is depilation. Both these concepts are constantly on hearing, but do all women know what they mean? The difference between these concepts is this: depilation does not affect the hair follicle, which means that the effect of this procedure is not too long. But it has one important plus - it is carried out almost painlessly. Epilation does allow to destroy the follicle, hair, of course, will not disappear forever, but the effect of smoothness of the skin, therefore, is significantly prolonged. But be prepared for the fact that in this case the pain will be strong enough. But pain is exactly what we are trying to avoid, is not it? However, for women who must manage everything and everywhere, depilation at home is almost the only way to keep your body in an ideally smooth state. Therefore, we will tell you how to make hair removal yourself, without resorting to the services of various beauty salons. This will help you save not only time, but a significant amount of money. how to painlessly make hair removal

What procedures can be performed at home?

  • Shaving of hair

Shaving is the simplest, cheapest, easy, but,alas, a short-term way to do hair removal. Despite the fact that modern blades and shaving machines are made especially for women, despite all sorts of cosmetic means, the hair begins to grow two days after the depilation procedure. But this epilation will be completely painless. However, in this case, do not forget about the need to use moisturizers. Otherwise, development of irritation is possible - a banal phenomenon, but unpleasant. To date, this method is still very relevant for the vast majority of women.

  • Various creams

Cream for depilation allows you to forget about a weekunwanted hairs. There are universal creams, as well as creams for depilation in the bikini area, underarms, designed specifically for sensitive skin. The advantage of using the cream is a longer lasting effect and the absence of "thorns." In this case, the epilation will be completely painless. Perhaps only a slight burning sensation. It is extremely easy to get rid of it - hold the treatment zone under a stream of cold water, or attach ice. After that, lubricate the skin with any moisturizer. But, nevertheless, in women with sensitive skin, depilation cream can cause allergic reactions, and therefore, before making hair removal, it is necessary to test the product, applying it on the inside of the hand or wrist. And only in the event that everything went without complications, you can make hair removal. Do not neglect this recommendation. Allergy is not a toy. And often doctors have to face very serious allergic reactions, one way or another related to the procedure of depilation. You do not want your struggle for beauty to result in taking various medications?

  • Hot wax

Depilation with hot wax is more naturalway of removing "vegetation". Epilation with wax is carried out by hot, warm or cold material. Hot wax melts in a special device - a wax-casting. It is applied to the skin, steaming pores, and removed with a napkin. This is the most effective way of depilation. Warm wax is applied with a roller applicator. Wax depilation gives a lasting effect for 3-4 weeks. Be prepared for the fact that it can not be done without pain. how painlessly to make an epilation at home

How to make hair removal painless

To conduct a similar epilation in the homeconditions, some experience is necessary, because the procedure is still painful. It should be remembered that it is necessary to follow the manufacturer's instructions carefully in order to avoid thermal burns. And in this case, before starting the procedure, it is recommended to test hair remover to avoid allergic reactions. For what it is necessary to do, we already told above. But even those painful sensations which happen at this procedure, it is quite possible to reduce to a minimum. For this, women use the following method. Acquire in the pharmacy packaging of the most common novocaine, intended for injection. Dilute it with water at a ratio of 1 to 2. After that, place the resulting solution in ice molds and freeze. Immediately before the procedure, carefully wipe the skin in the area where you plan to perform epilation. Rub it until you feel a slight numbness. Some women add novocaine directly to the wax. However, it is difficult to judge how effective this measure really is. It is possible that in this case, nothing else than the placebo effect works. Or, more simply, the effect of auto-suggestion. But try it all the same - it will not get any worse all the same. There are many effective means and methods, therefore it is possible and necessary to get rid of unwanted hair. And very soon you will begin to perceive epilation, as an integral part of caring for yourself. And importantly, it will be painless. We advise you to read: