I want to lose weight fast Girls spend months on diets and refuseeat food in the evening, spend hours around the house and exhaust your body in gyms, and sinister kilograms do not rush to leave their sides. Why is this happening and what should I do to get myself in shape? Let's deal with this in order.

The hunger strike for the night: for and against

Natalia decided to throw off a few pounds tocorporate husband look stunning. For this, she completely stopped eating after six, just had breakfast and had lunch. In the first two weeks, a fairly good result was obtained - minus two kilograms, and then the weight quickly began to be typed. The reason for this failure lies in the fact that the girl's body began to store fat, since the brain was repeatedly signaled a long-term starvation. In addition, the so-called 10-hour unloading "rest" is very harmful to your health, because, despite the fact that the processes in the dream slow down, the stomach still secrete gastric juice. And if at this time you are hungry, the intestine begins to digest itself, which leads to gastritis, ulcers, etc. Many nutritionists recommend that the break between meals is about four to five hours, only portions should be relatively small. Of course, at night you should not eat floury, sweet, spicy, salty and fatty, just make a light salad of vegetables or fruits, drink kefir or fat-free yogurt. Note that some fruits are best not to eat before going to bed, because, for example, the apple causes a wild appetite. If you want to lose weight very quickly, start to observe the regime and the result will not only keep you waiting, but it will last much longer.

Disclaimer of Products

Should I stop eating high-calorie meals? It is worth it, but you need to do it with the mind, otherwise you can deplete yourself and harm your own health. "I want to lose weight quickly," thought the beautiful Marina and sat on a rigid diet, eliminating proteins, fats, carbohydrates and other useful elements from the diet. She achieved the necessary result pretty quickly, but instead of the desired sexuality, she received bruises around her eyes, cheeks and poor health. As her doctor explained to her, you can not abruptly stop using useful and nutritious substances. The human body is a building for the erection of which certain building materials are needed, and if one brick is removed, the construction will become unusable before the time and will collapse. And in this case, Marina removed and stone, and clay, and sand. Vegetable fats affect the production of vitamin D, which, however strange it may sound, burns your fat. As for the protein, without it it will be difficult, since it helps to recover after exhausting loads and diets. So, if the girls want to get rid of excess weight very quickly, it is enough for them to replace some products with others. For example, instead of bakery products and potatoes, you can eat bananas, apples and other fruits that will saturate your body with enough carbohydrates, while if you observe the prescribed rate, they do not turn into fat. I want to lose weight fast

Juice and water

Clever Katerina always looks the best, she hasnever in my life had problems with being overweight. How does she manage it? "I have no special secrets, just drink a glass of mineral water before each meal. Thus, I eat much less, and if after a while there is still a feeling of hunger, I drink home-made juice, after that I do not want to eat until lunch or evening ... "- confused girl answers. In fact, this technique has long been known throughout the world and is recommended by many dieticians to maintain themselves in excellent shape. The fact that the human body only after a minimum of half an hour understands that it is full, and until this time we want and can even eat all the delicious that is on the table at the moment. However, not all liquid is equally useful! If you plan to get rid of excess weight very quickly, do not drink soda or sweet water. Carbon dioxide acts on the magic magically, so, no matter how hard you try later, you will not lose weight, in addition, in the future you risk to earn more and cellulite. Packaged juices, alcohol, coffee, sweet and strong black tea, untreated and un-filtered tap water are also not recommended, especially when you are on a diet.

A properly selected menu is half the success

Remember how from the very childhood your motheraccustomed you to borscht, soup and porridge, which very few people loved. Now we are at every step waiting for delicacies and fast food products, so the need for cooking at home virtually disappeared, which is why there is a tendency of mass obesity of this population of our planet. If you want to become very slim very quickly, start eating oatmeal for breakfast and liquid for lunch. It is best to make broth for borscht or soup without roasting and chicken, since it contains the minimum amount of fat. Those who are not accustomed to eat the first dish without flour, you can eat crackers from black or dietary bread. Never buy cereal, for the preparation of which it is enough to pour the mass from the sachet with hot boiling water and wait a couple of minutes. The fact is that they contain too much harmful and caloric substances, which only dull the feeling of hunger and create the illusion of saturation. If you eat full, cooked on the stove porridge, you probably will not want to eat the next three to four hours. Do not like oatmeal? Add a teaspoon of honey, cut fruit (bananas, apples, peaches) and you will notice how its taste will change. It is also necessary to understand that a diet is not a panacea or the easiest way to lose weight! You can not constantly give your body such a stress, because fasting can lead to a breakdown in metabolism or even dystrophy, anorexia, etc. diseases. If you decide to be slim and elegant, eat right always and do not lean on flour or sweet, as soon as you start to climb into the dress you liked. And finally remember, if you really want to eat bad food (sweet, potato, flour, bun), do not deny yourself the pleasure and eat a small portion. In extreme cases, sweet can be replaced with dried fruits or honey, potatoes can be baked in the oven, and salted crackers with yogurt are tasty and quite useful.

Cleaning the body

Nastia wanted to lose weight very quickly and starteat boiled pumpkin, which has quite high useful properties and at the same time contains much less calories than, for example, her favorite potatoes. For breakfast - porridge, dinner pumpkin soup, and for dinner - a light salad of pumpkin, apples and carrots or baked in the oven slices of this delicacy. A week later, the girl discovered that the arrow of the scales shows three kilograms less, which was a very pleasant surprise for her. Even when she stopped adhering to a strict diet, at least once a day, Nastya still uses this vegetable to always be in shape. There are a number of products (sauerkraut, apples, grapefruit, parsley) that will help you cleanse yourself of toxins and will not allow fat to linger in the body. Due to their magic properties, you can eat bread, potatoes, sweet and you will not get better, but the extra weight will go away before your eyes. For example, a well-known salad called "Broom" will help you just for a couple of days to throw two or three kilograms without harm to your own health. For its preparation you will need: raw beets, carrots and olive oil for refueling. If desired, you can add other, no less useful ingredients: onions, celery, lemon juice, parsnip root, etc. I want to lose weight fast

Healthy sleep, sports and walks

According to statistics, women whoconstantly lead a sedentary lifestyle and do not get enough sleep, it is much more difficult to lose weight than those who walk to work, sleep at least eight hours a day and are actively moving. The fact that the body in this case is a "sleeping" lifestyle, so it does not cope with the load and does not process incoming proteins, fats and carbohydrates, but puts it all in fat. In this case, even if you completely stop eating, the results you have to wait a very long time. In order to disinhibit yourself, take the rule of at least once a day for half an hour to walk in the fresh air and go to bed at the same time, and you will see improvements. Do not forget to visit the gym, swimming pool or make a dance. The main thing is not to turn gray and wait for a miracle diet or medicine to start acting, but to take serious measures for this. For example, belly dancing, strip dance, salsa will not only help you quickly get rid of fat on the hips, buttocks and sides, but will also add confidence to you. You need to practice at least twice a week, without missing a single lesson. At home, do not forget to do gymnastics and, naturally, eat balanced. If health allows, start jogging in the mornings and evenings.

Massage: quickly and effectively

This method can be solved only by the mostcourageous and brave, who are not afraid of pain. The procedure itself is not pleasant, but after three or four sessions you will notice how your waist will begin to decrease and cellulite will disappear. This is due to the improvement of blood flow and the acceleration of metabolism, which is difficult to achieve at home. The advantage of the massage is that you lose weight only in that part of the body that is problematic, and do not go according to the standard scheme: first the chest, then the priest, the cheeks, and only then everything else. If you decide to use the services of a massage therapist, be sure to check his professionalism, ask for certificates, diplomas and permits for such procedures. Before you decide to experiment with your own organism, be sure to visit your doctor and take all the tests so that you do not have to be treated for the consequences of diets. If you start to improve quickly or can not lose weight, no matter how hard you try, this is a sign of some kind of disturbance in your body, so only a doctor can advise you on a suitable diet. We advise you to read: