how to improve the skin of the face Beautiful skin - smooth, elastic, uniformpinkish hue, without rashes and roughness. The standard will be the skin of a child, but how can this be achieved by an adult woman? How to improve the condition of the skin of the face? And is it possible at all? Thousands of women are asking these questions and are looking for ways to solve their problem. Cosmetologists know certain "chips" and successfully apply them in the work to improve the skin of the face. But you can also take care of yourself - it will not only be cheaper, but also more effective.

Proper nutrition

Skin as an indicator immediately shows consequenceseating disorders - fatty and spicy food, dimensionless cups of coffee and tea, sweets and carbonated drinks with dyes. All these goodies do not carry anything, except for satisfying taste sensations, but problems appear even on the face. In order to improve the condition and appearance of the skin of the face, it is necessary:

  • Regularly eat fish - it contains enzymes that help saturate the skin with moisture;
  • Do not give up meat, just use it in a cooked form - the protein supplier will help cope with exfoliating dead cells and creating new ones;
  • A variety of vegetables will be useful for saturation of the skin with vitamin A;
  • Nuts, corn, peas and eggs "will bring" in the body vitamin E;
  • Improve the complexion will help citrus, milk, flaxseed, watermelon and melon;
  • Refuse the mayonnaise, sausages,sauces, margarine, chips and crackers. In no case do not eat instant cooking products - they have more chemistry than in nitrite and nitrate vegetables.

In addition, it is necessary to limit consumptioncoffee and tea - better replace with juices or mineral water. Only the mineral, without dyes and sweeteners. Less eat salt and sugar, do not completely abandon these foods, but it is better to eat black chocolate and drink it with unsweetened tea than to drink a mug of sweet tea with a sandwich and a bun. Proper nutrition will help not only to improve the complexion, but also to put your figure in order. how to improve the condition of the skin

Active lifestyle

It would seem - where does the movement and facial skin? It's very simple - when a woman does any physical exercises, even just walks on foot, the body metabolizes, blood circulation improves and, therefore, much more nutrients get into the skin of the face. By the way, walks in the fresh air in general, amazingly fast change the complexion from gray or even yellowish to a pleasant pink - "blood and milk." Even in the cold or in the rain, try to get out into the fresh air - "the nature does not have bad weather," so go for good health! Notice how the complexion improves after a walk in the air - the cheeks acquire a red tint, the eyes shine, and the entire skin seems to glow from the inside.

"Calm, just calm!"

Nervousness, stressful situations, irritation,experience - all this has a negative impact not only on mental and physical well-being. Pay attention to the skin of those women who are always "on the brink," who have a lot of work and constant fatigue - she clearly has signs of unhealthy. To solve such problems, you need to contact a neurologist or even a psychotherapist. First, the woman will be prompted which drug should be taken in order to reduce the nervous state of the organism; secondly, the doctor will be able to help mentally with advice. And the result of the restoration of mental health will be beautiful, well-groomed face, impeccable appearance and excellent mood.

Facial care

All of the above causes of deterioration of the skin of the faceand ways to improve it will be ineffective if a woman does not take care of herself. And regularly, every day, not from time to time. So, there are several basic rules for skin care:

  • Always clean your face in the morning and in the evening - you canjust wash with warm water and soap, wipe your face with a tonic or just a damp napkin (if you are on the road). Even if you do not apply make-up on your face, it is necessary to clean it after a hard day's work - dust, dirt, invisible villi all the same settle on the skin and clog pores;
  • For a more thorough cleansing of the skin twice a week you need to use scrubs - without such exfoliating agents, complete skin cleansing is impossible and the expected effect will not be;
  • "Feed" the face every evening - apply a nourishing or moisturizing cream that is right for your skin type and age.

There is one immutable rule of care for a person -everything should be in moderation. Do not use scrubs more than twice a week; Do not apply a lot of cream on your face; you can not constantly wash with soap. how to improve the face skin

Folk ways

You can resort to the experience of our grandmothers -look at their photos: everyone has a nice blush on his cheeks, and his face "flashes" with health. If you want to improve the complexion, then instead of the usual coffee and tea, drink the following drink: tea green tea + dried rowan berries + dry nettle leaves. All is put on 1 teaspoon, and you receive an amazing drink - it will put in order not only a complexion, but also will improve its tonus. Use products to improve your appearance: cottage cheese, sour cream and cucumber. Just put them on your face, and 30 minutes should be like them, then wash with warm water and smear the skin with cream. It is better for these procedures to use rustic products, natural, without chemicals. In addition to all these tips, you must consider the duration of sleep - it is during sleep that the skin is renewed. You can sleep well and rest for 7-8 hours, you should sleep in a cool room with an open window, so that you breathe fresh air. And one more thing ... Do not forget that a good mood and a smile can work miracles. Learn to find something pleasant even in the most difficult situations, try to less worry and get upset. A good mood is reflected not only by light in the eyes, but also by a pleasant kind of skin. Always, when a person is happy and cheerful, he is satisfied with his appearance, is confident in himself and causes only compliments and affable smiles from others. We advise you to read: