how to become beautiful Every woman dreams of being beautiful,men's admiration. After all, what, in fact, is the notorious female happiness. It's very simple: every woman feels the need to love and be loved. And for this she wants to realize her irresistibility. And the age-old question of how to become beautiful constantly occupies all of her thoughts.

Components of beauty

The universal prescription of female beauty, probably,no one will tell you. Each specialist will repeat his own. The psychologist will tell you about the beauty of the interior, the cosmetologist - how to properly care for the skin, the manicurist will assert that the main ornament of a woman is her hands, the fitness coach will say that there is nothing more important than a beautiful figure, and according to stylists the basis of the basics is the ability to dress and to follow the fashion correctly. This list can be continued for a long time, but there is no need for it, because each of them will be right in its own way. These are really the main ingredients to become beautiful. But try to tell about the inner beauty of a thirteen-year-old girl who fell in love for the first time, and now suffers the question of how to become beautiful. She will not hear you. She wants just all sorts of fashionable things to look glamurnnenko, as on the cover of the magazine. And do not dissuade her from this. You just need to teach her to use all those tricks that will help to become beautiful even frank unconscious. Moreover, everyone knows well the truism that there are no ugly women. It is necessary to instill in a young age a girl - a future woman - a beauty culture: to teach her how to make make-up properly, choose a hairstyle and manicure, watch the figure and subordinate fashion to herself. And, of course, manners. A perfectly dressed and dressed doll, behaving in public laxly and promiscuous, can never become beautiful for others. She even has the appearance of Marilyn Monroe or, at worst, Vera Brezhneva. But how to become beautiful at age 13 is a separate matter. In a nutshell, he does not answer. Here we will talk about what not to do so that the priceless gift of nature - beauty - stay with you for a long time. Because it's not enough just to become beautiful, you have to be able to save your beauty for a long time. And this is a long and laborious work. Work on yourself. And we should admit the slightest negligence, as everything will go wrong. Therefore, before we talk about what needs to be done to become beautiful, let's talk about what should be avoided. In the daily bustle of everyday life and in the pursuit of the standards of beauty that flash before us on TV screens or in fashion magazines, in blind submission to advertising, we sometimes so carelessly treat certain things that can very quickly deprive us of what nature has generously endowed us with. To prevent this from happening, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with our selection of "crimes against beauty". As they say, find out what it is and how to deal with it. how to become beautiful in 13

8 crimes against beauty

There are no angels among us, that's why all of usare characterized by bad habits. And for them, as is well known, you have to pay. In this case, its beauty. If you want to avoid punishment, here are some tips.

  • Deburring biting

Deburring burrs can lead toinflammations around the nails and to their fragility. In order to avoid burrs, moisten the skin around the nail plate. To do this, you can use cuticle oil or a light cream, and for hands - an exfoliating agent. After the shower, after the skin has dried, carefully remove the cuticle with the help of a stick. And in order to get rid of the bad habit you can use a special bitter coating for the nails.

  • Frequent change of hair color

Change from time to time a shade of hair - thisfine. But doing this very often, you can wither and damage your hair. Do not take the example of celebrities, because although they change their "suit" regularly, they do it by necessity, obeying the requirements of the role. They do this under the strict guidance of specialists. And then, of course, use restoring means to minimize damage. To avoid this, follow these tips:

  • lightening is the most harmful procedure for hair,as it dries them the most. Do not lighten strands at a time. Spot the color once every 1.5 months, using each time the color is lighter on tone until you reach the desired shade.
  • the transition from blonde to brunette for your hair is more painless. For this, paints with bezammia formulas are used, so the staining can be carried out every three weeks.
  • after each staining, be sure to usemoisturizing conditioners. In addition, twice a week, make a hair mask. And to avoid frequent use of paint, use the means to restore color.
    • Neglect of make-up

    Falling asleep with mascara on eyelashes, you are very at risk. The next morning under the eyes can be bags, and the mascara itself can provoke conjunctivitis. Not washed away for the night blush, powder or a layer of foundation cream clog pores. The skin does not breathe, loses its shine and begins to become inflamed. In order to avoid these problems, keep cleaning wipes on hand all the time. Then, in any conditions, you can take off the makeup for a couple of seconds, without making any special effort.

    • Excessive enthusiasm for the solarium

    Do not "toast" yourself in the solarium. Moreover, intensive tanning is not in vogue today. Ultraviolet rays are also called "aging rays." Penetrating deep into the skin, they weaken connective tissues and disrupt the protective functions of the skin. As a result, this leads to premature aging. If you want to effectively and safely create a tan effect in the winter, then use a tinted lotion or autosunburn. All you need is to choose the right shade and learn how to apply the product so that the tan is distributed evenly.

    • Plucking twigs with tweezers

    Pulling out the ingrown hairs with tweezers, you canbring dirt to the follicles. The result can be a purulent pimple. You do not want your bikini and foot zones to be covered with this disgrace? Frequent hair removal or shaving is accompanied by ingrown hairs. Depending on the skin type, there may be more or less of them. In order to remove dead skin cells, use a scrub or a hard washcloth regularly. If you can not without the epilator, pick up a model with a peeling nozzle, which can replace the scrub.

    • Teeth Whitening

    Despite the fact that the snow-white teeth is verybeautiful, whitening itself is bad for teeth. The constant effect on the enamel of hydrogen peroxide weakens it and makes the teeth very sensitive. Bleaching teeth at the dentist, you can lighten them for 8-9 shades. It can be done at home, but then this figure will be four tones. If you decide to do this, then carefully follow the instructions and do not do this procedure more than twice a year.

    • Using the testers in the store

    The use of testers is risky because youcan pick up any infection. Probability, of course, is not so great, but still. And then, it's unlikely you will be pleased with the idea that someone else used you this tester before you. In order to avoid trouble, see that the probes are sealed in a disposable package. If you need to pick up decorative cosmetics, take with you to the store cotton swabs, sponges, puffs, applicators, etc. If you use the store, then make sure that the box with the sponge does not already contain used ones.

    • Extruding acne

    By squeezing a pimple, you risk that it will not passtwo or three days, and a week and a half. Or in general near it some new can jump out. This is due to the fact that the infection is poured into the pores, so do not squeeze out pimples - let the inflammation go by yourself. To make this happen faster, you can apply acne with salicylic acid twice a day. Apply the agent with a cotton swab just on the pimple, then it disappears without a trace for three to five days. Having clarified the question of how to do it is not necessary, let's talk a little about what all the same you need your beauty, so that it will only blossom with time. We'll leave the lessons of beauty for later. Now we will analyze the basic truths, so to speak, the basics, without which beauty is impossible in principle. to become beautiful

    The main rules of beauty

  • Get enough sleep if you want to stay longbeautiful, sleep at least put 8 hours a day. Nedosyp threatens with bags under the eyes, unhealthy complexion, dark circles under the eyes and sharply defined small wrinkles. Required companions of lack of sleep - headache and general weakness. Do you want it? Therefore, try to go to bed early, airing well before bedtime room.
  • Try to walk more in the fresh airOxygen is needed not only for the body as a whole, but also for the skin. If you have no time to walk, then you can walk to work on weekdays, and go out on weekends outside the city or just walk in the park or park.
  • Move more We will not be a thousand timesto repeat that movement is life. It already knows everything. Doing sports help us recharge your energy, allow you to become stronger, add dexterity and flexibility. All means are good for this: aerobics, shaping, Latin American and Oriental dances, weight training - everything that you like. And if there is no time for training under the guidance of an instructor, do not worry! Walking with friends or with the family, playing with children can easily become a worthy substitute.
  • Eat Proper Nutrition andhis diet is very much reflected in appearance. In all, the golden mean is good. Do not force yourself to starve, but do not tell - do not rush to the extreme. Food should be rich in vitamins and minerals. In winter, you can take mineral-vitamin complexes. But it is better to have natural vegetables and fruits. They are a real storehouse of substances useful to the body.
  • Quit smoking And if you do not smoke, it's not worth it andstart off. Smoking is very detrimental to the body and the skin. The result of this dubious pleasure is the dry grayish skin in the grid of early wrinkles, the so-called smoky voice, bad breath.
  • Look after your aging, so use sunscreen in summer. Always take care of your skin. Use nutrients and moisturizers appropriate to your age.
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