how to become happy Happiness ... Well, which of us does not aspire to it? Who does not know how to become happier? Both men and women dream of happiness, and old people, children, and even cats and dogs. And everyone has his own concept of happiness. Someone sees him in love and a good family, someone - in material prosperity, someone - in professional self-realization, and someone - just in a warm cozy home. It would seem that all this is real and achievable, and it is enough just to say to myself: "I want to become happy!", As happiness begins to knock hard at the door. However, it is an elusive substance. Here like and in arms or hand already, and here already it or him and is not present. Waved his wings and flew out the window, - look for winds in the field! What to do? How to become a happy person for a long time, and it is desirable, that for ever? In fact, to be happy is not so difficult - you just need to allow yourself to become like that. But for some reason we do not allow it. Moreover, we are not allowed to be such not only to ourselves, but also to others. Anyone who knows how to become a happy person, and uses his knowledge with might and main, annoys many, causing them dislike. We, rather, will favorably treat unhappy people, thoroughly permeating themselves with their misfortune, than we will enjoy life next to happy people. Is it bad? Certainly! And, if the strong half of mankind somehow put up with this state of affairs, then for the weak half it is spiritual death like. A true woman should be happy! Otherwise, she ceases to be a woman ... How to become happy and successful in order to keep a female beginning? Let's talk about this in more detail.

How to become happy forever?

One of the main difficulties on the road to happinessis that we are used to thinking that it is difficult to achieve. And, most importantly - what happiness you need to pay. Convinced women begin to gain their happiness, often artificially creating themselves some obstacles and inventing suffering. And how! After all, happiness must be suffered! Because easy happiness - it seems to be like no happiness at all, and so, a small fortune, which, and especially rejoice, it is not worth it. But the real happiness is that which has been won, won, earned, at last! How to become a happy girl, if the girl from the early childhood inspired such postulates? And is it even possible? Maybe. But be prepared for the fact that not everything will turn out right away. First of all, we must free ourselves from the stereotypes of thinking about personal happiness. And, of course, remember the axiom that we are all born to be happy. The happiness of each person is born with him. Our ancient ancestors also knew about this, telling a parable about the fact that God, blinded by a man from clay, asked him: "What else do you have to blind?". "Blind me happiness!" The man asked. God silently put a piece of clay into his hands. All women without exception have such a piece of clay. The main thing is to remember this at the right time. And if one day you say to yourself: "I want to become happy!", You just need to take this very piece of clay and sculpt what you want. How? Well, well, let's try to understand this issue, so that no difficulties remain. how to become happy

Simple truths

If we really intend to solve the problem,how to become a happy and contented person, then we will approach this decision consciously and diligently. First of all, we will determine the parameters of our happiness, accepting the statement that happiness is our goal. And in order to achieve the goal, it must be clearly imagined.

  • Visualization

Imagine our happiness in all its details. If this is a good family, then we represent a cozy warm house, a caring husband, sonorous voices of children, if a career - imagine that we are working in an excellent position in a large company, if love - that the most wonderful man in the world loves us Further. In order to know exactly how to become happy and successful, you need to mentally play your own happiness, figuratively recreating as much of its details and trying to give happiness to smells, taste, colors. Simply put, happiness must necessarily be visualized. But how you will do it - choose yourself. If you have artistic talents, you can draw a picture if the Russian language is not your enemy - describe in detail your vision of happiness, yes, in the end, cut out pictures from magazines and create a kind of collage! The main thing is that this visualization is constantly in sight - always refer to it.

  • Detailing

In order for the presented happiness to becomefull, to it it will be necessary to add joy-giving elements of our life. It can be meetings with friends, shopping trips, some handicrafts, visits to beauty salons, cooking new dishes, good books or movies - anything, if only it was fun and part of being and without which life would become gray. We will compile a list of such pleasant lessons and we will reread it every day, adding something, and striking something. We check that from this list we implement often, and that, - rarely or almost we do not realize. If the pleasant lessons that are often realized are not enough, we will think about why. What prevents us from increasing their number? All the tips on how to become a happy and peaceful person are based on the fact that you need to try to do as much as possible to do what brings inner satisfaction. We often load ourselves with a whole heap of boring and uninteresting cases, and those lessons that we like leave for later. To become happy, it is worth thinking about - perhaps, from some uninteresting things you can refuse and allocate time for something that gives pleasure?

  • Life today

Another imperative condition of howbecome a happy girl, is the ability to live the present. Happiness - it does not happen yesterday or tomorrow. It happens only today and now. At our disposal there is only the present, and it is to it that both energy and attention must be directed. So try to learn how to live now and today. Enough waiting for the ghost tomorrow - tomorrow there will be less work, the day after tomorrow - salary, and after a month in general leave. So you can wait all your life for something, and in the end, in a far from perfect day, you will realize that life has passed by. And you did not wait for the cherished happiness. It is not necessary to hope that it will be easy to learn how to live this day - immediately it is obtained only from the read units. Most women, however, have to learn this simple thing. As a rule, we are currently thinking about what happened before, or about what will happen in the future. And in the present we are almost not present. So, we can not rejoice in something, because we simply will not notice it. Therefore, when the future comes, we too will not notice the joy. As a result, it will go to the past. And it's good if we understand this later. But, even if we understand, past and unnoticed joy will cause only regret. Therefore, follow the advice on how to become happy and try to live the present.

  • I can and I want?

The following rule for building your ownhappiness, - harmony between "I can" and "I want". We all want a lot: money, office, comfort, well-being in everything, complete freedom of action, mutual love, absolute rest, and so on. However, just wanting something is not enough, it is also necessary to clearly imagine that we can do this and be ready to do something. Otherwise, all our ideas about happiness will remain only fantasies, and, sooner or later, will lead to disappointment in life. How to become the happiest in the world? We must really imagine what to do for happiness. After all, if we wholeheartedly desire love or dream of a career, and at the same time we hardly leave the house and do not try to get a job, the happiness for us will not be chasing us and breaking into our doors. Do you want love? We are looking for her, trying to be more frequent in crowded places. Do you want a career? We find a job where our abilities will be appreciated. We remember that everyone is the smith of his own happiness. how to become a happy person

Love yourself

Another obligatory condition of howto become a happy woman - to accept yourself just as it is, with all its shortcomings and the internal state that exists now. The woman, alas, the creature is unique - she is constantly looking for herself as a complete flaw. And, as you know, who is looking for - that will always find. And if he does not find, then he will think up. In order to become happy, you need to realize yourself, as today's personality and agree with this person in everything. It is impossible to build happiness for the woman that we intend to ever become. It is likely that the woman will have other ideas about happiness. And whether we will become such a big question. Therefore, we create happiness for the one we are already. And for this we write out all our advantages and disadvantages on a piece of paper. Our dignity is our mainstay in life. Deficiencies, however, we will try to remake into virtues according to the principle: "I'm not lazy, I just amassing strength for big achievements" or "I'm not hysterical, but just very emotional" and so on. The main thing is to remember the statement that I know how to become a happy person even with all my not very good qualities. Yes, I am, and these are my features and my way of acting in life.

We control employment

The next rule for building happiness, -formation of their employment. Then, when we as much as possible are engaged in various activities, life becomes much more interesting. Yes, many of us dream of not working. And they are sure that, being free, they will finally find happiness. However, it is not. Numerous studies show that only rare housewives are completely satisfied with their lives. Most of them experience the euphoria of freedom from work for a very short time, then they begin to get nervous over trifles, to rush about and look for some additional opportunities to load themselves with deeds. People, especially women, are multifaceted, and in order to realize their own, rather powerful potential, they need to deal with many things. Therefore, one of the answers to the question of how to become the happiest girl in the world will be the search for those spheres of activity in which we can realize ourselves as fully as possible and for as long as possible. Let's sum up all the above. In order to say: "Let yourself become a happy person," you need to internally concentrate on this goal all your desire. It is not the circumstances that make a person happy at all, but a sincere and powerful intention to become such is the ability to be satisfied with what is already available. All of us have often faced situations where people seem to have everything for happiness, however, at the same time, they are unhappy. Conclusion: the absence of problems is not a guarantee of happiness. Happy people have both failures and troubles, but they treat them philosophically, perceiving them as springboards for jumping higher. In general, in order to determine exactly how to become a happy person, it is desirable to learn the basic habits of truly happy people. Let's see what are the habits. to become happy

Develop the necessary habits

How to identify a happy person? Happy people rarely sorrow, they are almost never dejected and are not at all spiteful and pessimistic. More often than not, the one who is happy is able to give joy to others who unconsciously are drawn to him. Looking at such a person, involuntarily wondering how he allows himself to become happy. After all, he does not seem to have anything that we do not have. Why is there so much joy in it? In fact, it does. He has certain habits that allow him to freely release positive emotions in such a large volume that he suffices not only for the lucky one himself, but also for those who are close. These are, mainly, such habits as:

  • Do not depend on the opinions of others. Absenceanxiety because of what others think about you - the main component of happiness. Happy people do not care much about what others say about them. But after all such people are always someone closely watching, trying not only to understand why they are happy, but also to bring this flame of happiness to the extent possible. However, the lucky ones do not pay attention to negative statements in their address and do not allow the evil spirits to spoil their mood. And in fact, if you think about it, how does it matter to us what and who thought about us or said? The dog barks, the wind wears. If you spend your precious time and, most importantly, your nerves - you are unlikely to be happy.
  • Look for a positive in everything Lucky people alwaysall try to see only the positive side. They are sure that even in something bad enough, there is always something good. Even if in any situation the positive is seen poorly, and even not seen at all, a happy person will create it himself, making lemonade out of lemon. This approach to life is used to lucky people, and it allows them to easily overcome all, even rather complicated, obstacles. Of course, at first you will not have a hard time - whether it's a joke or looking for a positive where only the negative was seen. But believe me, there is nothing impossible. And it's just a matter of practice. Once it does not work, another, the third - but in the end you will surely smile in the most sad situation. And if you smile, then the situation will not be too sad. By the way, this is exactly what makes happy people different.
  • Be Happy People are always happyare friendly and try to make new friends. At the same time, it does not matter to them what a person is in the social aspect. The main thing is that he takes their joy as his own and can share it at any time. After all, a friend is not the kind of person who will sympathize with troubles. Such empathy is easy to express, and often it is faked. A true friend is someone who is able to sincerely share someone else's joy, without feeling any envy at all. By the way, this concerns not only friendship, but also simple human communication. Are you trying to get naughty in the supermarket? Do not start and do not try to be rude in return. Just ... smile! As a rule, a smile and politeness disarm even the most notorious boors. Perhaps, at first it will be extremely difficult for you not to get used to the habit in response. But there is one simple way - just pity the offender. Who knows, maybe the nahamyvshego you something happened? He quarreled with the household, got scolded by his superiors or simply banally tired. Once you begin to realize that just next to you people with their weaknesses, life will become much easier.
  • Smile Smile Happy man smiling andlaughs so often that it starts to get in the habit. This habit should be learned by many of us, because we usually frown more than smile. This is especially true of the fairer sex, who are intensely pondering over how to become a happy woman after all. After all, in our heads a swarm of thoughts about some minor domestic or working problems keeps on spinning, and we do not even notice that a gloomy mine is practically not disappearing from our face. Meanwhile, it is the smile that paints any woman and makes her very attractive. So let's smile more often, dear ladies! To smile on any occasion and even without reason - this will only benefit us. By the way, psychologists say that a smile lifts the mood. Even if you do not want to smile, smile through strength. Smile to your beloved cat, your reflection in the mirror, the sun or the rain - but there are few reasons you can find for a smile! You will not notice how bad the mood will go without leaving a trace. And your smile will be the most beautiful and sincere.
  • Live here and now Above it has already been said that,that it is very important to live here and now. But this is so important that it will not be superfluous to repeat it one more time. Happy people always live in the present moment. They know how to take all the good from every minute, from every day, and do not wait for the joyous days to come, but create joy now.
  • Drive troubles away Lucky people know how.repel troubles, relating to them, as something temporary and passing. Ordinary people, as a rule, focus their attention on an annoying situation and painfully ponder over how to get out of it with the least losses. In reality, such an approach is often irrational: we spend our energy on what, in the majority, is resolved by itself. The happy person does otherwise, - he simply does not pay attention to such troubles and continues to move on. This allows him to quickly say goodbye to the negative situation and eventually forget about it.
  • Fight with your fears Happy peoplefind the strength to laugh in the face of fear. Like all of us, they, of course, are also afraid of something. However, when the circumstances that inspire fear develop, the lucky ones try to joke and raise the mood to themselves and others. This allows you to significantly reduce the level of fear and feel able to withstand the danger and protect yourself from it. And what is most interesting, the fears of happy people torture much less often than all the others. Do you know why? Because a happy person is happy in spite of everything. Including in spite of fears. And very soon fears recede.
  • Such are they, happy people. If we know a person who behaves similarly, but, at the same time, mockingly and sarcastically speaks out to other people, he can in no case be referred to as lucky. Such a person is oppressed, and he projects his inner state onto the outside world. Next to him, even if on the face of this supposedly joyous person a smile shines, you always experience tension. Therefore, it is necessary to practice the skills necessary to allow oneself to become happy when we finally understand that there are always troubles for everyone, but time passes and they become mirages. So is it worth to spend spiritual forces on these mirages and torment yourself with thoughts of what, one way or another, passes? After all, we were born for happiness, and a piece of clay, from which it is necessary to mold it, is always in the hands of each of us! So let us say to ourselves: "I know how to become a happy person!" And boldly go away from trouble to meet your own happiness. And it will not slow to appear. We advise you to read: